Ok. Now WTF just happened? Let me explain. All credit goes to invy for discovering this
glitch, I’ll leave a link to his channel and the video in the description. Wii Fit Trainer’s side special is known
as the Header which has her headbutt a soccer ball for a projectile attack. Now the soccer ball itself usually has collision
properties just as any other physical object in Smash would, but for some reason if you
execute the move whilst touching the side of a stage, the soccer ball loses its collision
properties and is able to clip entirely through the stage. This appears to work on all battlefield and
final destination variations of stages and some normal stages. The thing to look for is the angled slant
on either side of the stage, it is between these two zones, you’ll be able to perform
this glitch. And the key is that you have to be physically
touching the stage when you execute the move, otherwise it won’t work. You’ll know when you’ve done it right,
if the soccer ball falls vertically through stage. From here, you’ll want to have it rebound
off your up special, the Super Hoop but the trick here, is that you never actually let
the ball fall through the stage. If you see the ball before you hit it with
your up special, you’re doing it wrong. This will only work if you hit the ball whilst
it’s clipped into the stage. I think it somehow maintains it’s collision
free property so when you hit it again with your up special, it launches the ball
through the stage. I know I made it sound very complicated but
it’s actually pretty easy. It just needs a little bit of practise. So…how is this useful to the 3 people who
probably main Wii Fit Trainer? Well, it allows you attack from 2 different
angles, underneath the stage, which is pretty much unheard of. You can hit your opponent while they’re
waiting for you at the ledge. You can even hit your opponent on the other
side of the stage. You just need to angle your ascent AWAY from
the stage so you can the right launch angle with the Super Hoop. You can also do this pretty neat trick where
you execute the Header closer the ledge and have it clip into the stage so that it lands
on top of it. And by this point you should have already
grabbed the ledge because you gain natural height when you perform the Header. So from here, use your get-up attack to hit
the ball while it’s still on the stage. This can be used for as a projectile attack
or to get some extra damage up close. But yeah feel free to abuse this while you
still can because Piranha Plant’s already here and they still haven’t caught onto
it yet. If you learnt something new today, give the
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  1. Oh shoot I only just found this video, thanks for raising awareness for the tech! (even though it's gone now ;-;)

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