Young Boys vs Everton (1-4) 19.02.15 | Europa League Football Match Preview & Predictions

Young Boys vs Everton (1-4) 19.02.15 | Europa League Football Match Preview & Predictions

Hi I’m Natalie Rydstrom and you’re watching
SBR picks. Now Young Boys hosts Everton on Thursday for their Europa League fixture.
Everton finished top of group H above Wolfsburg who are 2nd in the Bundesliga whilst Young
Boys finished 2nd below competition favourites Napoli. How will this match play out? SBR
contributor and sportswriter Kevin Stott joins us now to run though the match. Now Everton
is slight favorites here 2.38 Young Boys 2.3 and the Draw 3.4, where are you leaning right
now in the winners market? With the winners market I would have to lean with the English
Premier League side here Everton just because of the way they’re playing and who they’re
up against but out of all the games I’ve handicapped this one is just this is what I would call
a stay away maybe this is just a tough call in terms of what is going to happen because
of Young Boys they’re really good. They’ve won their last 7 games in Europa competition
at home I believe and they’ve outscored the opposition 13-1 so you know they’re going
to think hey we’re going to show Everton something we’re going to surprise them so I’m thinking
that anything could happen. This is one of those games Natalie that like anything could
happen, Young Boys could win, it could very well be a draw and I’m predicting Everton
to win so I think when that happens your best bet is to just learn from it and watch and
not bet, or go at it recreation-ally there go 10 dollars or go minimal amount just to
get some entertainment value on it. What about though, it sounds like the game is going to
be quite open here, what about some of the both teams to score at 1.8 is that worth a
consider. I think it is and after doing my homework on Friday about this match I started
thinking it is just because of what I said. I think Young Boys are going to try to prove
something to Everton and I think they can score. Tim Howard is the kind of goalie, he’ll
play great all game and then something weird will get by him, not necessarily his fault
but you don’t play great like we saw last week, I forget who it was but anyways they
gave up a late goal and it wasn’t really Tim Howards fault but in the last two home games
against English sides Young Boys have scored three but they’ve allowed seven. So that’s
ten goals in two games and you know that’s a five goal average so I think that both teams
to score is worth a look here and I think the over is worth a look if you really want
to bet this game because this game could be fun to watch as opposed to the Bilbao game
which we first talked about against Torino which could be 0-0 This one could be, this
could be 3-2 this could be fun but it’s at Young Boys it’s in Switzerland so it’s, Everton
has got their work cut out for them and their not playing, they’re playing good in Europa
League but site will be very important in this game. Ok, so the over 2.5 goals is priced
2.8 there, I think we’ve highlighted a few it’s definitely a game that’s a tricky one
to bet, but it will be one to watch, but we have highlighted a few markets worth looking
at, Kevin Stott thank you for joining us today. Ok, Thanks Natalie.

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