World War Nerf

World War Nerf

Sir come on, lets go lets go OMG Medic,Medic Yes sir, *ah* YOU HOLD STILL, Yes sir Kid whats the plan, just scope out the area, YES SIR! Captain *blows up* Is it bad, we got you bro come on come on *bugle in back round* Get to cover, *tank blows up* Hey Andrew here and hoped you enjoyed the video remember to like and subscribe.

100 thoughts on “World War Nerf

  1. lemme tell u something the tiger tank commanders wouldnt shoot the guys with the tanks main gun the would shoot the mg's 1:45

  2. Nerf war 2 would be people picking up a cs 50 (wich is a nerf gun, search it up. Its practicaly a machine gun shape) ,getting shot at and indians attaching rival grenades to thier chest and saying "allahu akbar" (god is greater) and uhh… So yeah.

  3. 🍏🍎🍊🍋🍔🍟🌭🍕🍫🧀🍔🍟🌽🍠🏹🎯💣🗡💊🛎📣📢🍡☀️🔥💪😡😡🤔😎😍🤑😷😖🙁😕😞😞

  4. For some reason I thought bandaids fix everything. When I was a kid. It was because I almost cut my thumb off and put a bandaid on it. “THE NEXT DAY”. Healed.

  5. Nice video, but, why is the captain (American) wearing a soviet helmet/ Ssh40, and why is there only german officers fighting?
    But I like all the work and effort you put in it it is really nice.

  6. Can you make more videos like this…maybe some Battle's that would amazing love your videos😁😊👍👌

  7. Actuaron muy bien
    Edición de 10
    Armas excelentes
    Se merece las visitas y más
    Se los dice un mexicano, son muy creativos saludos

  8. What’s hilarious is how they said they was gonna our corridor in the description…

    ahem we’re still waiting

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