World of Tanks – Tank Soccer 2018

World of Tanks – Tank Soccer 2018

Epic battles are starting
on football pitches very soon! But we won’t let the professional
footballers have all the fun— football is coming
to World of Tanks too! The matches are 3 vs 3. Each match lasts 7 minutes
or until three goals are scored. If the Normal time ends
in a draw, then Extra time is added. That’s when the golden
goal rule comes into effect— the first team to score a goal wins. If none of the teams score
a goal within four extra minutes, the team that kept the ball
on the enemy’s side for longer wins. You can start a match
on special vehicles only. All players will receive these vehicles and they’ll be different from
their Random Battle analogues. The AMX 13 105
is a striker, which scores goals. It has a drum, therefore, it has a faster rate
of fire and more chances to score. Its unique ability is Second Chance. What would you do
if your drum was empty and you badly
needed to fire a shell? Click on the button, receive two
extra shells, and score a goal. The E 100 is a reliable defender. Its dimensions and weight allow it to
block incoming hits and enemy players. Super powerful HE shells clear the ball with their explosive
wave even without a direct hit. It’s a pleasant bonus for defenders. The T-62A is an agile midfielder. Its skills are useful
for both offense and defense. Its unique ability is Nitro.
It gets you into position quickly. The rules suggest that each team
must have players of different roles. If it’s impossible
to assemble multi-role squads, the matchmaker will allow only two
same vehicles per team. But no more. The matches aren’t just pure fun. Complete Combat Missions,
collect football cards, and take part in tournaments! Your reward will be unique vehicle
style sets, medals, gold, and much more! Win over and over again,
and a true legend will join your crew! Play football in World of Tanks
with Gianluigi Buffon, and win a Buffon T-shirt
or a football with his autograph! Good luck on the pitch!

100 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Tank Soccer 2018

  1. great more stuff i will never get the chance to play without lagging and getting blown to bits……get the account transfer done its been over 10 months ffs sort it out

  2. So happy to have this back!

    Like last time, will we be using crew members we already have? I'd love to use this event to train my French Light crew.

  3. Multi role tanks and abilities. Nice job.

    Can you put Type 4 heavy to have special skill "jump" ability at the next football mode?

  4. I think this will be a excellent game and would bring everyone on a happy note during this heated phase of hatred.

  5. Look, I don't kno much about football, but I thought they threw in sum random Russian Bias they sum how dug up in the gulag.

  6. OMFG yes I miss this mode from 2016. Its a little different now but I'm looking forward to this so much!!!!

  7. Hey creators of World of Tanks! I just thought I could eb apart of the tank giveaway as I have been playing your game for many years now and I just think you guys have been doing a brilliant game, Keep it up!

  8. Commanders DO gain experience in this game mode!!! Even though they don't use any skills/perks, the commanders get 1500 XP for a win!

  9. Why don't you have such lovely stuff for blitz.
    Just shove some pins and other collections and let us sit on the same old stuff !!

  10. Football comes into World of Tanks… Instead of fixing and repairing the game no lets create a useless game mode that dozens of games already have.

  11. I'd be shocked if this game doesn't get sued by psyonix for being literally: super sonic acrobatic rocket propelled battle cars. Mind you with how similar they look they may have bought the rights to copy it. (prefer the original name for rocket league)

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