Women’s Soccer Week 10 Preview

Women’s Soccer Week 10 Preview

I think you know we had a tough
road stretch going from UNCW to Northeastern. We knew it
wouldn’t be easy and we knew that Drexel I kept games really close and and
obviously we knew it would be a great battle. I think our team
stayed really focused defensively unfortunately gave up an early goal but
you could tell momentum was starting to swing our way towards the end of the
first half and into the second half. We kept the ball and and put our
forwards into dangerous positions and had a lot of great opportunities in the
second half. I think look like you know we’ve competed in all these games and
and a lot of these games could have gone the other way and you know at this level
and with our conference the line between winning and losing is so tenuous.
I think for momentum sake that game was much needed and really a half to, and
now to have our last two games at home where we haven’t been much the season
you know I think it doesn’t get much better than that in terms of where we
are where we need to go. The group of seniors is really special to me. I think
that they embrace me and our coaching staff right from the start and bought in
hook line and sinker. Anytime a new coach steps into a program it can
be a real challenge and I would say that group made it easy and bought in and
really helped shape the culture of our program to this point. I mean I think
look in the conference we’ve all shown that anyone could beat anyone on any
given day and so I think it’s another game where you know we have to do
everything right and hope that our you know we get a good good quality chances
throughout the game and put them away and being at home I think we’ll you know
hopefully make that a little bit easier. Hofstra has been the
standard for the league like you said and they’ve put together great sides for
many many years and so you know I expect them to be you know super athletic
super opportunistic and they have a lot of people that can score
goals and and I think it’ll be a great challenge for us and one that we’re up

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