World Cup pay gap: Here’s why it’s justified | FACTUAL FEMINIST

World Cup pay gap: Here’s why it’s justified | FACTUAL FEMINIST

Critics are up in arms about the World Cup
gender gap. The prize money for women is far less than for men. Commentators attribute
the gap to sexism and what some call the grass ceiling. Could they be right? Let’s review the evidence.
Coming up next on the Factual Feminist. This summer, the U.S. women’s soccer team electrified
the nation when it defeated Germany 2–0 and then Japan 5–2 to win the World Cup.
Instead of celebrating the team’s brilliant play and the continuing growth of women’s
soccer, many in the media are fixating on what they see as a shameful “World Cup pay
gap.” The U.S. women’s team collected only $2 million in prize money for its victory
over Japan. But for the corresponding men’s competition in 2014, the winning German team
won $35 million—while the Americans, who lost in the round of 16, took home $8 million.
Spurred by the media reports, Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont introduced a resolution on
the floor of the U.S. Senate urging FIFA, the organization that sponsors the World Cup,
to “immediately eliminate gender pay inequity”: Here is where I think the Senator and the
media critics go wrong. The prize disparity has much more to do with sports economics than sexism. The women’s players are
formidable athletes and the Women’s World Cup is growing rapidly in popularity, especially
in the U.S., but it’s still nowhere near the men’s cup in terms of world popularity.
According to FIFA, the 2011 Women’s World Cup had an audience reach of less than 250 million viewers. For the men’s World Cup in, 2010 the figure was 2.2 billion. That same year, the men’s World Cup generated nearly $3.7 billion in revenue, while the women’s World
Cup generated about $73 million. Now FIFA may be a troubled organization, and sexism can probably be counted among its many vices—but the differences in its men’s and women’s prizes
are actually less than the differences in its revenues from the two competitions. Market forces, rather than sexism, appear to explain the pay gap in soccer. Well, the sports equity activists have heard all of this before, and they have a reply. “Why accept market forces?” they ask. After all, these forces were shaped by a culture that
has been hostile to women, traditionally. Shane Ferro, a feminist business reporter at Business
Insider says it this way: “Most of us have been socialized to accept men’s sports
as dominant, and somehow automatically more interesting.” And once society internalizes
a falsehood, she says, “it’s very hard to correct it.” Hard, but apparently not impossible because now there is now a call by sports equity activists to change the market by re-socializing fans.
“Sports fans, for the most part, will watch whatever you put in front of them,” says
Kavitha Davidson at Bloomberg News. She thinks we should highlight the women’s teams, and fan interest and
excitement will come. A recently published study by two feminist sociologists
comes to the same conclusion. The authors lament that women’s sports receive only
about 3% of network TV attention, down from 5% in 1989. Major sports media, they say,
is a “place set up by men for men to celebrate men’s sensational athletic accomplishments”
while giving short shrift to women’s achievements. They acknowledge that there are fewer female
teams, so they suggest for now the media increase coverage of women’s sports to 12–18%.
They also specify that the sportscasters should report on women’s sports with the same “enthusiasm”
as men’s sports. More coverage plus more enthusiasm will increase the fan base, and
that will drive up women’s salaries and prizes. Well, I think it might be the gender sociologists and the feminist journalists—not the sports fans— who have internalized a falsehood.
There are athletic competitions where women attract more fans than men—figure skating
and gymnastics, for example. And women’s tennis, while not as popular as men’s, certainly
has a large and devoted audience. But when it comes to team sports like basketball, football
and soccer, no amount of affirmative-action enthusiasm is going to even the score. Men
are stronger, faster, and bigger than women, both on average and at the extremes. Most
fans—not all, but most—want to see the sport they love played at the highest level.
Men’s professional team sports are a fascination to many millions of fans because they offer
extreme competition, performance, and heroics. Women’s team sports, however skilled and
admirable, rarely compare in Promethean drama. There is a fallacy at the heart of the sports
equity argument. The equity activists insist that male and female athletes should be treated
the same; while accepting that the sexes are different and must play on separate teams.
To be consistent, they should call for integrated teams and let men and women compete together for the same audiences and same prizes. That would end the career of most female athletes, but a
few would make it and, if it’s a popular sport like basketball or soccer, they would
likely become the richest and most famous athletes of all time. I doubt that politicians
and activist journalists will actually propose this—but it makes as much sense as insisting
that women’s teams with separate standards of performance must be given the same salary,
prizes, publicity, and enthusiasm that the men’s teams enjoy. My suggestion: let’s
take the gender politics out of sports altogether and just enjoy the games. If you found this
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100 thoughts on “World Cup pay gap: Here’s why it’s justified | FACTUAL FEMINIST

  1. Can a trans play women's sports? If so, what if it were a male pro at a particular sport that had decided to be a woman, does that allow her to then play at the female leagues?

  2. Nothing to stop Megan Rapinho going to play for Barcel;ona or Manchester United and being in the big money — except for one thing — she (it) is nowhere near good enough

  3. Not enough people would pay regularly to watch women so the money isn't there — that will never change because they're not worth watching

  4. Only talking about prize money there, players are paid by negotiating contracts with the clubs they play for

  5. These young women athletes, have missed anothef chance to unite, but INSTEAD choose to divide. Squandering countless marketing opportunities, instead choosing to be used/benched economically. Then complain about it. And attack feminine women who do not agree with them.

  6. When the U.S. women's WC team starts playing — and regularly beating — men's WC teams worldwide, then they'll merit equal pay.

  7. I believe there are improvements fifa needs to make on their adverts in other countries mainly… promotion is the true problem them the money will come.

  8. I am glad I looked in a gave your vlog a chance, good stuff. Respectfully, I still am not interested in soccer. Also, undeniably, men are generally more athletic. That is not misogyny but biology.

  9. Woah. Can’t believe YouTube allows this to make money. After all, it’s factually accurate. Ain’t nobody got time fahdat.

  10. If there were “coed “ sports there would have to be rules requiring a certain number of females, otherwise there would not be a single female in the league.

    That is why the men make more.

  11. Legendary players:
    Pele, CR7, Messi, Gerd Müller, Ronaldo, Zidane, Beckham, Klose… to name a few…

    *sound of crickets

    Btw… if you loose agains a team of 15 year old boys…. SHUT THE FUCK UP 😂😂😂

  12. You get paid what someone is willing to pay you. Why is that so hard to understand?
    Are these people completely dumb??

  13. Wanna know why men make more and attract more spectators? Make the US "men's" team and the World Cup winning women's team play against each others and you'll see. US men, despite of not having as high relative success in their World Cup, will crush the women's team to the tune of 22-0. And it's not really even "men's" team. There is no series exclusive to men. It's just football, and the only reason why there are no women is because women can't compete on that level.

  14. It's sports.
    We want to see the most athletic players and the sport played at the highest level.

    When women, lesbians, and transgenders get skilled enough to equal what the men are doing in these sports…that's when we'll will watch.

    Today is just not that day.

  15. Didn't the team get their asses kicked by a team of 14/15 yr old boys despite the boy's coach instructing them to take it easy?

  16. So the female champions earned nearly 3% and the male champions earned almost 1%. Gender pay gap indeed. Billions of people do not want to pay to come to your kids game at school because it is not entertaining to most anybody but friends, family, and children…just like the Women's World Cup. They would be annihilated by any men's team and would most likely lose to a descent boys high school team. It's not a society problem it's a reality problem.

  17. My god look at the statistics, mens sport is much more watchable and faster, more physical, more aggresive, you cannot compare, maybe give women slightly more compared to men but the same no way, look at the farce at Wimbledon Tennis this year and not a one of, Womens Final boring, 2 sets, only maybe 15 games,over in less than an hour , Mens Final over 50 games, 5 sets and tie breakers and over 5 hours long, come on fair??? no way and they get the same money because the women complained, bad decision guys, equality gone nuts!!!

  18. I know exactly what she's saying. For instance, take men's and women's prize money for tennis like Wimbledon. The prize money is the same for both sexes…guess why?…because the viewership is nearly identical! Simple economics.

  19. How to kill your media business by people who never ran a company: purposelessly show an inferior product that people don't want to consume, and reduce the time on air of a product people do want to see. Genius.

  20. Should one pay the same to listen to the New York Philharmonic and a tone deaf High School band? This is NOT a bizarre comparison. The SKILL level between male and female soccer is in fact THAT abismal. It is just wrong to attribute the "difference" to speed, strength, height of men, etc. The key difference is the immense difference in ABILITY. Sports "consumers" pay good money to be entertained, and they are not stupid. When women provide a soccer spectacle that matches men's (like some already do in some individual sports) THEN "inequality" will never be an issue anymore. They should be ashamed to make a demand when the same team ("World Champion") was beaten 2-7 not long ago by a group of Under-15 boys!

  21. Look at the UFC, the more a fighter is like or dislike, the more popular they are, the more they sell tickets, the more money they make, now don't force your bs on us. If your sport does not generate viewers, fans, money, don't expect the same or more money because you have a vagina. Every time a situation is equal and proven by basic math, you have a screaming feminist crying injustice, sexism and all other isms…its not because you we will see more or hear more about women's sport's that everything will change..its not gonna happen..feminist are like kindergarten children, crying for no good reason. A 7-year-old could comprehend the difference between lots of money coming in and little money coming in. Its called equality and that is what you wanted, you have it, stop crying. You don't hear the men crying for figure skating or other female-dominated sport. Be like a man and stop winning for nothing. FYI all men put on this planet was born from a female, so if you are unhappy with the way things are, go blame their mother, grandmother, sister, aunt.etc…they raise that man.

  22. BAHAH moronic women… facts…let me break it down for you. We have men and women sports for a reason..because they are different. People want to see football played at the highest level of athleticism, speed and endurance. People don't care about womens sports and that will NEVER change. It's a fact of life please get the fuck over it. Men make more cause more people watch men. If we are bieng really factual here. The statistic show men earn a lower ratio to the profits than women even though the numerical value is higher for men. Cry for Stewie whiny fucking girls.

  23. Pay gap in sports are based on supply and demand you femi-nazis EXAMPLE: a guy getting a higher contract deal verse his other team mates due to being the best player and worth more hence offered a bigger pay deal. Is this discrimination? No! Women are paid less here because the supply and demand is different from male to female versions of the sport. As for wage type jobs its proven its a myth, its also illegal to discriminate on the amounts paid for "X" person to another unless contract states it i.e people a protected by the law. If women could get paid less why not hire all women in "x" company and save a fortune? Feminists make women look stupid

  24. All sport is about sponsorship and endorsements, men worked hard for better pay over the clubs retaining the money earned by the players. It is economics at play, not sexism. Men's game is established, women need to promote and work themselves at getting a wider audience. Men's sports are more demanding and well know, and excellence is promoted not any other agenda. Clubs with men's teams are subsidising women's soccer. Male sports is like watching Roman sports, intense and competitive. Now, men on the same team get much different pay, ask their agents.

  25. Lets completely ignore the fact that uswnt May be the most successful soccer team in history of the sport-4 out of 8 cups

  26. Ahhhhh…People want to see the best, period. When high school age boys beat them…ahhhhhh…I don't think they should demand equal pay. Ahhhhh…wake up and smell the coffee. Ahhhhhh…face the facts and be grateful for what you're getting. Ahhhhh, does this really need to be addressed. I thought it was obvious. Ahhhhh, by the way, love the WNBA. Ahhhhh, seems like unhappiness, and being discontent in life is a common denominator for a few select women soccer players. Ahhhhh. Oh yes , and so angry, always ready to bait someone who will listen to their nobody really gives a damn phony rebel without a cause rhetoric. Grow the hell up!

  27. Women need to support women’s sport like men do men’s sport. Until that happens the men will make more. Besides when trans take over women sport women won’t have anything.

  28. Are feminists aware that inside a male football team there are tens of millions of difference between the contracts of the highest and lowest paid players..?

  29. I watch college football and NFL. If you put baseball on, I'll fall asleep. If you put basketball on, I'll fall asleep. Soccer? Zzzzzzz……. You can't force people to like sports they don't like.

  30. a top female soccer player is probably at the skill level as an average male college player yet makes more money and gets more perks

  31. If it was legislated that women were paid the same amount as men, owners would go bankrupt. They don't make nearly enough money from tv viewers, commercials, merchandise sales, ticket sales, concession sales, etc as the men do… And part of the reason why is because everyone knows a group of 15 year old high school boys can beat the best team of adult women in the world. The quality is nowhere near as good. It will never be as big of a sport, therefore it will never earn as much money as men's sports, therefore women will never be paid as much as men.

  32. The fact that even women are not interested enough to watch women's sports based on the fact that a far fewer percentage of women are interested in viewing sports at all, , since by far the largest viewership of sports are men, ought to tell you that even women, based on their actions, disagree with these non-factual male and female feminists.

  33. Do u actually call ur self feminist ??MEN are faster stronger better bla bla bla. N dont even start with biology.we can change our biology according to darwins theory if we change our sociaty. Women should become more stronger n faster

  34. Nonono. Stop right there.

    Why are the women being payed less than the men?

    There is no ”mens soccer” or any other ”mens sport”. Those leagues are just the leagues open for everyone, no matter if you are man, woman, under 18 years old, blind, paraplegic etc. There are however a number of leagues open to you only if you fullfill certain specific criteria, such as a U18 league, womens league, paralympics etc.

    If you want equal pay, take a spot on the roster of the one big league that is open to anyone – the so called ”mens league”.

  35. I like mens' soccer because it's harder and faster. But soon I can watch women's soccer full of transgender women.

  36. 1:52 this lady is a dumb SJW. Saying they're "probably" sexiest with 0 proof what so ever. What a delusional SJW with nothing better to do. Maybe if you worked instead of cried their wouldn't be a pay gap

  37. Remember how they kicked John McEnroe around for stating that Serena Williams couldn't beat the best 200 men, and that was not denigrating Serena, who is undoubtedly the greatest female player of all time a thoroughly lovely person. He was probably right, but was bullied by the media for having the audacity to say it.

  38. Maybe if Them women's soccer players, played in bikinis they would attract bigger salaries like them woman beach volleyball players. now that a hoot!

  39. So, they don't receive the attention of the men who watch male sports, but think that crying foul through feminist BS is going to change that? How lacking in self-awareness do you have to be to do that?

  40. You could make networks allot 50% of their time to female sports, and you wanna know what will happen?

    50% of the time their viewership numbers will fall through the floor.

    The reason why they only represent between 3-5% is because it's simply not appealing or interesting. It's yawn inducing. Networks live and die on viewership of a product. If nobody watches what you have on the program, you have no way to make revenue. Men's sports attract viewership. Viewership attracts sponsors and advertisers. Women's sports do not attract viewers. It's that simple.

    So if they tried to compel networks to represent more women's sports, they'd be destroying that network's bottom line.

    Lack of air time ain't the issue. Lack of an appealing product is. Watching women's sports is as exciting and enthralling as watching milk curdle. And I mean, really, how good can they REALLY be if their "best" team gets their asses handed to them by TEENAGE BOYS? TEEN boys beat a "professional" women's team. So how exciting could they really be?

  41. If it's all about equality, set up a match between the woman and the men. The best two out of three, should prove any equality issues.

  42. when men as transexuals enter into women's spheres, women cry. When women under confused gender denominations enter into men's spheres, women cry again. Patriarchy? or just plain less brainmatter?

  43. Why would anyone with a brain watch the WNBA? A good boys high school team would be the WNBA Champs. Televise more women's sports….. lose a ton of money.
    Integrated team? No woman would make the team. Biological advantages of men wouldn't allow women to compete.

  44. FUN FACT : FC Dallas' professional men's team are ranked 636th in the world. The US national women's team, who are number one ranked, couldn't beat FC Dallas' U15 boys. The best female players in the world lost to the bench, of the bench, of the bench, of the bench of the 636th ranked men's club team in the world.

  45. Well sexism would be a direct reference to the fans claiming it. FIFA and such are not sexist as the fans are the ones who buy the ticket and do not care about women's soccer. So in essence complaints of sexism are against the complainers peers.

  46. Someone that I can easily outperform will never engage me the same way that an athlete that would dominate me could.

  47. Feminism is a fucking joke. You don’t deserve fucking nothing. In the real world, YOU EARN WHAT YOU GET. When the women’s world cup becomes a multi-billion dollar industry, they’ll get paid more. Until then, maybe they should actually practice because pro female soccer teams are a clown show compared to the men’s teams.

  48. Womens football has less spectators and less advertising revenue, so they get paid less. Anyone who expects them to get paid as much as men are wanting them to pull money out of thin air.

  49. If my calculations are right then we see a huge sexism toward men!!! 3,7B compared to 73M is a HUUUGE DIFFERENCE in fact it is a bit over 50 (50,68) times more. But the difference between Germany(men) winning the the world cup and USA(women) winning the women world cup is just 17,5 times the difference. No where near 50 times

  50. Why do women work anyway? Do you know that working women are doing the world much more harm than good?
    These so-called feminists should wake up! Stop harming the world anymore!

  51. Men's soccer WC $6 Billion revenue and players paid 7%; whereas, women's soccer WC $130 million revenue and players paid 20. It all depends how you view statistics. Who gets uneven pay? Men should sue women.
    Women are butthurt that people would rather watch the highest level of competition in team physical sports.

  52. There are crazy leftist professors arguing that women and men should compete each other in any sport! OMG! At the very least, all women will be pushed out of socer and hockey teams because the men are stronger and faster. At the worst, women will fight men in MMA and boxing and they will need an ambulance parked next to the octogan and ring to try desperately to save the woman's life.

  53. These US women make me laugh. They may perform better than the men but if they were asked to verse the US men they would start crying after they lose. Oh yeah and why don't Dallas U15 who beat the "best team in the world" get equal pay, or does it only work for women, GREEDY FEMINISTS.

  54. Yet It has to be pointed out, the absolute MAJORITY of the people assisting to those female sports events, are MEN. so…. Whatever money these female athletes are earning, comes rather from our pockets. There are more women assisting to male sports events than there are assisting to their fellow female sports events. And about the gap; this is not about what's hanging (or not) between your legs, it's a fucking business, if you put consistently a good show, you'll get there.

  55. Modern feminists don't listen to facts and logic. They only believe in feelings, and they feel like getting paid more.

  56. Market forces are the ultimate democracy. Activists want to "ignore" market forces and "do the right thing" out of a vague sense of fairness, and force an apparently unwanted restructuring of sports. Sounds anti-democratic to me.

  57. I can't wait for the Watching Paint Dry Olympics, its more exciting than soccer. Even professional bass fishing is more exciting than soccer.

  58. $2 million in prize money, is that each player? FIFA is probably the second worst organization on earth after the Olympic Committee. A sports fan will not watch any sport put in front of them. After the Super Bowl, men everywhere wish they could just skip about a month so they could catch the NCAA basketball tournament's advanced rounds and then rejoice in the new season of Major League Baseball.

    So you say, Factual Feminist, Here's why it's justified. But you end this session by saying it is not justified. I'm confused.

  59. On a side note, I was going to write, You look great for your age. I had you at about 60, which wouldn't exactly make me age appropriate for you, but you would certainly not be robbing the cradle or playing cougar. To find I was mistaken about your age, I must say, You look great. You get lonely, feel free to look me up. I'm something of a comedian, I could make you laugh. And I could make you smile. And I'll leave it at that.

  60. Women suck at football and their games are PAINFUL to watch, get em to wear bikinis for uniforms and watch the money come! Lol

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