Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : Soccer Ball Juggling Skills

Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : Soccer Ball Juggling Skills

My name is Tim Boucher soccer coach of LaSalle
Academy for Expert Village. The next thing we want to talk about is juggling. Continuing
to bet familiar with the ball, in control of the ball. In order to start juggling you
want to start very simply. By simply holding the ball in your hand and bringing your thigh
up and bouncing it off your thigh and then catch it. A very simple way to start juggling
and you want to do that with both your right side and your left side. Just toss it up nice
and easy. The next step that you want to do is try to do it off both, one right after
the other. So you do it right, left and right, left, nice and easy. As we start we also want
to start with our feet until we pick up the ball and we do the exact same thing, dropping
it with just our right foot so it bounces right back up to us nice and in control. We’re
continuing to learn how to control the ball both with our right foot and our left foot.
Going back over this again we want to start just one on each side nice and easy, then
we want to move to going to both thighs nice and in control, keeping the ball right in
front you and then doing it once on each foot. Both your right foot and your left foot nice
and in control and then using both feet right and left foot keeping good control.

10 thoughts on “Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : Soccer Ball Juggling Skills

  1. @619bluefish thank for the comment man. i was always thinking about juggling while i know all the other skill

  2. I can juggle really well(not bragging) with my knee(thighs) and my feet and i can especially juggle alot of times with my head but i can't enter my school team because i tend to get nervous when i get the ball and lose it easily but when i play with my friends outside I am like dam good but I've this friend who can barely juggle 5 times with his feet but he is in the school team. Juggling isn't important, Unless u're a street soccer player who basicly focuses on skills and not a field player. 🙂

  3. Ok this helped a little. I play on a team an have played since 1st grade. Im a great ball handler, (i play defense) but i cant juggle. Ive been working on it for a while, but i cant seem to get it. I want to be able to play in high school, so i need to be able to. Could someone help me? I need to learn, but im only in soxth grade, so i have time.

  4. Juggling is very rarely a skill that you use in a game, but it teaches ball control and gives you a feel for the ball, which is essential for becoming a good player. Learn to juggle the ball and learn to control the ball when it's passed to you and you're halfway there.

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