Will video assistant refereeing improve football?

Will video assistant refereeing improve football?

I am, as crazy as it sounds,
in favour of VAR, Video assistant referee. It’s hard for me to say
if I’m for or against video referee. I am in favour of VAR
and it’s really for nothing more sophisticated than because the evidence suggests
so far it is reducing the number of wrong decisions in football. I am not philosophically opposed to the idea
of video assistant referees. Football is such a game of moments
that come around infrequently and they being so destabilised
by the influence of VAR … People tend to forget that it
started a bit over a year ago, and there are still things that need to be
fixed. It’s been very unpopular with fans
on the terraces. The official numbers released by the Italian
Referees’ Association are that it has reduced the number of referee
mistakes from roughly 6% of decisions, to just under 1% of decisions. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand
why the main referee goes to see the images in the screen and why other times,
he just accepts the video referee indication. What we don’t necessarily notice
is how it’s changing the way players behave. The fact they know
they’re going to be picked up, they know they’re gonna
get caught for this stuff, players are trying it on less, I think, and that’s something
that’s really valuable. I think the system in its current format
isn’t really fit for purpose. To me the biggest area that’s problematic
with VAR is still that of communicating with the fans. I am not against using video technology
for clear cut black and white issues. The most important thing is to improve
its application so video referee can be more efficient
and also less invasive. I would be pleased if we used the video system
referee after the match to punish cheating
like diving or rough fouls another way. I think what would be more important
is if the game would focus on a respect agenda. There’s been too many things
that have been thrown on referees’ plates to be able to learn
about how to use VAR. I think that has to be a better way
than what football is doing at the moment of letting fans know exactly what
is being reviewed, and letting them know … perhaps I would be in favour
of even letting them see what’s being reviewed … I know that contentious
but to me that’s the biggest area still. You’ve got to make it
not a horrible experience for fans inside the stadium
who are watching the game.

5 thoughts on “Will video assistant refereeing improve football?

  1. VAR should have been introduced years ago. All the arguments against are spurious & increasingly desperate. Unfortunately the various FA’s around the world seem utterly incompetent at using VAR without making it look ridiculous & giving further fuel to the naysayers. So many other sports have managed to introduce video technology in ways that adapt to & have enhanced their sport. No doubt when it inevitably is used in the World Cup it’ll be a complete balls up.

  2. Football is completely useless without VAR. The referees are just unable to make the right decisions to make the game fair. And many referees takes advantage of this situation and intentionaly does mistakes in the games. In Turkey not even one team rightfully becomes champions. The referees makes mistakes in almost all the games. And this mistakes is not just simple mistakes they are completely changing the score of the games. This thing is going on in all around the world. So football is completely meaningless in these conditions. If anyone is against the VAR, I think the reason is most likely he/she likes this corrupted system for different reasons. Maybe they are having profit from this disgusting system who knows

  3. VAR at WC 2018 is a pure shame and very advantageously for the big teams. Plenty of examples and we are only in the first round atm.
    So nothing is changed.

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