Will Sikes: Men’s Wheelchair Basketball

Will Sikes: Men’s Wheelchair Basketball

My name is Will Sikes. Currently I’m a plant science major
here at the University of Arizona. I play wheelchair basketball. The main reason I chose to come to the
University of Arizona is the mild winter climate and the campus is also very accessible. I also came because of the
academic and athletic opportunities. One thing that I noticed when I first came to the DRC was mainly the
variety of equipment they had. There wasn’t just one or two machines. They really had a wide variety
of machines to work out that work out different parts of the body. It also provides a sense of community. It’s a place to interact with other people. You meet all kind of people, and you
can see people that you already know, and it just acts as a nexus point for a sense
of community that we have here at the DRC. Here at the U of A we have a
great wheelchair basketball team. We have a great coaching staff… great facilities…. great players on the team. And it’s very physical, a
very physical and active game. And even though there’s a lot of
competition within the team, you know, we’re all striving for the same goal. We’re out here to make it be known
that we’re an official program. We’re here to stay. You know, we want to bring home a
championship at the end of the year. Society doesn’t have a whole lot of
wheelchair sports available for people, especially at the university level. UA is, like, top notch. The advice I’d give a new student is that it
takes a lot of dedication and mental focus. But at the same time you have
to remember why you’re here. And that is to enjoy the experience… to have fun. I mean you’re going to grow. You’re going to meet a lot of new people, and
you’re going to have some challenges to face. But in hindsight, you know,
don’t forget to breathe. You know, just enjoy the
experience and relax and have fun.

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