Why CLEVELAND should’ve Traded with MILWAUKEE!


What’s up it’s 3rdEyeView195 coming at you with my
intellect and man what a great summer it was with all the moves that happened in
the summer it was one of the greatest summers we have ever seen if you’re an
NBA fan you know what I’m talking about but I’m here to talk about the trade
that happened between Boston and Cleveland and I’ll be giving my opinion
on that trade stay tuned! for the past couple of weeks the news
that was dominating the NBA world the most was about where’s Kyrie going to
end up after he requested a trade from the Cleveland Cavaliers it caused a lot
of controversy and many reports came out about LeBron being blindsided and
disappointed about the request Kyrie made and Kyrie supposedly not wanting to
play with LeBron anymore even as far as if LeBron sees Kyrie in
real life he would want to fight him there were many speculations of where
Kyrie would end up and wants to be it was said that he wants to be on the
Chicago Bulls the San Antonio Spurs the New York Knicks the Miami Heat and the
Minnesota Timberwolves and the Los Angeles Clippers many teams wanted him
the moment they found out that he wants to leave Cleveland I mean who wouldn’t want
him he’s a potential superstar a number one overall pick an NBA champion
he’s clutch he arguably made the greatest shot in NBA Finals history a
four-time all-star an all-star MVP he won the NBA Rookie of the Year award was
on the all-nba rookie first team an NBA Rising Stars Challenge MVP an NBA
three-point shootout champion the USA male athlete of the year in 2014 was the
FIBA World Cup MVP when USA beat Serbia 129 to 92 back in 2014 at the 17th FIBA
Basketball World Cup and contributed to USA winning the gold medal last year in
the Olympics in Brazil it was said that a three team deal between the Cleveland
Cavaliers the New York Knicks and the Phoenix Suns could happen if it did
happen Cleveland would receive Carmelo Anthony and Eric Bledsoe New York would
receive Kyrie Irving and Tyson Chandler and Phoenix would receive Kevin Love and
Frank Nitilikina the number 8 overall pick in this year’s draft that New York
drafted the Denver Nuggets and the Phoenix Suns also had interest in Kyrie
it was said that no Cleveland player liked a Kyrie post on Instagram since
July the 10th and he unfollowed LeBron off of Instagram and not talk to any
Cleveland Cavaliers players and also during their playoff run this could be
the reason why they lost in the finals because clearly something has been going
wrong fake reports even came out about him and LeBron meeting up with each
other in Miami to mend the problem between both of them so that they can
move forward positively with each other but that wasn’t true it was false there
were many things being said about the same situation from many different
sources it’s confusing because you don’t know what’s true from what’s not true
but in the end Kyrie ended up being traded to the Boston Celtics in exchange
for Isaiah Thomas Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and the Brooklyn Nets
2018 first round pick but Cleveland put the trade on hold because they wanted
more from Boston due to Isaiah Thomas injured hip back when he suffered it in
Game two back in may on the 19th in the Eastern Conference Finals against the
very team that’s making the trade to get him Cleveland in the playoffs I
think Cleveland knew the severity of Isaiah Thomas hip but they just wanted
to finesse Boston they wanted to Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown two young players
with start potential even though Jayson Tatum never played an NBA regular-season
game in his career yet based off of what I seen in this year’s summer league he
has the potential to be a star and even a superstar but we’ll see this upcoming
NBA season and for years to come and Jaylen Brown has that same potential
because we seen that last year during the regular season he showed flashes of
that and during the summer league this year the hold up was for about a week
Cleveland never got what they wanted in return instead they got a 2020
second-round draft pick including the original offer that was prior to the
trade being held up a week before I know this is gonna sound crazy but this is
where Cleveland messed up they got an offer from the Milwaukee Bucks that
would send Khris Middleton, Malcolm Brogdon and a first-round pick for Kyrie
Irving Cleveland should have called off the deal because if they got Malcolm
Brogdon they would be getting the Rookie of the Year plus a combo guard a guy
that can knock down threes and get to the basket he’s a big guard he’s 6’5 215
pounds and he plays poised he’s polished he spent a good amount of years in
college he spent five years in college because during his freshman season he
suffered a serious foot injury so he delayed his sophomore season because of what
happened to his foot in his freshman season and this is what they call red
shirt in USA college athletics when there’s a delay or suspension of an
athletes participation in order to stay longer in his or her college career
so technically he spent five years in college and played four basketball
seasons because you’re only allowed to play four seasons in college usually
when NBA players spent four years in college they end up having really solid
NBA careers for example players like Tayshaun Prince he’s an NBA champion
made it to the all-defensive second team four times and an Olympic gold medalist
he played on the 2008 Olympic team known as the Redeem team Shane Battier he’s a
two-time NBA champion he made it to the all-defensive second team two times and
was on the all-rookie first team Steve Nash he’s a two-time NBA MVP an 8 time NBA
all-star made it to the all-nba first team three times made it to the all-nba
second team two times and made it to the all-nba third team two times was a
five-time NBA assists leader and made to the 50-40-90 Club four times and a
two-time NBA Skills Challenge champion Tim Duncan he’s a five-time NBA champion
a three-time NBA Finals MVP a two-time NBA Most Valuable Player a 15-time NBA
all-star an NBA all-star MVP made it to the all-nba first team ten times and
made it to the all-nba second team three times and made it to the all-nba third
team two times and made it to the all-defensive first team eight times and
made still all-defensive second team seven times an NBA Rookie of the Year
and the USA Basketball Male Athlete of the year in 2003 and the Sports
Illustrated Sportsman of the year in 2003 David West he’s an NBA champion and
a two-time all-star CJ McCollum he won the NBA Most Improved Player of the Year
in the 2015 and 2016 season and led the league in free-throw percentage this
past season David Lee he’s an NBA champion a two-time NBA all-star and
made it to the all-nba third team in 2013 and won the NBA rookie challenge
MVP in 2007 draymond Green he’s a two-time NBA champion a two-time
NBA all-star made it to the all-nba second team last year and made it to the
all-nba third team this year he was the NBA Defensive Player of the year this past
season and made it to the all-defensive first team three times and the NBA
steals leader this past season Damian Lillard he’s a two-time NBA all-star and
made to the all-nba second team in 2016 and made it to the all-nba third team in 2014
and NBA Rookie of the Year in 2013 and made it to the all-nba rookie first team
in 2013 and a two-time NBA Skills Challenge champion so this really shows
that when you spend four years in college it benefits your NBA career plus
Malcolm Brogdon’s the first second-round pick in the NBA draft lottery era to
ever win the Rookie of the Year award and he plays both ends of the floor
defense and offense I’m not the type to compare but I see him being this
generations Gary Payton known as the glove and like he said in his speech at
the first annual NBA Awards when he won the Rookie of the Year award him being
drafted in the second round motivates him and that’s why he always plays with
a chip on his shoulder the moment that he came in the NBA and I know if this
trade did go through most people would be overlooking it so
if that did go down he can use that as a way to fuel his motivation and we all
know some second rounders that play with a chip on their shoulder like draymond
Green and Isaiah Thomas and we all know their accolades
I think Malcolm Brogdon’s game would suit LeBrons game because we’ve seen how
Matthew Dellavedova played with LeBron back when he was on Cleveland and even
won a championship with him and Malcolm Brogdon basically kind of has the same
game as him but better and if LeBron can coexist with Matthew Dellavedova I
definitely think he can coexist with Malcolm Brogdon and having Khris
Middleton as a shooting guard is very great for Cleveland that’s like a cherry
on top of a cake it just finalizes everything perfectly and he’s a tall
shooting guard usually shooting guards range from the
height of 6’4 to 6’7 he’s 6’8 he passes the range by an inch I mean an inch is not a
big deal but to have a shooting guard at 6’8 is great for your team Khris
Middleton is also a guy that can shoot threes get to the basket and has a good
back to the basket game and he has an advantage over other shooting guards
because most shooting guards are not 6’8 so he can back them down easily plus he
can shoot from the mid range and Cleveland already has a lot of
three-point shooters from Channing Frye to Jeff Green to Richard Jefferson to
Kyle Korver to Kevin Love to JR Smith and to add Khris Middleton and Malcolm
Brogdon in the mix that would be a very deadly team and Khris Middleton would
just complement LeBrons game in my opinion at the way LeBron plays the game
now he can give you from 12 to 18 points per game overall this would be a better
trade to me than the Boston trade because you’re getting two young fresh
legs two players that have start potential and that have playoff experience
and two young players that you can build around
so if LeBron leaves after this upcoming season you don’t have a bad start and
Cleveland saves a lot of money because these are young players you don’t have
to worry about paying max deals at the moment and this is no disrespect to Isaiah
Thomas I mean I really like the way he plays the game I like the guy the heart
that he has and the effort that he puts out every night he plays the game but
now you have to worry about paying him because he’s expecting a max contract
plus he has a serious hip injury and recent reports came out about him not
being able to play until the all-star break and due to his height he can’t
play defense on the NBA level because he’s too short he’s only 5’9 and we’re
expecting Cleveland to go to the finals no one in the East is better than them
right now even though Boston got Kyrie and Gordon Hayward this year they’re
still not gonna be better than them for now so when Clevelands versing Golden State in the finals who’s gonna guard Stephen Curry Isaiah Thomas can’t he’s too short
so this is why picking up Malcolm Brogdon would be better because he’s 6’5
215 pounds and he can play defense and LeBron made it clear that his interest
is somewhere else he just said that he wants to play with Russell Westbrook and Paul
George so there you go picking up Malcolm Brogdon and Khris Middleton would
be a better trade to make Plus Cleveland would be getting a first-round pick
so that’s three young players right there that you can build around and now
Cleveland wants to trade away the first-round pick that they’re getting
from the Brooklyn Nets and everybody’s expecting Brooklyn Nets to be bad so
they should be getting the number one pick that’s why Cleveland’s trying to
trade it away to get Demarcus cousins overall they’re just shopping the first
round pick to see who they can get for it and if they did the same thing to the
first round pick that they would get from Milwaukee they can just do the same
thing plus they still have two young players that they’d be getting in Khris
Middleton and Malcolm Brogdon that have playoff experience that have star potential
so it’s a win-win situation if they made the trade with Milwaukee in my opinion
but that’s it for the video guys please comment below and give me your opinion
on the trade and connect with me on my social medias don’t forget to Like and
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