Next stop Beijing. Good timing I think… It was final call going on But we made it and we no water with us Anyways, here we are. 8,5 hour flight towards Beijing. and there… one more layover after another and another, and another so two more layovers total! Bye! Good looking watermelon… cakes.. very interesting Easy 35 hour total travel time. Pretty easy Legs feel just great and looking just fine with the outfit Now food and towards out hotel maybe we will check out the courts but We made it!! It is 8 o’clock at night and here we finally are that’s how it apparently goes. hungry, HUNGRY, THIRSTY looks like this it too difficult… so we only want rice and noodles this is how hard it is we made it to the main draw back luck and we ended up playing against another finnish team only pairs that weren’t directly in the main draw 2-0 win and now head back to the hotel now we get the accommodation for free and food aka rice but, so yeah rice I mean and more rice maybe rice and rice noodles But Ida is a machine Boss lady, boss lady And yeah, here we go Homebound starts first stop Xi’an One night there and tomorrow back to Finland but now leaving Zhongwei “FINALLY” We are in Xi’an we flew here in the morning And seems like a nice city We have a very cute hotel room There are kittens at the hotel yeahhhh and next stop is to find some dumplings! “HUNGRY” Little update today is our last day tonight we head back to Finland now we are heading to get some coffee and…just some chilling today today, before we fly so, “in need of coffee” “coffee here we come”

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