Women’s Basketball: Queensborough vs. Bronx CC (12/14/2015) (Recap)

Women’s Basketball: Queensborough vs. Bronx CC (12/14/2015) (Recap)

– [David] This QCC, I’m David Russell, along with Joe Masi. A rematch of this year’s
CUNY Championship Game, the Bronx Lady Broncos about to take on the Queensborough Lady Tigers. Good news for Queensborough is they don’t have to see Hivelize Escobar, who basically tortured
them for a few years, and she was the MVP of
the tournament last year, scoring 28 points. And Bronx takes a very quick 2-0 lead. Queensborough oh in
three in conference play. Bronx is three in one. There’s a three-pointer and it’s good, it’s Barbara
Castro from downtown. – [Joe] Between turnovers
and throwing the ball away, and making mistakes that give
the ball over on violations, they’ve committed a number of them. – [David] Two points in the
first 17:15 for Queensborough, and they’re only down by six. Nice pass, and the
basket, that may have been the best play of this quarter so far. Freeman in the lane, no good. Ward gets it and puts it in. – [Joe] Good, good, right there, and I think when this
quarter expires, David, David Chambers over at the bench is going to map out something to try to get those big girls involved. – [David] That’s tipped and turned over. – [Joe] They can’t do this. – [David] And there’s another layup. – [Joe] You can’t make the
game easy for Bronx doing that. That makes the game easy for them. Burch corner three is good. Going inside, got around Ward and puts it in off-glass,
it’s Walton again. Ward thought about,
the jumper goes inside. Three-pointer from McNeil is no good. That would have made
it a three-point game. And Rodriguez puts it in again, 22-12. – [Joe] I know, Queensborough might need a timeout shortly here. They’re letting this
slip away a little again. They were doing some good things. Now, they have to look
for a good shot here. Milton’s jumper is no good. Burch, the rebound, and she puts it in off-glass. 2:05 to play in the first half. Milton, a long two is good. 24-16. 26-18, McNeil goes on the floor for it. There’s a tie-up, and
Queensborough gets it. – [Joe] Good hustle, good hustle. – [David] So, a little sloppy
play by the Bronx here, they could have held it for
the final shot up by 10. Instead, Queensborough can
make it a six-point game. Here’s five seconds to go. Burch dribbling out, she’s
gonna have to beat the buzzer. Milton for three, and it’s an air ball. (buzzer) An anticlimatic end to the first half. – [Joe] Very difficult, David, ’cause they worked the
ball to the sideline, which is probably the
worst thing you could do, ’cause it becomes an extra defender there, and then, they force themself
into a very tough shot there. – [David] That was a
better second quarter, it was 10-4 after one, Bronx outscored them in
the second quarter, 16-14. So, it’s 26-18 at the half. And that pass is thrown, overthrown, and Freeman has it. Nice pass from Freeman
to Ward, Ward off-glass. – [Joe] Now, right there, David, that turnover, that getting it up court, that looked like the
Lady Tigers right there they way they did that. – [David] And Burch hits a three, that might get the crowd
into it a bit, it’s 29-25. Marva Dudley-Adams with the rebound, Freeman pushing it, Freeman
might go all the way, and Mbamalu between here and the basket. Counted and the foul. Up ahead to Burch, Burch to the basket, and puts it in off-glass. Burch with a dozen points, it’s 37-29. Ahmed hits the jumper, it’s 39-36. Now, they could get three right here. Milton’s gonna throw into Burch, and Burch overthrows it. And so, Ahmed hit that shot
to make it a three-point game, and then, the Broncos score the final six points of the quarter. – [Gym Announcer] 45, Queensborough 36. – [David] Hohn on the long pass, and Rodriguez, now with a dozen points, it’s 47-36, under nine to play. Hohn, the other way. Everybody ran past her, and she just stopped and hit the jumper. (indistinct shouting) Bronx pouring it on. – [Joe] Well, let’s give him credit, he’s done a very fine job
as the head coach out there. – [David] All of a sudden,
it was a three-point game with two minutes to go
in the third quarter, and now, it’s a 29-point game. Let’s see if they shoot
again, hit the 70 mark. No good, the bench is reacting like they just won the Final
Four or something. (buzzer) 68-40, well, that wasn’t so good was it? Well, for Joe Masi, this is QCC, I’m David Russell, the final score, Bronx 68, Queensborough 40. Thanks for watching.

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