Worst Football Injury Ever- Don’t Watch!

Worst Football Injury Ever- Don’t Watch!

stewardess was locked out outside a YouTube space Los Angeles so here is the thing I’m gonna try to make
this as brief as possible Rashad Johnson a cardinal safeties 27 years old
suffered by far the most gruesome injury you may ever see it is certainly the
most gruesome in the year 2013 as a matter fact he
doesn’t even know how it happened firstly if you just 8 if you get queasy with
injuries don’t look if you can muster at here it is I will
be silent as I’m sure you want me to be for few seconds as you take it in here’s
the photo that he tweeted as you can see there his mental finger waves shaved down okay it was
same down to his first knuckle and here’s what he tweeted
hash tag the finger blessed to be able to still go out and
do what I love this season has technical has tech truly blessed has tagged bird getting he lost the top
up is a middle freakin finger any state in the game and
play the rest of the game now here’s the story according to the Arizona central I is
the central dot com excuse me they said that he injured on a punt
return by Darren sprawls of course the Saints won this past weekend against
the Cardinals as you may guess and he went to the sidelines he took off
his glove and the top of his finger was still in his
glove it was still there and yet he still played here’s a score
I’m not even sure how it happened if I had to guess I would say maybe it dug
into the turf there it’s that back and broke it that way my glove us toward a writ which makes me
think it didn’t get caught in a face mask or a cleats stepped on it he also
tweeted at Poly pabst of course is that the Dan Patrick show saying lost top portion of it had
exposed bone and skin shaved down yesterday and stitched up probably most painful injury I’ve ever
had so in case something you guys were thinking oh and about players are
pussies although not tough Rashad Johnson is the definition a tough
and I’m rooting on the Arizona Cardinals from here on so I wanna hear all your
thoughts in the comment section below is this possibly the worst injury you’ve
ever seen is it the worse the 2013 can you give me a worse injury maybe
I’ll put all those together and we could do our own little clip you
when I back and forth soul even though the comment section below and also do me
a favor get this put the time’s up and also headed top
buttons appear and describe it to it. sports

100 thoughts on “Worst Football Injury Ever- Don’t Watch!

  1. Its not even that bad. reach in your glove, take that bit of finger out. Throws some elmers glue on that b**. And get back in the game, no biggy…

  2. My friend, who is in 8th grade snapped his leg in half….. recently. ill never forget it….. first the coaches said to turn around, and I did. But I looked and was his whole entire leg bent in half, and bone sticking out…… and ill always remember…… the screams……

  3. If the title says don't ⌚️/ watch then I won't by the way I didn't watch it💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  4. all you people say it's not bad but u never had a half finger off and if u have it doesn't grow back so how u guys texting this🙄🙄

  5. I got the same injury on Thursday and I'm in the ninth grade I lost my middle finger tip and the doctors had to shave the bone too it wasn't to painful this injury is not going to stop me from playing football and tbh it really didn't hurt

  6. why do it say ever don't watch, so what's the point of putting it on YouTube if it say ever don't watch

  7. there was a soccer/football goalie who broke his hand in the middle of the game and carried on playing until the end of the match

  8. Cut my buddies finger off in the Army. He laughed and said he thought he broke it. Took his glove off finger was still in the glove. He bragged about it instantly.

  9. I Remeber when Ronnie Lott did that. But If I remember correctly he had it tore off in someone’s face mask got stitched up and had a great day.

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