YouTuber on the Football Field!

YouTuber on the Football Field!

(crowd cheers) (cannon explodes) – Woo! (drums squeaking)
(giggling) Here’s the deal guys. I am at BYU Football Stadium right now. LaVell Edwards Stadium. A game is about to happen right behind me. BYU vs. Utah. 2017. BYU is my team. I was able to get hooked up
with some passes that put me right here, on the grass. Look. Grass. Players catching the ball. I get to stand here the entire game. It’s going to be sweet, so I wanted to bring you guys along, bring the camera. Show my experience. BYU has lost to Utah the
last six years in a row. I’m not the most
optimistic. But I’m hopeful! This is my team. This is football. So, the Cougars are about to come out. Get ready for a full-on game experience. If BYU could somehow win this,
it’s gonna be incredible. We got some of our friends.
YouTube channel EB & J. – EB & J.
– Elijah Bryant. They have a YouTube
channel where they vlog. They just probably got
back from their honeymoon. – Exactly.
– Pretty good vlogs. You guys are doing good. – We’re trying to be
like this guy right here. – (laughs) BYU basketball
player. This guy can hoop it up. ♫ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♫ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah ♫ I’m tellin’ you Y ♫ I’m tellin’ you Y (crowd cheering) ♫ Man don’t even try ♫ I’m tellin’ you Y – Woo! Wow, we are close to the action. No, it’s kickoff. I always get so nervous when it’s kickoff. Dang it! Ah! ♫ We up in da state, we a fan fav ♫ Straight came from
the bottom we handmade ♫ We go 10 for 10 on the campaign – Well, there’s the first
interception of the game. Happens every single
Utah game. Interception. That’s number one. Trouble. Wow, what was with that pick?
– I don’t know! At least we stopped them. – [Daniel] Was it a bad throw?
What happened? Like, what? ♫ We coming, we comin to finish it ♫ Yeah and you know we ain’t
worried bout winning it ♫ Keep it a hunnid. We runnin’ the game ♫ You see us coming, you running away ♫ Man, y’all ain’t
leavin’ with nuttin today ♫ And I got sut-in to
say. I’m tellin’ you Y – One of the Utah players
just took an elbow to the quarterback. Targeting.
He is out. Holy smokes. (crowd chanting) Hey, hey, hey, goodbye. ♫ I’m tellin’ you Y ♫ You hatin’ we don’t hear what you say ♫ We blowing it up like we’re butain ♫ Don’t sleep on da team like a duvee ♫ We fight to the top of da food chain (crowd cheers) – We scored! Woo! Penalty. Premature. – [Referee] Pass interference. Offense. – Okay, we got one of our
friends that came in and is sitting in my seat,
since I’m on the field. He’s a singer. Peter Hollens. If you’ve ever met him, he’s awesome. – You guys need to hit
a field goal. Come on! – Okay, they are doing the wave. The student section is over on this side. The old people section is on this side. So watch the difference. See how excited they are? Good wave. Aw. See that? These bleachers, not
the best wave bleachers. ♫ In da game like we killin
it So we be coming at ya ♫ like we primitive. If we be
coming, we comin to finish it ♫ Yeah and you know we ain’t
worried bout winning it – Wow. Wow. – Go guys! Go! All right, it is nine
to nothing at halftime. We’re still in this, surprisingly. Kalani is getting interviewed
right now. Holy smokes. The Holy War is always, always tight. Apparently, the referees
or the umpires, officials, or whatever you call them. Officials. They don’t have their
own little private room that they get to go to during halftime. ‘Cause they’re just sitting
here over by the BYU bench eating sandwiches, like a lunchbox. Now thoughts. What’s up? – I think we need to score the
ball. No pass interferences and score the ball. – Okay, small correction.
Those were not the officials. Those were the sideline crew. See? These guys, that hold this. – [Jeff] Man, he just runs. – Is this fun on the sideline? – This is like a dream come true, man. I’m, like, freaking out.
– (Daniel laughs) – I love it! – Not bad. I could handle this. (whistles blowing) (crowd cheering) Pick number two. Not a great
way to start the third quarter. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me? (crowd cheering) – [Person on the sideline) I told you! – Interception number three just happened. Yes! We might score! (crowd erupts in cheers) – Yeah! We scored! (BYU Fight Song) – The University of Oregon, right? – Yes. But BYU number two, though. – Hey, that’s all I care. That’s
good enough. I’ll take it. (crowd screaming) (Peter screaming)
– That was good! – That was awesome.
– That was good. Fourth quarter, baby.
Six to 19. Six to 19. We have a chance. They
do this thing at the end of the third quarter
with Cosmo on the drum. (drums) (crowd grunts and claps) (silence) (drums) (crowd grunts and claps) (silence) (drums) (crowd grunts and claps) (silence) (drums while crowd claps and grunts) (clapping speeds up) (crowd cheers) This is how you get amped
up for fourth quarter. This is it. Watch this. (EDM Music with heavy beat) Okay, we just got a fumble recovery. We have ten minutes, 39
seconds left. This is good. – There’s a thing called
a 12-point touchdown. – I don’t know if they have
that in Utah. Maybe in Oregon. – And then you get extra
points and we’ll tie. – Okay, let’s get one of those. (BYU marching band playing) – Whoa! We scored! ♫ I’m telling you Y
(cannon exploding) – Whoa ho ho!
– Did you hear that? – Yeah!
– Holy cannon! We scored. All right, one last EB & J update here. All right, Janelle, what’s
gonna happen? Can we do this? – I think we’re gonna win.
– You think we’re gonna win? – We’re gonna win.
– Elijah? – We need to get some protection
with Tanner in the pocket. There’s no protection.
– Yes. – I’m really scared. – Okay, I think this is the
last update. We gotta do this. I like your optimism. Yeah. See you guys! A minute thirteen left. Down by six points and BYU is coming this
way. We need a miracle. All right, so much for a
miracle. Fourth and four. If the quarterback doesn’t
get the pass off, game over. My voice is gone. That’s it. We lost. Was that fun?
– It was really fun. (Sighs) That’s right.
1:51 a.m. Just got home. (Exhales) That was long. Seven years in a row. It’s
hard to argue with that. Even though we think that
we have a better team a lot of these years, the
bottom line is scoreboard. You win the game. So, a
lot of respect to you guys. We’ll get you one of these times. The tide will turn at some point. But, I hope you enjoyed seeing that. Lincoln slept the whole
way home pretty much. You tired, buddy?
– Mm-hmm. – Did you have fun? Yeah. That’s a tired boy right there. Good night, everybody. I’m
exhausted. Thanks, BYU. See ya.

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  1. I can’t tell who are cheering for Utah or BYU because first you were like oh go BYU but now you are saying Utah

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