Wynton White – Gators Football Manager – Florida Lottery

Wynton White – Gators Football Manager – Florida Lottery

*upbeat music* I’m Wynton White and I am a Student Equipment Manager for the Florida Gators Football team. I’m a sophomore here at UF studying Sports Management and Finance. So our primary role is we are assigned to position coaches. All of the positions, they need equipment managers to set up equipment for them for practice everyday. So that’s our main role: we meet with the coaches before practice just to get a gist of what they need, so that we can go to the field and set it up so by the time the team gets out to the field, Everything is ready for them in practice. I grew up playing sports. My primary sport growing up is soccer, but I got into football when I was in high school. And so I like being around the game, seeing the ins and outs of the movements and how everything works. I’d like to work in the front office someday, and this role allows me to, one, see everything that needs to go on from the top to the bottom, behind the scenes, and it also, operationally, gives me tools and building blocks in building relationships with players, coaches and other people in the facility that would help me further my career in the future. When I learned I received the Bright Futures Scholarship, I was excited. It showed that all of my hard work had paid off. It was a relief after all of the testing that I did, that there was something in the end to reward my accomplishments and help me my further my education. Thank you for the Florida Lottery for providing this awesome scholarship to myself and students all around the state. That affords us the opportunity to do great things in college and further our education and also have fun while we’re here on campus.

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