– [Mother] Kayla’s cleaning
and Harley is chasing her. – He got it no, give it back. Give it back, give it back please. Please, please, please, have mercy. Have mercy, give it back. (upbeat music) – [Father] Alright, bye bye. See you tomorrow. – [Mother] Hi Kayla. – Hello.
– Be careful. – [Mother] You got a bunch of books. – Yes. Trying to get them all out of the way. I just got out of summer camp and they gave me all of
these books right here for my middle school year, my sixth grade, and they’re so heavy. There’s like seven books, and they all weigh like ten pounds. – [Mother] So you’re
gonna grow your muscles. – Yes, I’m gonna grow the muscles. And yeah so, I have world history, language arts, science, math, all sorts of
things that I don’t even know. – [Mother] I don’t think
those books are gonna fit in your backpack. – You don’t get a backpack
mommy, you’re supposed to have a string– – [Mother] You think those are
gonna fit in a string thing? – No you don’t… you get a locker too. They said don’t bring all
your books at the same time. – [Mother] Okay. – Because they’ve seen people
dragging their drawstring bag cause the books are so heavy. So you have some of your
books in your locker while you bring other ones to class, and then some teachers will let you keep your book in class too, so it’s not so heavy all the time. So yeah, I have like seven books here, and they’re so heavy, and yeah. – [Mother] So what do we need to get? – We need a drawstring bag. – [Mother] I thought we had that. – We do. So there’s no problem. – Alright but we’re gonna
go to the doctor here, it’s required that Tyler get a physical, and get clearance from a doctor
before playing any sports, which is smart, and safe, and good, we wanna make sure that
he’s in good shape here. Although we know he’s a pillar
of health and fitness here. So we’re going to go to the
doctor, get a confirmation, so that way we can go ahead
and get that to the team doctor I guess or whatever. – [Doctor] Oh so is this
the Pop Warner or is it actually the, what do they call it, JDL? – [Father] Pop Warner. – Okay, okay. So we’ll do your height
and weight first buddy. You’re gonna hop on over there. – [Father] How much does he weigh? – [Doctor] Do you have any guesses? I like to guess. Let’s do weight guess first. – [Father] Yeah let’s do the weight. – 78? – [Father] 78, alright let’s see what he weighs here. – [Doctor] Now I will warn you
that this one I say is about three to four pounds heavier
than most of them so let’s see. So that’s 78 and you’re
already way past it. I got 82, so if you take off, you’re right 78. See? It’s three to four pounds
heavier than every scale. Now how tall do you think you are? – Uh, I don’t know this one. Four foot nine? Four foot eight? Seven, six five–
– What do you think dad? – [Father] I think, let’s see
here, about four foot seven. – Okay. Hop up there Tyler. Mount it really good and
you’re standing nice and tall, you wanna get every inch you can, so 58. So 60 would be five feet. So what is 58? – Four foot ten. – There you go, yeah. – Well I have cleats on so that’s probably minus another inch. – [Doctor] Oh yeah we
didn’t take the cleats off. – [Father] So I was right. – [Doctor] Sneaky, sneaky. – [Father] That adds at least an inch. Four foot nine? Yeah we’ll say four foot nine. – I said that. – [Doctor] Weight you were at 78. – [Father] You said four foot nine? – Yeah I said four foot nine first. – [Father] Well good,
you had it right, bud. – Hop up there, my love. – I got both guesses right. – Now how many other kids
in the family are there? – One. – One other one, so there’s two total? And are you the oldest or the youngest? – Younger. – You’re the younger one?
– Yes ma’am. – You say that like it’s a bad thing. – It is a bad thing.
– Why? How old is, wait brother or sister? – Sister. – And how olds your sister? – 11, and I’m 10. – Oh, so not too far away. – [Father] Fifteen months I think? – Oh my gosh, you guys were brave. – [Father] It was like raising twins. – I bet it was. Do they call those Irish twins? – [Father] I think that’s
what they call it right? – Something like that. Okay I’m gonna go right under your tongue. And then close. – [Father] I’ve heard
that term before, so. – Now, personality-wise or looks, do they look similar or act? – [Father] You can, yeah, we get asked all the
time if they’re twins. – Really?
– Mhm. She’s kind of small and petite, and he’s kind of big and
stalky so I guess they even though she’s older, they look very much the same age. – And what are you doing sport-wise? – I’m doing football. – Just football? – Well, I’m doing a lot of things. I did wrestling, basketball, football, got another one– – Baseball.
– Yeah, baseball. – [Father] Hockey. – So every season. – [Father] We took last season off. Last season we had to take off but he’s… – Which season? Like fall? – [Father] Well at the
end of the football season he injured his foot. So he kinda had to let
it heal a little bit. – Now it’s all good, and I’m
ready to go to football again. – And with Pop Warner is it
the same with JBL where they let them experience different positions? Or is he already kind of– – [Father] No, he has
a dedicated position. Every player has a dedicated position. He might back up for some other position, but every player had their own position. Yeah JBLs a little different like every week you play
something different. – That’s what I hear. – [Father] It’s kind of like
an introduction to football where Pop Warner is more competitive. – Oh okay. – [Father] Like you gotta
try out for positions and you gotta earn your spot. – So then what position have you picked? – Lineman.
– Okay. – [Father] Defensive lineman. Yeah that’s his favorite. He likes tackling the quarterback. – Oh okay. Well you know you’ve got
the right size for that too and I think the maneuverability you know, to sneak in there so yeah. – [Father] Yeah, he’s pretty quick so he’s pretty good at it. Well this is kind of like a voluntary– – This is a different camp. – Oh. – [Father] It’s just
that most of the kids, you know once school
comes out they play with their iPads, they play video games, they’re stuck in an air conditioned house so it’s just getting him
acclimated to the heat, the humidity, getting
outdoors you know, so. – Oh okay. Lie down. – Alright. – Do you have all your parts? You got your appendix still right? – I don’t know what that is. – It’s a little thing down here. – [Father] If you had it
removed you’d know what it was. – Okay now I’ll let you sit up. – Yay. – So let’s see how you tolerate this. Usually people think it’s funny. I like doing it because
I like what it does. So are you nice and relaxed? Scoot up a little bit so
your legs are dangling. Do you know what I’m gonna do? – Yeah. – Okay let’s see if it’ll work. Yep there you go.
– Darn it. – There you go. – I’ve been doing it to myself lately too. – Really?
– Yeah. – If somebody hits you there or kicks you there sometimes
that’ll happen too. So jump down but don’t
hurt yourself, clumsy. And I want you to act like
you’re gonna touch your toes, you don’t have to show off and bend down, but I’m gonna look at your spine. So scoot up a little bit if
that’s where you wanna be. And, yup, perfect. Good job, now stand up straight for me, nice and straight. Good, excellent. And any contacts or glasses that you wear? – [Father] Nope. – Okay, so you’re gonna
switch places with dad, don’t poke yourself on
those hooks by the door. And we’re gonna do your vision screening. So you’re cover whichever
eye you wanna cover first. Stand right here ’cause
when I open the cabinet you’ll see the… here lemme show you so you have an idea. Now you know your letters, or should we do the shapes Tyler? (laughter) – [Tyler] I know my letters. – [Father] You know your
ABCs, are you sure buddy? – Whichever eye you wanna cover first, so we’re gonna do left. Can you see that line? – [Tyler] Yeah. – Okay go for it. – P, K, U, E, O, B, T, V, X, R, M, J, H, – You’re doing excellent! – [Tyler] D, and then I? – Yes. So switch eyes, and
we’re gonna go backwards. – J, M, P. – Yes.
– Alright buddy, whoo! – [Doctor] That’s awesome! You did great, I guess we’ll let you play football huh? – Yay!
– Alright. – Okay, so, Mommy just asked
me if we could make a smoothie ’cause I was eating this watermelon, and now I’m getting really excited, ’cause it’s the smoothie from Summerweeen and that was so good! So we’re gonna make a smoothie! – [Mother] We gotta get
past all this garbage here. Well, we got a bunch of watermelon still, and we got beggin’ doggie. Beggin’. – You wanna lick my fingers? – Alright, I gotta taste
this and make sure that it is safe to drink. – [Kayla] Of course it’s safe to drink. – I gotta check it out first. – [Kayla] I want some, I
want some, I want some. Is it good? – I’m not sure if it’s safe. – [Kayla] What? Gimme some. I’m teasing Harley. – [Mother] Good stuff, huh? – It’s delicious. – [Mother] Gotta love it. – He chases the paper towel
while I’m trying to clean. – [Mother] Kayla’s cleaning
and Harley’s chasing her? He got it, he got it no. Give it back, give it back please. Please please, please, have mercy. Have mercy give it back. Please, oh no, he got a piece. Give me it! Mommy, can you help me? Sit. Mommy, oh he just spit it out. Just spit it out, yep. Oh my gosh, he gets so… Okay, okay. – You silly willy, what a silly baby. We made it to the water park
and we are gonna have some fun. – I am sore as heck from that other camp, that training camp that I did yesterday. – And this is gonna help him. Tyler’s saying he’s sore, because he’s been doing all this training, and I’m telling him how healthy and good this is gonna be for him to go swimming for a few minutes
and you’re gonna love it. – Just walking hurts. (upbeat music) – [Mother] You guys
ready to get out of here? Tyler has to get ready for camp. – Let’s go. – You know to make it– – I’m not gonna like it at all. – Yeah Tyler I guess
is just a tad bit sore. Why don’t you tell them how
you feel right now Tyler? – My legs, I can’t feel them. – You can’t feel your legs? – I’m so sore I can’t feel them. – Well if they’re sore than
you’re feeling them right? How do you know if they’re
sore if you can’t feel them? – That’s not what I meant. – Oh, okay. – They’re on fire, they feel like they just got dipped in hot lava and they’re healing. – Yeah. Anyways, we’re on our
way to day two of his conditioning training course, and we’re gonna show
some of his sick moves that he’s gonna put on
out there so stick around. – [Coach] How’re you guys feeling today? [All] Good. Alright listen, how many of
you guys are a little sore? Whose a little sore? Whose not sore today? I know that’s right, that’s the ones that’s been
running ’round working out. ‘Cause, ya’ll had camp so ya’ll ready. Alright so good. Ready.
(whistle) – [Father] Turn around you guys. And you stay here, you don’t bend back up. Go, go, go, go, good job! – I feel like I’m getting
way stronger in those camps. I think I’m ready for football. – Yeah you’re looking
pretty good out there man, so we’ll see once next week
the official season starts and then it’s just, it’s
even more conditioning. So you’re gonna have a leg
up on a lot of the guys who didn’t do these camps
before the season started. So next week is gonna be fun. That’s when I get involved
’cause I’m coach, coach D baby. – And I met a DFF. And his name was Aiden so
shout out to you, Aiden, – Alright Aiden.
– If you’re there. If you are watching. – Oh he’s watching
’cause he’s a DFF right? And he better be watching, we’re
gonna test you later Aiden. So, you better be paying attention here. What’s two plus two? I’m gonna say what’s the answer? – Fish!
– Fish. – [Mother] So Miss Kayla is picking out some of her
favorite fingernail patterns. And I guess it looks like
she’s decided to do this one. – Yes. I have to glue them on. – [Mother] Okay. – But that’s what it
looks like on my nails. Now I just gotta– – [Mother] Really cute. Just don’t get hurt. – Are you gonna let me do this by myself? – [Mother] You want me to do it? You want me to help you? – Yes. Please. – [Mother] Okay. – I don’t wanna get glue
all over my fingers. – [Mother] Okay, I’ll help you. Okay, show me whatcha got girl! – So we’re finished with the nails, and this is what they look like. – [Mother] Beautiful darling. Very cute, now we just gotta take them off before cheer again. – No. – Crazy day hasn’t it? Oh my gosh, we did so much it’s crazy. – Yeah, a lot going on, the kids are getting
acclimated to their sports, and we’re getting closer
to school starting again, which I now none of you wanna hear that. – Football. – But in Florida it ends early and it starts early, so they have a couple more weeks left and so that’s why everybodys
going, Kayla’s got her summer camp for school
and everything else. And, John has a joke. – I got a joke! It’s actually more like a riddle, Joel Murphy just gave me
this one on Twitter today and I thought it was
awesome, it was pretty funny. What belongs to you, but
everybody else uses more than you? – Your time? – Your name. – Oh.
– Oh. – I don’t get it. – It belongs to you, it’s your name right? But everybody else uses it, you never use your own name do you? – When you’re writing papers. – Everybody uses your name. – Everybody uses your
name more than you do so, anyways I thought that was pretty cool, put a smile on my face, so, I’m hoping your mind is blown. – Thanks for sharing. – Boom. – Blown. – I’m obsessed with my new nails. – Me too, oh my gosh,
they’re so beautiful. – Awe they’re so beautiful I love them. – It’s like blue, with glitter, and white. – Yes. – Alright. – Is that the American flag? – Guys, thanks for watching. – And until next time– – Until next time. – [All] Bye! (upbeat music)

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