Why World Cup Balls Look So Weird Every Tournament

Why World Cup Balls Look So Weird Every Tournament

– [Narrator] Everyone knows what a typical soccer ball looks like, right? It’s as simple as black and white. But that’s not exactly
what World Cup balls have always looked like. So what’s the deal? First things first. You want a soccer ball to
be as spherical as possible. – In the old days we
had balls that had the bucky ball shape, the Epcot Center shape. You had the 20 hexagons
and the 12 pentagons. And that was a very good
approximation to a sphere. But starting in 2006, in
Germany, with the Teamgeist ball, there were more creative ways to make that approximation to a sphere. – [Narrator] New technology enables Adidas to start designing the
balls with fewer panels, which actually created a serious problem, because fewer panels means less seams, and, more importantly, a smoother surface. – If the ball gets too smooth, the air resistance for
certain speeds goes up. It’s like kicking a beach ball. – [Narrator] And that’s
exactly what happened with the 2006 Teamgeist ball. Players complained that the ball didn’t go where they expected it to. So in 2010, Adidas compensated by adding some texture to roughen up the surface. Problem solved, right? – Jabulani was a spectacular failure because it was not rough enough. When the ball would be
kicked at certain speeds, you’d notice it would look
like it would slow down dramatically in the middle of its flight. – [Narrator] And the
panels kept disappearing. The 2014 ball had the fewest panels yet: six! But this time Adidas compensated. – Despite having two fewer
panels from Jabulani, the total seam length around the ball was actually 68% longer than
it was for the Jabulani. – [Narrator] So at
least this time the ball had the right amount of roughness and flew further than the 2010 ball. As for 2018? – Total seam length on this ball, it’s actually 30% longer than the Brazuca. So now you run the risk of the ball being a little too rough. – [Narrator] And again,
Adidas compensated for this by also making the seams shallower. And studies show the Telstar 18 performs similarly to the Brazuca. But it still has a bit more drag and might not travel as
far on high-speed kicks. Regardless, all this begs the question: If the goal is to produce
a ball that’s similar to what athletes practice with for years, why does the World Cup ball keep changing? Turns out it’s not about the
players or the game at all. I’m sure you can guess
what it’s all about. – There’s a new ball
released for every World Cup. But I think the primary reason is money. – [Narrator] The 2018 World Cup ball costs more than a hundred dollars. – And these balls fly off the shelves. – [Narrator] It’s a pretty big investment, considering you can get a
simple replica for 20 bucks, though they’re not exactly the same. – The technologies involved in these balls are much, much greater than
the balls we used as kids. The panels on these balls
are thermally bonded. It helps keep the water out
of the inside of the ball, keep the water from making the ball a little water-logged and heavier. – [Narrator] But is it worth it? We’ll let you figure that one out.

100 thoughts on “Why World Cup Balls Look So Weird Every Tournament

  1. Stop talking about the World Cup your making legitimately everyone cringe, nobody uses the classic soccer ball, NOBODY

  2. How to spot an expert in the comments: "soccer? did you mean FOOTBALL??" honesty stfu it's just a word don't be so triggered

  3. If you whine about the word soccer, blame the brits. They invented the word. The word soccer is short for Association football which was used to differentiate it from rugby football.

  4. I love how people make fun of it being called soccer when THE BRITISH made the name and that’s what it was firstly called.. I’m just saying because we should all call if whatever we want

  5. I rather have the more expensive balls. Than the fake ones. They just feel so different and act differently I enjoy them more so I would spend the money. Hell I spend the money on custom nike cleats each season lol

  6. Soccer?? Did he mean football even though I immediately knew the two words refer to the exact same object/sport and can thus make this comment??

  7. I don't get this!

    A game where an object that's not really a ball at all, for it's the wrong shape for a ball, is carried around solely by hand and occasionally thrown for other people to catch in their hands – they call it foot ball. LOL Although only one person on each team is allowed to kick the ball, moreover, they are not even on the field but have to be specially brought onto it for one kick.

    But a game played with a real ball that is only allowed to be struck with the foot; where handball is strictly forbidden (otherwise you'd call it handball), they call it soccer. Wow, wtf? It's not soccer, it's football, are you following this, Murica? The clue is in the title; it's not that difficult!

    And a ballgame where not even a ball is involved plus played by hand thrown for players to catch it – again in their hands – they call it 'foot' 'ball' , that figures. What ball? What foot? LOL

  8. its a football you guys that call it soccer should just agree with the world and they are not weird they are beautiful

  9. pyramids, tampons, banana peels, propeller, the wheel, and cross. I'm still waiting for the one with hearts or cones.

  10. It’s called football. Because it was made first. American football is just a combination of football and rugby

  11. Americans know nothing about football the jabaluani is a mad ball and the best ball is the 2006 one everyone knows that

  12. donnu why
    but i feel like football is the only sport that doesnt need the best quality
    we use to get the cheapest ball at the market and play

  13. Oh my God people.. stop criticizing Americans who say soccer instead of football. They are both correct terms. The reason why Americans call it soccer is because of the British. A few centuries back, Britain used to call it *soccer. Soccer stands for association football. Like how rugby football was called rugger instead.
    The reason why they called it soccer is because they didn't want to mix the names up.

  14. They should just get back to the original ball, human heads.
    Also multi-ball should be introduced instead of regular overtime

  15. You can collect them by scoring hattricks… Or buying them I guess lol I mean hattricks add more value to it init

  16. Everybody chill, this is why he was calling it a soccer ball

    Everywhere else in the world-Football (Not to be confused with AMERICAN Football)


  17. Jesus! Vox is a American media company that makes content which is intended to be seen by Americans.

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