Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : How to Trap a Soccer Ball with Your Chest


My name is Tim Boucher soccer coach of LaSalle
Academy for Expert Village. Next thing we want to talk about is we continue to talk
about controlling the ball using your chest to do a chest trap. What you want to do with
the chest trap is as you see the ball coming in you want to get it into your chest and
drop it to the ground, again so you can step and make a good pass. So you watch the ball
in, it traps, drops at your feet. You don’t want the ball to fly off, you don’t want it
to hit at your side and let fly that way or that way, you want to stay square to the ball
as it comes in moving your feet so that you’re square to the ball, getting a good trap, step
and pass. Let’s watch this demonstration. Ball goes up, traps it right to his feet so
he has control of the ball. Notice how he leans back, allows the ball to come to him
and makes that pass. He even passes it with his right and left foot. Same thing here as
you get better at it you can begin to valley the ball. Trap and don’t even let the ball
hit the ground, valley it right back to the person. Nice and in control and nice pass.

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