Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : How to Throw in the Soccer Ball

Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : How to Throw in the Soccer Ball

My name is Tim Boucher soccer coach of LaSalle
Academy for Expert Village. One thing that we want to do when the ball is kicked out
of bounce, your opponent kicks the ball out of bounce you want to throw in a throw in.
Now a key to a throw is you want to make sure you have your hands this way on the ball,
bring the ball over your head and bring the ball this way over your head. You can’t come
out through the side or the other side and definitely no baseball passes to throw the
ball in. Your feet planted bringing the ball in and over your head. Let’s watch Luis demonstrate
this. He’s throwing in a nice simple throw in right at the out of bounce line. Now a
second way that you can make this throw is by running up. The key to this is making sure
that you keep both feet on the ground and you drag your back foot and you make sure
that you do not go over the side line. Watch him demonstrate. Notice how he drags his back
foot keeping both feet down, that can also give you a little bit more power.

20 thoughts on “Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : How to Throw in the Soccer Ball

  1. dude that way of grabbing the ball isnt that good, your hands need to be closer 😉

    I know because im belgian, and belgium make "krachtbal" (power ball) and there you always have to throw a ball like that in some way)

  2. @ImRlyTired im not american..but i live in america and we call it soccer because we already have another sport called football

  3. @snoringdeer Really? I thought you were so high in dept you barely own your own military if you think about it. Your military ofcourse is the reason you are called a "superpower". I guess I was misinformed?

  4. @Meech0w oh you really took offence! yeah the word soccer originated in the uk as a slang about 500 years after the sport was getting popular. Still doesn't mean its the proper word for it! Perhaps its only me who thinks a game using ur feet to kick a ball should be called football. However using this logic american football could be called hand egg, sweet.

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