Why speed is so important today | football speed tips

Why speed is so important today | football speed tips

Yes, I think so. These boots really help with speed and comfort. I think Adidas has always made boots to help the players and these ones help me a lot. [laughs] Before I would often play barefoot on the streets with my friends but I can’t play barefoot on the pitch… I prefer playing barefoot on the streets, I can’t do that on the pitch however the boots are very important. I have always used Adidas boots, so to me this is all I’ve known, I’ve always used their boots, I’ve adapted to them, so these ones, with the shape of my feet and all that has been very important to me It is very important, because sometimes you only have seconds, sometimes not even that to decide the moves you’re going to do in order to overtake other players, so I believe speed is very important in football, your mind can think and decide something but obviously your body has to follow it doesn’t really matter if you are a quick thinker but have a slow body and it doesn’t matter if you are a slow thinker but have a fast body so I think the ideal is the mix of both of those things and to me, the mind thinks more than the body, however the body has to follow your mind. I like to be fast with or without the ball. I think a striker, someone who plays as a forward needs to be fast with or without the ball, like in moves to reach the box or in counter attacking moves, so I believe you do have to train that. I train everything on a daily basis so that when game day comes, I am prepared. Both!
[Jesus and Jay laughs] I think as I said, it doesn’t matter if you have a fast body if your mind is slow, I believe you do need to train your muscles, train what you think you can improve on and you also need to think. You need to train speed, body mass in order to not end up being slow. I think the combination of both is very important.

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  1. Speed is vital. For me I’d always want 2 fast wingers. Check out Callum Sinclair who changes the game with his speed when he comes on in the second half. https://youtu.be/3MG1eOO8Ufs

  2. When u are taking interview of players who don't know english u should dubb their speech to english.Because we are not able to understand any language other than english.

  3. Speed actually is really important. I’m good at skills and dribbling but not fast enough and it’s not good. When a player has the ball I can’t get him or catch up with him cause I’m slow

  4. Speed is so important because it can dictate how quickly you can switch up the game and counter. Love these interviews with footballers guys, Really enjoying the content recently 🙌🏻

  5. Hi there unisports,I always watch your videos and always like and I love the Technics you guys teach it always helps me out in a football match because I am always the captain in my school girls team and in girls and boys mix team also !! And + congratulations to you guys(unisport) for because you are very near for having2millon subscribers at your channel and please help me also because I also have a YouTube channel and love you videos and you!
    #unisportreaches 2millonsubs

  6. Guys do u know when u score and then celebrate after that do u go back to ur position and when u substiute with player do u go their position

  7. Not everyone has speed. If you look at someone as Pirlo he was rather quick not fast. However he redeemed himself with technical ability that was amazing.

  8. When I'm playing football with my friends,they say I'm too fast for them,then I respond by saying,"Yes I'm swift;you're too slow,train more!;-)
    Also,if you're fast and can perform skills with speed,you're gonna be UNSTOPPABLE !!

  9. Jay Mike this interviews suck. They’re like an advertisement. Please ask more meaningful questions for people aspiring to make it pro not dumb questions like “do you boots make you faster?” NO THEY DONT THATS A DUMB QUESTION

  10. 1:09 when your girlfriend is talking about something you don't even know that exists but you have to agree with 😂😂😂

  11. Could you make a video on how to play fullback and provide tips and other info on how to play that position

    Like so they can see

  12. I have almost been watching your videos for almost 3 years now
    I love your videos
    Maybe you can spare a football boots because my boots are almost broken and we have a big game coming up 🙁

  13. Thank you so much Jay Mike for this video. That was quiet helpful for me as a sprinter. Can I use some information to put in my article which are delivered by Gabriel Jesus in your video?

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