Wooden soccer ball


In my previous video,
I experimented with making a sixteen-sided
dome of wooden triangles. And that’s fairly round.
But, then I was thinking how could I make this
thing even rounder. I’ve been experimenting
by doubling the corners of the triangles that make
up my sixteen-sided dome to essentially make
a 240-sided one. And here’s my experiment.
But I didn’t want to have to build a
whole new ball. So, I just thought I’d
experiment by truncating the corners off the one
I’ve already built. Well, it’s kind of like
a soccer ball now. As long as everybody’s
wearing steel pumped safety shoes
and hard hats. Hah! Now with varnish on it,
surprisingly it looks even rounder.
But if I put it on a perfectly
round bucket, you can see it’s
still not perfect. I also sanded my
test piece round and I think that one would
be much easier to get perfectly round
than the one here.

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