World Cup Magic Tricks – How Zach King would Win the FIFA World Cup

World Cup Magic Tricks – How Zach King would Win the FIFA World Cup

Is it called soccer or is it called
football where you’re from? I have no idea because in America this is a football. Comment down below which is the correct way of saying it. Football or soccer? And let me know what you think. fYI I’m gonna call
it soccer in this video so don’t make fun of me please I know most the world
probably calls it football or “Futbol” As you know the World Cup is in full
swing you guys are out there rooting for your countries it’s fun and it’s
exciting. I’m not actually an athlete myself but I’m just saying…. if I were on
the team for the World Cup, I would win it for the team. Simply because I got
magic up my sleeves. So we’re gonna go jump to the field where I’m meeting my
friends for a little scrimmage. I’m gonna use that as an opportunity to show you
guys the tricks I got up my sleeve Here’s our grass. all right who’s ready
for a game!? Nice. We’ve got one extra person someone needs to be the Ref. guys
someone has to be the Ref. ok, Oliver you’re the ref. let’s go. “guys I’m
always it.” Alright teams, lets go! hey, chill out! So technically that was a foul and they
do get a penalty kick but is not a problem I still got tricks on my sleeve…short sleeves. I see all these soccer players on TV falling right and left faking
injuries. I can do a flop too. Let’s see if it works hey don’t touch me. You totally injured me. Foul him! Woah! We got a foul.It’s kind of playing dirty I know. Not to sound prideful or anything but I am the best
goalkeeper in the world. Back home they call me the #GoalIminator back home. Because I
eliminate those goals! But my favorite position on the field is actually goalie
because get the sit all day What that’s cheating, no fair! This sport was way more than I expected
it’s not for me. So it’s time to get back indoors. Let me know down in the
comments which team you guys are rooting for what country you want to win. And
what team I should reach out to and possibly join. But let’s be honest I’m
better off sitting at home watching the game with friends (TV Cheering and Host announces Score). Cheers

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