100 thoughts on “Why The Madrid Derby Is Bigger Than El Clásico | Derby Days

  1. La verdad parece una hinchada de un EQUIPO Argentino el Atlético. Con que se aprendan canciones de equipos argentinos olvídate arrasan en las tribunas alentando al Atlético..

  2. la liga must be one of the most boring tournaments in the world, just the championship started you know the winner gonna be real madrid or barcelona, anybody else, that suchs. im from colombia, and i'm proud of my country's league, you never know whos going to win the cup

  3. Sort of like Cubs or Red Sox before they won the World Series. We all love underdogs. Let's go Athletico, my new favorite team in La Liga

  4. This is the story of the majority of football! Real Madrid, Barca, Man United, And Bayern May have the most fans individually, but the majority of fans – especially those who go to stadiums – are more used to frustration than glory. This majority are the true football fans, the true blood of the sport, but they get so much less media attention than the glamour boys.

  5. Even though Real Madrid is arguably the biggest club and most successful club in the world I’ve always loved Atlético Madrid and supported them for some reason. Since I’m English people think it’s weird that my favourite spanish club is Atlético Madrid and not Barcelona or real but Atlético Madrid is a club of pure passion and that’s what I love about them.

  6. Pra quem acha que a polícia só é truculenta na América Latina 15:00. Onde for, eles vão desrespeitar os torcedores e os mesmos vão ser taxados de vândalos!

  7. It is a wonderful report. You have shown the feeling that is to support Atleti. To love something or someone, is to do it in bad times too and that Real Madrid will never have it from its followers. When Real Madrid loses, its followers disappear. Atleti is more than football, it is a religion, a feeling, a way of life over trophies or win, it is real life, today you have everything and tomorrow you have a misfortune and your life is hell. I thank my dad for taking me to the Calderón when I was a child. It is the best gift he made me. The Atleti is the reflection of the life of ordinary people and that's why I love Atleti. Thanks for the story, it was fantastic.

  8. Atletico fans are Dangerous. I remember going to their old stadium (Vicente Calderon) as an away fan. There were some huge skinheads making the Hitler salute at us and wanted to charge at us . Thank God we had police with us

  9. Atletico Madrid in European football
    European Cup Winners' Cup

    Winners: 1961–62
    Runners-up: 1962–63, 1985–86

    UEFA Europa League

    Winners: 2009–10, 2011–12, 2017–18

    UEFA Super Cup

    Winners: 2010, 2012, 2018

    Intercontinental Cup

    Winners: 1974

    Atletico Madrid means something in the european football.

  10. I cam here as a Barca fan wanted to say biggest than the Classico! naah!, after finish watching forget about football, get me a wife who supports Atletico Madrid, THAT LOYALTY! Oh dear lord!!!

  11. Bullshit, they look humble but they are rotten of money, one year players that dont feel the club and are only for the titles and big salaries. Both teams are just boring. Its true that atletico fans have passion but is beacuase they have always been like that, doesnt mind if its derby or an ordinary, much respect for that, but thats not a derby mentality.

  12. Because we're the big family ! #AupaAtleti love from Indonesia <3 awesome video btw

  13. Shit, never knew that Atleti had such a background. I feel you guys, from another pupa team's fan. Fenerbahçe. Respect.

  14. They won under Franco, because everyone was threatend to lose to them. amazing woooow

    And they don't make the most money no.

  15. "It's heartbreak, but it's MY Heartbreak". As a lifelong supporter of an at best mediocre Bundesliga side, that guy couldn't have put it better!

  16. Atletico deserve to win the big… Simeone deserves…being Tottenham fan I understand the heartbreaks…but I believe they'll win it

  17. I hope you make the video when we won UEFA Super Cup against them…

    It will makes little consolation for us, especially Atléticos outside Spain like myself…

  18. I gotta say, I absolutely love the decision to show only the fans during the match sequence. In a way, just watching the fans, ignites your imagination of the match. It's like listening on the radio but this time, its through visuals of the fans' emotions that paints the match. Brilliant creative decision. Just look at the kid 17:35, says all you need to know.

  19. Born and raised in Madrid, big fan of Atletico but when real Madrid plays in the Euro champions league or against Barcelona I always cheers for real Madrid, why? Because we are all Madrileños at the end

  20. Es extraordinario ver como llueve y todo el estadio permanece animando sin importar el resultado bendita locura!! this is Atleti!!

  21. this feels like an american documentary! pow pow pow. I prefer a little more interviews and why do you have to have music at all? its intense as it is.

  22. when english clubs dominated in europe eufa was like things have to be changed to stop this but when its the spanish teams dominating eufa are like no problem carry on

  23. Video starts at 04:00. Real Madrid supporters are only supporting because of their success. Plastics!!!

    Forza Atleti!! Espiritu Indomable

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