Women Try Lingerie Football

Women Try Lingerie Football

(girl yelps) (rock music) – Today we are at Legends
Football League tryouts, formerly known as the
Lingerie Football League. – I know very little about this league. All I know is they’re tough,
they wear lingerie kind of, and that’s it, that’s all I know. – I watched some videos before today and they look so badass, they are like throwing people across the
field, taking people out. Honestly, it looks way more intense than anything I’ve seen happen in the NFL. – I think I’m a little
bit torn about how I feel because these women are
such amazing athletes. I’m just confused about the outfits. – Today I’m hoping to
gain a new perspective on what it’s like to play a tackle sport of this intensity while wearing
something very revealing. (shouts) – Football. (hip hop music) – The girls have gone through a lot of different drills right now. They’re really trying
to see can they catch, how are their routes, do they
listen, are they aggressive? And we’re really trying to get the girls in a position where we can
see if they fit into the team. – This is a smash mouth violent game. We have to be about the level of men. In order to be taken
seriously in this league, we have to be able to play at that level. The uniforms, I got no control over that, but hey, the game is still the same. We still play hard. – There is no position that is guaranteed. I don’t care if you’re a returner or you’re brand new, earn your spot today. – It was a lot more skill
involved in this try out. We had to practice offense and defense. – Then we got into more of the trials. We had to do a sprint, we
had to handle the ball. (screams) – [Tui] Nice catch, but
there’s no screaming. – At first in the try
outs, when the coaches were yelling at me when I made a mistake, I took it a little bit personally, but then I realized wow these coaches are really taking this sport seriously. – So I went into this knowing
that these girls are very good athletes, but still
confused about the uniforms, so I wanted to talk to the girls to understand more about that side of things. – We are the Los Angeles Temptation. Our uniforms are very similar to what a beach volleyball player
would wear except we add the element of elbow pads, knee
pads and our shoulder pads. If you’d like, I can actually
show you what they look like. Do you guys wanna see it? – Yeah. – Totally. – These are our tops, the front and then the back, hockey style helmets. These are our bottoms, one size fits most. – Those look so tiny. – I knew that the uniform was
going to be pretty revealing, but I didn’t expect it
to be that revealing. – What do the networks do about nip slips? – Yeah, so every girl is supposed to go out there with pasties. – But it happens, and when it
happens you just keep playing. You’re about to score a touchdown, you’re not really worried about anything popping out, you just keep running. – It was clear that they were not caring about how they looked when
they were playing the sport. – Do you feel like the
stigma of the lingerie gets in the way of the
athleticism sometimes? – I always tell people, “Go to a game.” You know, generally when
I show people a clip, they’re like, “Wow you
guys are super athletic.” – I mean, playing soccer, if you showed up on the soccer field with makeup, it’s kind of like, “Who
you trying to impress?” That’s the best part of the LFL is that it’s okay to be beautiful but it’s also okay to
be a badass out there. – This is not a full-time job, like you guys all have full-time jobs and lives outside of football. – Yeah, absolutely. – That’s where the division
has been between me and women. If women got compensated
as much as the men, then obviously we would play
soccer, we would play football, and so for us we do it because we love it. – I think for a lot of these women, they want to play this sport
at the highest caliber and this league happens to be the
league with the most exposure. – A lot of the women on the team are moms, full-time career women,
I think it was just another testament to how you can be at the top level of your sport as a woman and you still have to work another job, you’re still not compensated
fairly or equally. – A lot of the women that we talked to, they’re there for the game,
they’re there for the sport and you can hear it in their voice. – My name’s Ogochukwu, all
my friends call me Emma. I play football and flag football and I run track at Basic High School and I drove all the way out to Los Angeles to try out for L.A. Temptation. – I think Emma is probably the coolest girl that I have ever met. – You played football in high school? – Yes. – Did you have a girls’ team
or you played with the guys? – I played on the boys’
and the girls’ team. We have flag football and we
have a tackle football team. – And you played on both? – Yes. – That’s crazy. – Very fun. – You’re so cool. – Like half the time, the
other team doesn’t know. – It was very fun. – To you have that type of bravery to be the only woman in
your team or your sport, and hold your own, it is amazing. – Yeah, it’s my first time trying out. I just really want to be a part of it. I ran track, I play basketball, but I’m ready to take
it to the next level. – Every woman that we talked
to was kind of just like, “I’m here to play the game, I’m here to be an athlete, the uniform is what it is.” – I think they’re dope. I mean think about it,
these are athletic women with athletic bodies and I think that it’s cool to show it off. For girls like me, it’s always about the sport, no matter what I’m wearing. I’m still gonna be the same athlete, same skill sets, I’m just
trying to get better. – I really don’t think the uniform should really define what these
women are doing out here. – Wearing fewer clothing items will definitely draw more
eyes, but I wonder if that act draws attention to the
wrong part of the sport. – On the car ride home,
I found myself thinking it’s not just about this league, it’s about female athletes in general. If women’s’ volleyball decided to wear tank tops and a pair of shorts, would less people watch
them in the Olympics? Are we doing this as a necessary evil to get eyes on these amazing athletes? I don’t know guys, I have no fucking idea how I feel about this league. I think at the end of the day these women are powerful, strong athletes and as long as that’s being showcased, then honestly, what they’re
wearing is kind of secondary. – If you do want to try out, you shouldn’t hold any shame in wanting to. These women train really hard, they work really hard and they
could probably kick your ass. – I think this league is a great thing, but I do think that sexism in sports is a conversation that all female
athletes should be having. If every woman out there
who considers themselves an athlete fully embraces
that side of themselves and isn’t afraid to be
the best athlete they can, that’s a happy ending. (slow-tempo rock music)

100 thoughts on “Women Try Lingerie Football

  1. At 4:46 she says what if the volley ball players wore shorts and a t shirt they wear the tight clothes because if it touches the net counts as a point for the other team

  2. Reading these comments just makes my faith in humanity go away 100% it's 2018 and still so sexist. Im so glad i do not live in America…

  3. Compensated fairly and equally…

    NFL has a multi-billion dollar tv contract, corporate endorsement and 80+ thousand people in the stadium.

    There is no comparison. You want equal money, deliver equal economic outcomes.

  4. What else do you expect. The reason men football players get paid more is because they attract much more viewers. It’s not the league’s fault… The amount of people watching is at fault. More viewers=more tickets sold. The uniforms are made like this to attract more viewers in an effort to lessen the gap between male and female athletes.

  5. Wow…definitely feel like the girls learning about this focused on the wrong things. Every time the players said something great about it, the reporters found something bad or "oppressed" about it.

    By the way, women in beach volleyball wear that attire because it truly is the most comfortable for the environment and weather of the season. Men's leagues dress extremely similarly for the same practical reason.

  6. Rugby has women doing their thing and they aren't half naked or even pretty and I still love watching their games.. So do alot of other people. I don't know who is in charge of this league but this needs to change.

  7. legit they do it for the sport, they dont care about the money or the uniform, they just love the sport. buzzfeed keeps bringing it back to the pay and the uniform its so annoying

  8. this sport is disgusting and demeaning to women. i don’t understand why would you wear lingerie instead of proper uniform. it’s actually dangerous and these ladies should realize, they don’t need to show so much skin.

  9. They were talking that if they got paid the same amount they would all do the game full time and they don’t get paid enough, but if any of them were put against any nfl player like jj watt, they would get killed and it’s just the truth and that’s why they don’t get paid as much not because their gender even tho some of the women are really athletic, football requires a different type of athleticism and also 24/7 practice

  10. "in general, far fewer women watch sports than men, but the viewer ratings clearly show that men prefer to watch men play sports, so the only way to get people to watch women play the same sport is to use these outfits to entice the male viewers to watch, as women simply aren't interested in watching other women play sports." (from- a foot Medley). Something similar explains why female models do better than male models.

  11. I fell like the outfit was very controversial but I think wearing these was an empowering moment to show you can be beautiful and badass that’s why I was it lingerie

  12. The reason why top women athletes get paid less is because they get watched less due to how much more intense men’s profession football is. And this is coming from a 👩

  13. These women are strong but they are probably 5”10 and 5”11 or even 6”0 and probably only weigh 120 130 or 150 pounds while the men in the nfl are 5”11- 6”6 and weigh between 190-350 pounds that’s the only reason why women can’t compete with men it’s not that men are better it’s that they are bigger and stronger genetically most of the time. And btw NFL is a lot more better just bc they are professionals and can catch a ball from 70 yards away sprinting with 2 other dudes chasing him, women can do the same but probably not as easily or as common

  14. I get it sucks for women but there’s no rule saying woman can’t join the nfl it’s because they aren’t as good as men at football because of basic biology that doesn’t make men the superior gender it’s just Science and this sucks for woman but men have down sides as well as example people don’t like men who let their feelings be expressed and it sucks but it’s hard wired into us so no matter how hard you try you can’t change it.

  15. Its not men holding them back, you fools.
    If women supported this sport as much as men supported mens football, you would get compensated the same. Its women holding you back, not "patriarchy".

  16. Lol they acting like this separate organization should be paying females the same as the multimillion if not billion company called the NFL. Do these idiots not understand money?

  17. I play tackle football at my school (the only female) and also powderpuff and I would love to join that sport, but the only thing stopping me is the uniform, that’s way to revealing, better if they would change it like the uniforms in the NFL💯!

  18. This is a bit more dangerous then football cause they don't have has much padding has football so they could easily brake every bone in there body and get more Bruises cause of less badding and they can brake ther necks so I congrats the people that play this sport

  19. Okay they actually tried to make this a feminist video. The reason the women don’t get paid as much is because football was originally a men’s sport and that’s what started it and drew attention it’s just how it is stop complaining and plus nfl players do make way to much money but it’s not about the money so just play the game

  20. All they spoke about is the fucking clothing talk about the actual game. it doesn’t matter what they wear it’s the sports that counts

  21. Okay so a lot of women are complaining ab how they don’t get paid the same as men when it comes to sports. That’s why nobody buys tickets or spends money on gear. Men get more money because there sport league makes more money. That’s the only reason. And I don’t know how people don’t realize that

  22. They get compensation relative to what their ticket sales are… Which is fair. If they want same payment as the NFL then play there.

  23. LFL is not even close to the NFL get hit full force by a 250+ pounds of muscle then you can say it looks more brutal then anything you’ll ever see in the NFL

  24. Women don’t get paid as much as men in sports because women’s leagues don’t get nearly as much funding as men’s. It’s not a sexism thing

  25. I may get flamed for this, but it's wrong to say that these women not getting paid the same as the men in the NFL is unfair. If the LFL brought in the kind of revenue that the NFL brings in then yes it would be a valid statement. It's just not the case. I hope it continues to grow and their compensation as well. I've started watching a lot of the games here on youtube and respect how hard they go out and play. I also hope they're more careful with their growth then the Arena Football League which killed itself with overaggressive expansion.

  26. Lingerie aspect made interested but once i watched it i thought damn these ladies hit harder than men that is awesome

  27. This whole video is just like “omg they should be treated like the nfl blah blah blah “ if they have a problem with the uniforms take it up with the league a lot of them don’t care

  28. The whole point of the uniforms is to the kick off the sport Bring in fans and make money because clearly they’re not gonna be as good as the men’s game therefore they have to have a thing that separates them. I guarantee you more people attend because of the uniforms then the game

    You need to stop pulling the sexism card men love women, women love men I don’t think sexism goes both ways then you’re ridiculous

  29. You’re not gonna get compensated as much as the men, Simply ridiculous! to think you would make as much.
    the male sports are established 100 or 100s of years old. Not only that but the competition is at a much higher level.
    Can’t expect something new to be equal to something so old and established. Men in indoor football don’t make nearly as much as say the NFL or Canadian football.

  30. Your not compensated the same as men because you don't have the same number of viewers. The only reason anyone watches is because they're half naked. MLS soccer players aren't compensated the same as Premier League players. It has nothing to do with men vs women.

  31. Half of them have never played football before (i was a sprinter, basketball player) bit i want the samr pay as the NFL lmao

  32. I think it's weird that they insinuate that males only play for the money they also love the game just as much but I still think it is crazy that they have to wear that to get attention but it works

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