Will Muschamp recaps South Carolina football’s first scrimmage of training camp

Will Muschamp recaps South Carolina football’s first scrimmage of training camp

Okay, I thought had a pretty good day. It was the tenth day of practice and came
over to the stadium for the first time. Each group,
we have more depth than we’ve ever had. So each group got about
50 scrimmage snaps. Right at 50, about 150 play scrimmage. Was pleased with the tempo,
pleased with how we handled the day. And we had some nice heat out there,
which was good for us. We need to get accustomed to
that cuz it’s gonna be hot. But overall pleased with how the day went. We got two live kickoff coverages. We got a couple live punt coverages,
which was really good for us to be able to play in space. First game, you’re always concerned
in the special teams situations. But, overall, offensively,
need to run the ball better. We’re actually running the ball better,
we need to throw it better. I thought we run the ball
pretty successfully in camp. But we’re not as consistent in
the throwing game whether it’s from a protection standpoint or
just throwing and catching it. We had a couple explosive plays. Jake hit Shi on a big touchdown. And then it Mon and a one minute situation
to put us in the field goal range to win the game which Parker went out and hit it. So that was that was positive. But we just need to be more consistent
throwing the football defensively. Been very pleased with our front seven and
how we’ve played. Gotta continue to work on our perimeter as
far as leveraging the ball, tackling and getting things on the ground in space. I thought we did tap it pretty
well today for the first time. We had a lot of to go on practice six. But today was our first time live,
full out in the field tackling and I thought we tackled pretty well. But some things we obviously
gotta take step forward. I’m pleased with where we
are special teams wise. We’ve got more team speed than we’ve had. And we’ve got some really good specialists
in Park and Joe is having a great camp. Really pleased with where he is right now. But again, overall,
pretty pleased with the day. And to be able to get that many snaps,
the depth we have obviously helps. It helps develop the bottom
half of your roster. And that’s where young players can
really be developed in your program. Especially line of scrimmage players, that’s where it makes
a difference in your team. That’s the first time we’ve really
been able to do that in fall camp. But today we did a nice job
of protecting the ball. And there was some good bad on both ends. I thought we played really well
defensively in the red area, holding people to field goals. Obviously, offensively, we want 70%
of the time to score touchdowns. We didn’t do that today. We took care of the ball,
didn’t get on defense. So whatever positive it is on one side,
it’s a negative on the other. So that’s kinda how it is.

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