Will Shirtless Darren Brand Lead To A Celebrity Death? | Wild ‘N Out | MTV

Will Shirtless Darren Brand Lead To A Celebrity Death? | Wild ‘N Out | MTV

– [Host] Tonight, get
ready for Wild ‘N Out and then more Wild ‘N Out
of back to back episodes start with BlocBoy JB (audience claps) – Hey I just got hired at NASA. Do you know what that means?
– What? – I’mma be an astronaut ’cause bitch… I need some space.
(audience cheers) (two dings)
(audience applauds) – Are you– –
(audience laughs) – [Man] She’s smart. You’re trouble. – Come on! (audience cheers) I know, I know. I’m here, I’m here. Listen, I just wanna say… I really love you. And I know we argue a lot… But, from the bottom of my
heart I just wanna say that I’d rather have all
the bad times with you, than have a good time with another woman. Yeah, I wanna stay together. I love– Huh? You say what? I love you too. I love you baby. (audience cheers in shock) (two dings) Then, Sasha Banks takes the stage. – Second Aunt Viv versus First Aunt Viv (audience cheers) (audience claps) – When it comes to the battle, I get told I’m the worst mom. (audience lightly laughs) – Facts. – Yeah, my money fill up banks,
ever since I took your job. (audience cheers) – So this what they got to replace me. – I’ve been on way more
seasons than you, sis. And in all those episodes,
I’ve never seen you do this: (audience cheers) (audience laughs) – And the winner is: The Black Squad (ding) – [Host] If that’s not enough… Don’t miss Basic to Bougie starring some of your Wild ‘N Out faves (upbeat music) – [Bloc] Cupcakes! Sometimes I cook some cakes. (mmm) – Okay! Talk to ’em. – You know what I’m sayin? – Cupcakes? Oh! – [Bloc] Yeah! Damn do better. – Dude, is there any coffee? (Bloc laughs) – I’m just saying. This
cherry right here tho’ – That’s doin’ it for ya?
– [Justina] Yeah. – [Bloc] Can you stop
working your cupcake? – She was getting moist! Look at her. She’s juicy in there. Look, I’m serious. I’m not even being funny. – [Timothy] Yeah. – [Justina] No! Tim! (sexy music) – Mmm. – Need some help? I’ve got time. – Here, DaQuan come feed me, dawg. (upbeat Latino music) Thank you. – That was very polite.
He made sure he didn’t get his glove on your lip. – [Justina] You never know
where those gloves have been. Nice hair, dirty gloves. – [] His name is Don.
Tighten up. What’s up? (upbeat music) – Oh! It’s banana. – Oh wow. – Oh this is tasty. – I love banana. – [Justina] This is great. – [Bloc] This is a good ass cupcake. – [Timothy] That’s really tasty. – And the bust in the middle – [Justine] That’s like the secret sauce. – What flavor is that middle sauce? – It’s gotta be chocolate. – [Host] Wild ‘N Out
starts at 10/9 central tonight only on MTV. (bell chime)

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  1. CNN should know that if you really actually push a deaf people out of the hotel whom met me saying that, I am so mad because of your poor service and next time you see that lost in translation deaf people, you have to tell and call the Deaf Community Service……. You have a lot to learn.

  2. Ummm I don’t have cable soooooo how am I suppose to watch the full episode 🤦🏼‍♀️ pretty sure a lot of people watch more YouTube than they do cable…. just sayin

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