You Asked: What’s ASU Football like? | Arizona State University

You Asked: What’s ASU Football like? | Arizona State University

I want to go to the football game. Hello. Justin. Hey. Are you going to the game? Uh, probably not. Whelp. I’ve got to do work for my class tonight. Can you think about it? Thanks to my natural charisma and power of persuasion, I was able to convince Justin to go to the game with me. Is it coming? “I chimed in with haven’t you people ever heard.. ” Justin and I are currently having a little trouble finding parking. Next step in the process, we go to Wells Fargo Arena and get our wristbands. From there, who knows what’s going to happen? Oh, hey Justin. Hey, what’s up man? Oh, hey band. What’s up? Welcome to the game, sir. We got the bands. Hey, Justin? What’s up? Texas Tech… more like Texas wreck… because we are going to wreck them. Put it there. Let’s go. We learned the hard way about the evils of trying to park over there on game day. For free. So we are doing it the old fashion way and just using our little old legs. Predictions for today’s game? I’m taking a lot to a little. ASU. You feel me like, it’s ASU, we out here. Sun Devil for life! So Justin and I came to the startling realization that… I should have brought a towel. When you are surrounded by hundreds of sweaty kids, things get toasty. If there is one thing I can tell you it’s dress light. As in not dark black jeans. Alright, halftime. 37-34. How do you feel? ASU going to get this “dub”. That’s all I know. They feeling this dub. Football is the sport to be at. If that was a game before, this is definitely a game now. We are up by 17 now, we decided to beat the post game traffic. Kalen Ballage is a monster dude. Dude got 8 touchdowns right now. We forked them. That’s what I’m talking about.

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