Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : How to Dribble a Soccer Ball

Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : How to Dribble a Soccer Ball

My name is Tim Boucher soccer coach of LaSalle
Academy for Expert Village. We’re going to talk about a controlled dribble using both
your right foot and your left foot right on the inside of your foot as you dribble and
do it in control. Let’s watch as these guys do it. Notice they’re using their right and
left foot, back and forth right with the inside of their foot nice and in controlled. Keeping good control, go ahead and pick up
the pace fellas. Even as you go faster you want that ball to be right in front of you
when you’re doing a controlled dribble, right in the front of you inside of your foot. Right
left right left.

57 thoughts on “Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : How to Dribble a Soccer Ball

  1. americans should stick to baseball, and dude even in canada at this age they play better soccer i'm not kidding there is a lot of latinos an italians here, nobody is canadian

  2. look at Ronaldinho and what he does during games.. multiply the sum of all his moves with 21 and you get the ammount of moves he's really able to do.. 3 hours ain't enough

  3. stop pause rewind this is problably sum school coach teaching these kids wat he seeeees on the television

  4. thats really not the way your suppose to dribble. If you dribble like that in a class game you will look like an idiot.

  5. So, with your wealth of knowledge about soccer, it can be deduced that all the athletes who played non-gay sports like football and baseball must have kicked the shit out of you daily and refused to let you play with them, thus you were left only with soccer.

    So sad, but since it's you we are talking about, I think I'll have a laugh about it.

  6. Wow, your knowledge base is amazing. If you are that good with your feet then I can;t wait to hear what you can do with your mouth and throat

  7. The American soccer team for the World Cup's actually a very well-trained and very physically apt. They've shown to have a very high endurance, stamina and speed. The only thing that they need to really be champions is the technique. If they have the technique down, then they'd be unstoppable.

  8. @dezza132 hey, your quality really shined against the germnay game…what was the score again, 4:1…highest loss ever in a World Cup for England. True, america lakes quality, but we've got the fightin team spirit and the quality will come…we have time. And if we and the Australians want to call it soccer, then bloody hell, that's what we'll do, hey?….so PIss off…I'd rather be a yank then a wank any day…

  9. @dezza132 jeewhiz…if the ref this and the ref that…here we go again with the crying. That's part of the game, and thank god for it, the refs make shit calls, have been doing so since day one of the WorldCup, only the losers are the ones that complain. By the way, the word Soccer originated in England and is an abbreviation for Football Association, the Association which defined the rules of the game you just call Football.

  10. @ColonelFuzz

    if gonaa cut in here on anormal day u would have lost 3-0 england but u got lucky and germany could own u 9-0 if they tried

  11. the best way to learn football …take the ball get some friends with you go on the field …and play. No fancy tricks and shit like that

  12. @TaylorNike12 you said that you ain't jealous of the US ok….
    and why do you watch this video? THE UK SUCKS!!!

  13. @PeerlessPaavo Saying about our one world cup the best you have EVER done is come 3rd in 1930 that must be shameful as surely u have much bigger choice of people but cnt even get into a final but a small island with 56 million people in it won the world cup ?

  14. as good as ur intentions are this vid makes me wanna cry and i dont know who this is targeted at but if u cnt dribble a ball by 5 then u shuld never play football again.

  15. Yeah, I sort of agree with that dude three comments beneath me. I'm an American, but soccer's an awful stupid name for the game, and what we call football? PUL-EEZE: The only thing they do is run around with a ball in their arms and get ran over/tackled by big dudes in protective suits.

  16. Wow, I remember when I first started soccer, and my dribbling looked like I kept passing the ball to an invisible person, now, watching this video makes my stomach hurt from laughing at these guys.

  17. @JayRSeitz … spanish speaking countries! In england it's football. In germany it's Fußball, in brazil it's futebol. It a game with many names my friend!

  18. These kids are guess what? Just kids. Yeah, everyone complains that every video from expert village sucks, but these are just kids. Not exactly world stage professionals

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