World Food Day Football Match – Highlights

World Food Day Football Match – Highlights

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to
Parliament Square on World Food Day where we’re witnessing the biggest
football match in agricultural history today the International Agribusiness FC will play our very own homegrown Family Farmers United Your referee today will be DEFRA. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Don’t worry, we’ll be sure to look after your
interests and if recent events are anything to go by he’ll be doing all he can to ensure the playing field is far from level. So first
Agribusiness FC align up to the biggest most powerful corporations in food and farming today. In defence they’ve got
lobbying, they’ve got bribery and they’ve got corruption, in midfield they’ll be decimating
the family farmers with land grabs, GM seeds laws and pesticides. Next, Family Farmers United and that they can deliver the goods in
terms of providing quality affordable food, environmental stewardship, high
quality animal welfare and rural employment Unfortunately, you’re not eligible for subsidies Are we ready teams? Just going to place
this in the center of the pitch That’s not the centre! That’s a foul, will you stop playing when I blow my whistle – red card! You see that behaviour – that was quite terrible Right, free kick! I’ll have one of those, thank you very much! Team captain of Agribusiness FC representing Tesco, How did you feel the game went today? Well to be honest it was going simply superbly. I mean what was it was it 15 was it 16 goals we scored today
all against the British people and all in favour of our corporate shareholders,
things were going simply superbly agricultural production was on a
decline, environmental degradation was on the rise and then what happened the
British public thought it was their role to get involved If there’s one take home message from today it’s that the public’s role is to keep quiet, open
their wallets and eat what they’re given

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