WOMEN’S BASKETBALL: Virginia Tech Highlights

WOMEN’S BASKETBALL: Virginia Tech Highlights

[MUSIC PLAYING] It’ll be Baptiste and
Mone Jones to tip it off. And we are underway. Virginia wins the opening tap. It’s batted back into the
direction of Brianna Tinsley. And Virginia gets
some penetration here. Toussaint, a nice
weave into the lane, and she lays it up and
in, right through the cup. Now it’s going downhill. The runner off the window,
and it’s up and in. Well done from Brianna Tinsley. And that’s a good sign. She needs to get going. Now a hand-off for Caldwell. Caldwell, with 14 to shoot. A beautiful little weave
through multiple defenders. Elevates, and lays it up
with the left hand in. –piece of a lay-up
attempt by Sheppard. Now Caldwell’s off to the races. Same spot. Elevates from the left block and
lays it in with the left hand again. And it trickles out to Caldwell. Now a fast-break opportunity. Tried to go to work on Brooks. Lays it up and in. The little Euro step
to the right this time, and the right-handed layup. Couldn’t get it to go, but
Mone Jones is right there for the offensive rebound. Her put-back attempt
is up and in. Crossover
behind-the-back dribble. Toussaint touches the
paint, whips a pass off for Jablonowski. A pretty little baseline jump
shot sinks through for Lisa. Give it to me. –game. We’ll see. Toussaint, a nice pass
cross-court for Mone Jones. She spins in the lane, and
gets it to go with one hand. What a move from Mo. –interior with Jablonowski. Kicking back. Toussaint, the extra pass. Willoughby, corner 3. Give it to her. Boom. With eight to shoot. Now with five. Caldwell, top off the key. Breaking down, going
all the way to the rim, and schooling Dara
Mabrey right there– another left-hand layup. –dumps one in to Shakyna Payne. Facing up, firing a jump shot. In and out and back in. –to Tinsley in the corner. Now attacking is Toussaint
all the way to the rim. What a take, splitting
through the defense and laying it in off the
right portion of the glass. On the dribble
now for Toussaint. A nice pass into the interior. Mone Jones up strong. –Virginia Tech
zone, which is really amped up ever since the
end of the first quarter. Willoughby facing up
at the free throw line. Pulls up for a jump shot,
splashes it through. Smooth there from Willoughby. Virginia with the rebound. Toussaint quickly
to Jablonowski. And that is a wonderful pass,
feeding the post from right around mid-floor, it seemed. –cutter, and now
finds Mone Jones. Now Jablonowski. Great ball movement. Virginia gets it to
the corner in rhythm. Swish on the 3 from
Willoughby in the corner. Toussaint now let’s
go of a 3 right in front of our vantage
point, and buries it. –Mone Jones into the
interior from the post. Willoughby, reverse
layup up and in. Give it to her. –the bounce for Jablonowski. Virginia weaving right
now, trying to [INAUDIBLE].. Willoughby, a corner 3 coming. Yes. –Virginia’s win streak in
this building [INAUDIBLE].. Your final score, 63-45. The Hokies get it done from
sharpshooting on the perimeter.

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