Women’s Volleyball Defeats Baruch

Women’s Volleyball Defeats Baruch

Jolie Ward: Iit was a wonderful feeling to have everybody be able to feel like they were Jolie: on their home court for the first time this season, the girls have been very Jolie: anxious and excited about having their first home match. It’s taken us a while Jolie: because obviously we’re in October so to have that opportunity I think is really Jolie: important for the team to feel like they have support and when they’ve been in a Jolie: position where they haven’t had any home games to come back and be able to have a Jolie: victory and feel good about it I think
is a major confidence boost for them Jolie: right now. Rayne Ellis: Adjusting as the defense was really hard because we’re doing all the things Rayne: like if the balls, or if the hitters
aren’t even jumping then you have to Rayne: kind of reset everything you’re doing and so my team had to adjust really fast. Rayne: We’re all pretty much best friends and that’s like a super cliche to say but Rayne: this is our second year with the
majority of our team returning but the team is Rayne: very supportive of each other and they really want everybody to succeed. Jolie: I think that any victories we have right now are really helpful in us being able to realize that we are Jolie: talented and we’re capable of a lot of wonderful things. And I think this game Jolie: was a great way to figure out how to connect points over again and make sure Jolie: that we realize that you can do it and we just need to keep pulling those Jolie: things together and connecting them point after point after point.

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