Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : How to Kick a Soccer Ball

Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : How to Kick a Soccer Ball

My name is Tim Boucher soccer coach of LaSalle
Academy for Expert Village. The next thing we want to talk about is shooting the ball.
When we shoot the ball we want to make sure that we plant next to the ball so that we
could follow through. We want to drive through the ball. Notice on this part we’ve been talking
a lot about using the inside of our foot, now we want to use this part of our foot so
we can drive through. Planting next to the ball and driving the ball through the net.
Let’s watch Luis as he takes a shot. Planting next to the ball and driving through the ball
as he puts, want to step into your shot. Once again using right and left foot. Now watch
as he really drives through this one.

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  1. @iHiTMaN69 The word was derived from Association Football, which was the original term given to the game in the 1860s at the elite schools that spawned the sport in England. The abbreviation “Assoccer”, which became “soccer, when the sport arrived in america they called it football until the popularity of american football was so great that they called it football and started calling the other sport soccer and i hope you realize that the US isnt the only country that call it soccer

  2. I am unable to watch the videos uploaded by expert village. When I select the expert village uploaded videos, it just shows me blank screen.

  3. there is no actulay a correct way to shoot the ball al ways are good the thing is who shooting the ball for exmaple ihad 2 goals from shooting a ball like pass!

  4. americans don't suck we just don't take it has seriously as other countries do because the main thing here is american football most people do american football and i'm a pretty good american soccer player too so not all americans suck at it it's just not our main sport

  5. guys, futbol is an international sport. No one sucks at it. They just arent commited as other countries. Americans are good players, Spainards are good players, Egyptians are good players. Futbol is a sport of fun, joy, and togetherness. Nobody sucks at it.

  6. no reason to over complacate football every player has there own style n way of doing thngs jus play play play n play

  7. soccer comes naturally u can kick it how u want and always have confidence in da sport its one of the most imporatnt things in it and practice.

  8. "Follow through is important when shooting a soccer ball"

    Now would that not be a little bit embarrassing, but it may keep the defenders away…

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  10. WTF? A video to teach how to kick a ball? Who does not know how to kick the ball? Americans should go play baseball …

    and this is not soccer, it's FOOTBALL. ¬ ¬

  11. @ssoboguh we have too, its where we play our home games. but the seasons almost over and there aren't any more home games on that field

  12. This video was bad. But u people r horrible! They never pick the best for demos. 2 many of u are racist. Here in america, we call it soccer! We have a seperate sport called football, but it is nothing like soccer or fútbol. Soccer(or fútbol or football) is played by all races in america. America is a mixing pot of races, so we have many good soccer players, like many other parts of the world. U guys just say stuff like that to "make fun of america" but it just looks ignorant

  13. @demoCrazy18 so what?? u think it matters? im from argentina overthere most of the people dont use proper shoes, most of the time barefoot and guess what??? We'r 10 times better than americans without proper shoes

  14. @arkowiec123 haha your funny stupid. I guess those mighty yanks are in the World Cup? Not your team? Yep, i think so.

  15. @AlluringVintage ..That was stupid. That's like going "It's called telefon, not telephone" Different languages spell differently. Get used to it.

  16. I can appreciate that comment, it would be like listening to a funny talker teach me how to tackle in football. Real football that is.

  17. @arkowiec123 who gives a shit I'm sure there are Americans who are better than you at soccer. Sure its not the best soccer nation in the world, but who are you that you think you are better than the entire country. And yes I know you're going to say "it's called football not soccer" but again, who gives a shit.

  18. Soccer is a sport that is popular throughout the entire world, thus anyone is capable of being good and accurate at it, doesn't matter whether you are british, american, asian etc. It's a world sport.

  19. @TheZerocool66 That's not true, your suppose to look up only when you are watching where you want to shoot the ball, and when you'r shooting you should watch the ball to get best touch.

  20. @FifaSoccer98 I know. Last I checked in 2008 the U.S. gotta pretty far in the World Cup. And had a draw with Mexico pretty recently.

  21. @arkowiec123 well lets see your american football/baseball/hockey/basketball lesson. then well see who's joke it is.

  22. Because when you type in Football, videos titled Soccer still come up. Duhhh is that to hard for u 2 figure out.

  23. that's strange. I just tested your theory and you're wrong. I typed in football, and do you know what the majority of the videos that came up were? American football videos and 1 video of what you call football. None of the videos said "soccer."

  24. no I'm from the US. I'm just asking why these European "footballers" are on this video when it says soccer. They obviously just come to these videos to talk trash.

  25. I know that but I don't see the point in complaining about why we call it soccer and you call it football. (I'm not saying you're complaining just a lot of other people btw.)

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