Worst Starter Of Every NBA Team’s Projected Starting Lineup!

Worst Starter Of Every NBA Team’s Projected Starting Lineup!

We’re about 3 weeks aways from the beginning
of the 2019/20 NBA season. A lot of things can still happen, but mostly
we know the projected starting lineups for each NBA team. It’s a bit too early for division previews
and a full blown season preview, which will no doubt be available on this channel, so
SUBSCRIBE NOW, watch other videos and stick around but it’s not too early to look at
those lineups and figure out which player from the projected starting lineup is the
weakest link on every team. Hey guys. PRPLPRNCH is with you again and there are
30 teams to cover, so let’s start. Before we start though I’d like to mention
that these aren’t my projected lineups, I used the projected starting lineups from
fadeawayworld.net, so if you have a problem with the players, just ring them up. I’m not at fault. Ok. Let’s go. Atlanta Hawks – Alex Len
Alex Len is the projected starting center for the Atlanta Hawks and while he’s a 6-season
veteran by now it doesn’t really feel like he’s been around that long. One of the reasons is that he just hasn’t
been that good. Drafted by the Phoenix Suns with the fifth
pick, Alex Len has somewhat failed the expectations. Standing at 7 foot 1 and weighing at 250 pounds
Len pretty much has the physical tools to be a dominant big man, but somehow he hasn’t
been that. Last season for Atlanta he had his highest
scoring output with 11.1 points per game, but for a man his size he averaged only 5.5
rebounds. He’s been a borderline starter for his whole
career, and there’s a lot of unknown with De’Andre Hunter because he’s yet to step
foot on a court in a real NBA game, but just based off his potential and what Alex has
failed to do so far, I’d say that Alex Len will be Atlanta’s weakest link. Boston Celtics – Enes Kanter
It’s hard to put Enes on this list because he has a lot of offensive skills, but I have
to be fair. Kemba Walker is the new darling of Boston
and I think that Gordon Hayward will bounce back this season. Jaylen Brown has to step up for sure, but
he will at least defend. And Jayson Tatum should be the face of Boston
for years to come. Which leaves us with Enes Kanter – a really
talented player who just doesn’t defend. I chose Kanter also because of who left the
Celtics, and that’s Al Horford, a willing defender, a great defender to be honest, and
he’s gonna be replaced by a guy who’s known for his bad defense. Brooklyn Nets – DeAndre Jordan
This one might come as a surprise considering that I’m talking about a player who just
2 years ago was an All-Star, in 2016 was on First Team All-NBA, and has been a member
of First Team All-Defense 2 times. The problem is, that was in 2016. Last year, his defense was bad, especially
with the Mavericks. A lot of NBA Analysts noted that and additionally
there were reports of selfish behaviour and scuffles with teammates. All that resulted in a trade to the NY Knicks
were he also wasn’t so well received. Now he’s a part of the Brooklyn Nets who
have high expectations. He has a good friend in KD there and maybe
it will be different. But let’s not expect the Old Defensive Player
Of The Year candidate type of player. He doesn’t play on the perimeter, can’t
hit a shot out of the paint and can’t guard the paint as well as he used to. I could’ve named Rodions Kurucs as the weakest
link, but based on his potential and versatility I think he could be a bigger part of the Nets
going forward. Charlotte Hornets – Dwayne Bacon
Oh man, trying to name the weak link on the Hornets would be like choosing who you wanna
be left with in a dark room – Freddy, Jason or Pennywise. Or in other words, the team is just weak and
there are a lot of weak links. Cody Zeller in my opinion is not a quality
center, Nicolas Batum is not that good anymore and I’m very tempted to name Terry Rozier
here as he got in my opinion a horrible contract for a guy who hasn’t even shot 40% from
the field in 4 seasons he’s been in the league, but considering the investment I guess
he’s supposed to be the best player on Charlotte Hornets. For now, Dwayne Bacon is possibly the weakest
starter on the Hornets? Why? Because he has barely started any games. The sample size is small, as he’s been around
just for 2 seasons. Last year, he averaged 7.3 points. That’s the
starting shooting guard. Not good. Chicago Bulls – Kris Dunn
Even though the Bulls have been a bad team for years, there actually is some quality
talent on the team. The weakest link on the team right now is
the projected starting point guard – Kris Dunn. Last year Dunn was a starter for 44 out of
46 games he played and averaged 11.3 points and 6 assists. He’s not a bad player, it’s just that
the league and most teams have very good to great point guards. Steph Curry, Harden/Westbrook, Damian Lillard,
Kyrie. He’ll have to got against those players
and right now, he doesn’t seem equipped to do so. He’s been a so so player for 3 years and
maybe there’s a reason for that, not just the fact that he was playing on a bad team. Cleveland Cavaliers – Collin Sexton or Darius
Garland I might seem harsh by putting a second year
player as the weakest link, that’s why I’m mentioning Darius Garland as well. Sexton is not that good of a passer. Last year, as a starter he averaged just 3
assists in almost 32 minutes. If you start Garland at the point you get
a player who averaged 2.6 assists in college. Both choices are not great. Cedi Osman might not be a star, Kevin Love
hopefully gets back to the all-star level, Tristan Thompson, with all his limitations
is still a monster on the offensive glass and while both young players might have a
great deal of potential, the three other starters, for now are more proven commodities in the
NBA. Dallas Mavericks – Dwight Powell
Dallas is one of the teams that I’ll like to monitor closely next year. Not just because Porzingis is my brother from
Latvia, but also because this team has so much young talent and potential. One of not so young players is the projected
starting center – Dwight Powell. The 7-year veteran has started only 52 games
during this period and last year had his best year with 10.6 points and 5.3 rebounds. Mostly in his career, he’s been a bench
player. He doesn’t block too many shots and his
offense isn’t that polished as well. For now, he figures to be the weak link on
an otherwise exciting Dallas team. Denver Nuggets – Will Barton
Jokic is the star of the team. Jamal Murray is a great up and coming talent. Paul Millsap is a great locker room presence
and a very good player still, and Gary Harris is one of teams best shooters. The only logical choice is the 9-year veteran
Will Barton. At 28 years old he doesn’t have the potential
of other guys, but he’s proven to be a quality contributor nonetheless. This one sucks, cause Barton isn’t a bad
player, it’s just that he’s caught on a team with abundance of talent. Detroit Pistons – Tony Snell
Reggie Jackson? Not great, but ok. The big men can’t be put on this list, so
that leaves a choice between Bruce Brown and Tony Snell. I go with Snell here. He’s been just an OK player. He has improved as a shooter, but he’s not
a starter material. Bruce Brown also hasn’t proven himself as
a starter yet, but Tony Snell has been in the league for 6 years, and he has started
about half of his games and the results haven’t been good. He’s played around 30 minutes per game in
his best seasons, but still hasn’t produced one double digit point season. Enough said. Golden State Warriors – Glenn Robinson
From an All-Star starting lineup to this. With the departure of Kevin Durant and losing
Klay Thompson to injury Warriors don’t boast that same scary starting lineup from last
year. Last year their best player was their small
forward Kevin Durant. Now, their weakest link is their small forward
– Glenn Robinson III who up until now has started in only 51 games through 5 years of
his career. Last year he averaged 4.2 points. So, yeah, good luck with that. Houston Rockets – Danuel House
The Rockets will be different this year. There’s a Harden-Westbrook reunion happening,
but they’ve pretty much retained all the main pieces from their last year’s squad. Including the 34-year old starting power forward
PJ Tucker. Even at an advanced age Tucker is still a
quality player. The weakest link here might be Houston’s
projected starting small forward Danuel House. 4th year player has started only 16 games
in his career, 13 of them came last year when he averaged 9.4 points and 3.6 rebounds. It’s not super bad, but on a starting lineup
filled with max players, he’s the weakest link. Indiana Pacers – Domantas Sabonis
This one is so hard. The Pacers predictably lost their starting
small forward from last year Bojan Bogdanovic. And what a forward he was, one of the best
shooters in the league. Now, with the addition of Malcolm Brogdon
their point guard situation seems to be resolved, but they replaced the best player from last
year with another quality small forward and similarly great shooter in T.J. Warren. Turner is the anchor in the middle and Oladipo
is coming back, so the only choice here should be Domantas Sabonis. A hard working energy player, who almost never
would be the worst starter on any other team. On the bright side, if your worst player averages
14 and 10, you have a helluva starting lineup. Los Angeles Clippers – Patrick Beverley
Wow. What a summer did they have. They quite possibly have the best starting
lineup when you take into account defense and lots of it. This team will be contending for the NBA championship. George and Leonard are the untouchables,JaMychal
Green and Harrel had solid seasons, especially Harrel. That leaves us with Patrick Beverley, a fan
favorite and a tenacious defender, who unfortunately is the weak link here. He won’t be asked to do much besides defense
as the Clippers have loads of offense now, and I’m sure he’ll do great, but strictly
skill-wise, he’s the weakest starter. Los Angeles Lakers – Rajon Rondo
This one’s a bit of a mystery as there were reports that Lebron would be starting point
guard, Kuzma might be somehow inserted in the starting lineup. An injury to Demarcus Cousins, a loads of
reports, but the projected lineup right now features Rondo at the point. Which isn’t good, considering that we’re
not in 2010. You could make a case for Dwight Howard, but
in my opinion he can still ball, and he could be a perfect complimentary piece to AD and
LBJ. Rondo on the other hand is kind of old news
when it comes to point guard position. He can pass the ball whole day, but with Lebron
on the team that’s not as necessary as it would be on other teams, and what do we need
from our guards?Shooting. Rondo isn’t very good at that, so if he
is the starting point guard, he is the weakest link. Memphis Grizzlies – Dillon Brooks
Ok, where do we start. Ja Morant will have his hands full trying
to replicate what Mike Conley did for the Grizzlies for so many years. Valanciunas is a quality center, but with
his own limitations and to be honest, I’d gladly put the whole starting unit here as
the weak link cause it’s so hard for me to say who of them is the strong link. If I absolutely have to make a choice, which
I do I think I’m going with Dillon Brooks. He did not have a good year last season and
although Jae Crowder is really really close as far as the weakest link I guess he’s
more proven at this point. I don’t know, you help me with this. Miami Heat – Dion Waiters/Kelly Olynyk
This one I don’t know as well. Olynyk has been mostly a bench player. He’s developed somewhat of a respectable
shot, but not really and Dion Waiters has been in the league for 7 years and time and
time again he’s proven that he’s not a starter as well. His shot is streaky, he is not that good of
a defender and considering all the great guards around the league he mostly has a tough time
scoring or defending. Help me with this as well guys. I don’t know which one is worse. Milwaukee Bucks – Wesley Matthews
All these guys are valuable in their own way, but Wesley Matthews might be the worst just
because his contributions are so much more dependant on others. He’s probably the 4th or fifth scoring option
in the starting lineup and besides shooting he provides defense which isn’t as good
as it used to be. Bledsoe is a candidate if we talk about the
worst starting point guards, but he’s kind of ok for what they need and Brook Lopez had
a great year with the Bucks last season so I can’t put him on here. Sorry Wesley, but on the Bucks, you’re kind
of a weak link. Minnesota Timberwolves – Josh Okogie
I would really love to put Wiggins as the weakest link. Ok, so how do I call a guy who has started
all his career games, was drafted number 1, has averaged 19.4 points for his career the
weakest link on the team? It’s simple, because so much more was expected
from him. He was touted the next Lebron James and yet
5 years in the league he’s been very ineffective, he’s not defending and he can’t shoot. He doesn’t get to the free throw line and
in my eyes his point totals is more about being on a bad team where he is one of the
highest-paid players rather than him really being that good. They paid him max dollars, they’re supposed
to use him, but doing so limits the team’s success. It’s been 5 years guys. He’s just not that good. There probably are worse players on this starting
unit right now like Josh Okogie, but when we compare expectations to actual production
the Wiggins choice would make some sense. New Orleans Pelicans – Derrick Favors
Zion is gonna sell tickets, Lonzo is gonna pass them to Zion. Ingram will cash in a few of those and Jrue
Holiday will be that great veteran who defends and helps. What is Favors gonna do? He’s just gonna be that good ol’ average
center with a statline of 11 and 7, or 7, 11 who helps, but not really takes you over
the hump. With all the names that joined the Pelicans
in the offseason it’s not crazy to think that if everyone hits on their potential,
Derrick Favors is the one who’s the weakest link in here. New York Knicks – Dennis Smith Jr. With so many bad things happening to the Knicks
and so many young players on the team it’s almost unfair to pick the weak link here. Julius Randle was the big summer signing. Mitchell Robinson, still young, but very promising
as a defensive center and how do I grade RJ Barrett properly if he hasn’t played a minute
of NBA action? Dennis Smith actually could be the weak link
here, and it’s been a while since New York has had a proper point guard. That Ntilikina experiment didn’t go too
well, and so far Dennis Smith hasn’t had that great of a career. Right now, he’s not an effective scorer,
not a good free throw shooter and not a good shooter in general. That’s a bad combination in this era of
great point guards. Oklahoma City Thunder – Andre Roberson
This team has changed dramatically over the summer and a lot of things should still change,
but as it stands now if Andre Roberson starts at small forward, it’s a wrap, he’s the
weakest link for sure. First of all, he’s had some injury problems
lately so we’re not sure if he’s even gonna be there, and secondly, isn’t it about
time to develop some sort of a shot? The dude shot 22.2% from the three and 31.6%
from the free throw line last year. That’s weak. Orlando Magic – D.J. Augustin
At this point, D.J. Augustin shouldn’t be a starter on any NBA
team. Even the Orlando Magic. He’s a career bench player for a reason. Orlando has some potential in the unit and
hopefully for Orlando Markelle Fultz shaves that bust tag from his name and becomes the
future point guard of the Orlando Magic. Augustin had his moments in the playoffs and
he’s not a scrub, but he’s not a starter material as well. Philadelphia 76ers – Josh Richardson
This is probably the best weak link you could have. We won’t touch the big three of Philadelphia
and the signing of Al Horford was a great move that should help. Al Horford could be in decline and as the
season goes this might change, but for now Josh Richardson is the weak link on Philadelphia
76ers. He’s young though, he will get better, but
this team’s starting lineup is just so stacked. Sorry Josh. Phoenix Suns – Ricky Rubio
This one is hard for me to say. Cause Ricky Rubio is a dear dear friend of
mine. But how come that he’s been in the NBA for
8 years and hasn’t played as good as he was playing during the 2019 FIBA World Championship. In all seriousness though, Phoenix finally
has a competent point guard. A point guard who will really pass the ball. I was very impressed with how Ricky Rubio
played during the FIBA World Cup. I just can’t put that one mirage of a deadly
3-point shot over other youngsters on this team. Portland Trail Blazers – Zach Collins
Hopefully Whiteside regains his form as the defensive player of the year candidate, and
if he does, then Zach Collins is the weakest link on the team. Over 2 years he has started only once and
last year averaged 6.6 points and 4.2 rebounds. He’s yet to develop a deadly accuracy outside
the paint and he might have a hard time under the basket. He’s young and will improve, but for now
he’s the weakest link on the Trail Blazers. Sacramento Kings – Dewayne Dedmon
For the first time in a while Sacramento actually features some good young talent which can
actually battle for a playoff spot. One player that doesnt really fit that tag
is the 30-year old Dewayne Dedmon. He was the starting center for the Atlanta
Hawks for 2 years, but really doesn’t jump off the map as that highly skilled big man. He’s solid, but on a team filled with some
exciting prospects and a small forward with championship pedigree, he figures out to be
the weakest link. Still, 11 and 7 is nothing to sneeze at. San Antonio Spurs – Jakob Poeltl
Before suffering a season ending injury Dejounte Murray was supposed to be the next Tony Parker
for the Spurs. Two all-stars in DeRozan and Aldridge are
untouchable here and the choice really comes down to Derrick White and Jakob Poeltl. White filled in pretty admirably at the point
guard spot for the Spurs last year so I’m going with the projected starting center Jakob
Poeltl here. He did start 24 games but besides that he
hasn’t really been seen yet as a starting force. He was very good in his bench minutes last
year though. And it’s the Spurs, everyone is pretty equal
in there. Toronto Raptors – OG Anunoby
Marc Gasol still has some gas in the tank and the team, even after losing Kawhi Leonard
is pretty solid with always good point guard Kyle Lowry and the emerging Pascal Siakam. Norman Powell and OG Anunoby are a different
story. Both players came off the bench last year,
but for now Norman Powell will be able to bring more of what they lost through the summer,
and that’s 3-point shooting. When it’s all said and done Anunoby might
be the better player out of the two, but for now he will have to fill Leonard’s shoes
and the production from Small Forward position will see quite a drop-off compared to last
season. Utah Jazz – Jeff Green
The Jazz improved their weakest position from last year by acquiring the overpaid and underrated
at the same time – Mike Conley. They also added some great shooting for their
small forward position and they still have Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. A pretty clear weak link here is their projected
starting power forward Jeff Green. He’s always been solid, but at the same
time he’s just too streaky, which is why this will be his seventh team. He would be a solid sixth man, but as a starter,
his best days are probably over. Washington Wizards – Troy Brown
The starting unit for the Wizards is just so weak. John Wall is still injured and besides Bradley
Beal we might as well put the other 4 starters as the weakest link. Their center is young and unproven, they will
start a journeyman in Ish Smith as their point guard and Davis Bertans is a great shooter,
but that was in San Antonio. With all the uncertainty surrounding the Wizards,
the biggest uncertainty might be their projected small forward Troy Brown. He played just 14 minutes per game last year,
isn’t really known for his shooting ability and started just 10 games last year. On a weak team, he’s probably the weakest
link. That’s life. Thanks for watching the video guys. This was a long one but I hope you enjoyed
it. What do you think about my choices? Do you agree with my opinion? I’d like for you to disagree with some choices
so we could have a healthy discussion. Which team has the worst starting lineup? Which team has the best one? Please leave a comment below. Also, share this video with your friends,
like the video and watch other videos on this channel. There’s a lot of content out here for everybody. Oh. Almost forgot. Please SUBSCRIBE to the channel and don’t
miss videos in the future. Thanks. See you soon. This was PRPLPRNCH, and I’m out!

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