Who owns football? – VPRO documentary – 2014

Who owns football? – VPRO documentary – 2014

the battle against inequality has begun the battle against the one percent that’s gradually taking over the world and the first victories have been won not in the political debate not in the tent camps of the Occupy movement but in the old working-class neighborhoods in England here on the football ground fans have started the battle to take back their clubs from the hands of the Russian oligarchs Malaysian billionaires and the hedge funds that have got hold of them in the Netherlands two soccer fans are voicing their protests against the selling of their clubs this is what the future has in store for you business is after our cash we should be using our cash to protect our football clubs not to line the pockets of big business reowww you can – Nixon do the black the black yacht club buddies on a good glitter world this is VP arrow backlight welcome to the kickoff about 200 years ago during the Industrial Revolution the game of football was introduced to the population of England cities at the time factory owners saw a football as a means of pacifying the masses who could be quite rebellious but it soon became a part of popular culture and those who played it learn to reclaim it and organize themselves into clubs making the game an instrument of working-class social cohesion it’s about people coming together to gather as a community to express their identity football fans define themselves by the Football Club that they follow by their fellow fans by the people they got the game with and we’re no different in England then people are in Holland or in Italy Spain France Germany any country in the world you define yourself by the Football Club do you follow means the style of play the color of the shirt means the songs that we’ve got that bear witness to our traditions in our history and and that’s what makes it so intoxicating for people to go and watch but it also makes it so attractive for big business to come and stick their badge on any shirt or on any football ground so that they can then get some of that reflected reflected glory and hopefully pick up some of some of the cash from the supporters you follow the clubs here in the working-class neighborhoods of England where football was once a bonding factor clubs have now been privatized commercialized and taken over by hedge funds and oligarchs is social cohesion something that can be bought and sold Manchester is the second-largest city of England the city enjoys two Premiership football clubs one of them Manchester United went public in 1990 and was the subject of takeover bids from property traders in 2005 the glazes an American billionaire family moved in to buy enough shares to take over the club alright so bail me when you get into the grounds during the main standard cheers bye hello Andy Walsh was at the head of the man United supporters Association that led a campaign to prevent the Glazers from taking over the club the Glaser’s moved in to buy out the different groups of shareholders and the rest of it sadly is history you know Eve even at the eleventh hour we were in discussions with merchant banks about them lending money to a support consortium the Glazers knew about that so did magnate McManus and we were in conversations and magnet analysis people in Ireland about the possibility of them selling their shares to us and we got assurances from them that they would sell the shares to the fans and not to glazes glazes up the price magnae McManus chopped the price and and and sadly isn’t news and there’s nothing we could do about that Oh to be able to buy manchester united the glaziers took out a mortgage of around 275 million pounds on the club’s assets this meant that for the first time since 1931 the club was in debt the opposition to the Glazer takeover continued and there have been constant protests and anti glazier campaigns the fans feel that the debt is a danger to the club and has a negative influence on the club’s culture and performance supporters then felt that they didn’t want to be taken for granted and they called for a boycott if all their bothered about is our cash and not our opinions not our history not our traditions then we’ll stop em up in our our cash we can’t stop and take in the Football Club but we can stop and take in our soul and that’s what we did and the idea of a fan on football club then again came to the fore once the takeover was final a group of four thousand anti Glaser fans decided to go their own way and start a new club the new club is owned by its members and is registered as FC United of Manchester currently they play in the third division of the semi-professional English league with all IFC most words are there because we no longer go to United well that was the hardest thing in the world to do come away from you for your club could you don’t you don’t leave a club but me personally I’d already really stopped before but well before Glaser I want to say exactly because I don’t know it was a long time ago I bought me season ticket when autumn say fifty pound to 85 something dramatic like that in the early doubles and I just went I just can’t do it I just could there’s nowhere can justify paying that money when you’ve got you know you’ve got a family and you can’t say them that was my biggest thing more than the money the money just sucked the final straw it was that idea that I don’t know it’s changed and things do change but let’s say the buses used to pass here I mean we freely enough miles away from old suffered and buses used to come down from the Gardiners arms of a special 88 and you know where the Ben Briley in the pit you’re up and your kids in your thumb you’re gone dad was with you you dad was with you there’s the family thing and everybody went to football at the soccer X the International Convention of the football business world in Manchester we meet David Khan a sports reporter from The Guardian in 2007 he wrote a book called the football business not that English football wasn’t a business before it was on the clubs were in fact limited companies with shareholders before that but in general the the owners the shareholders the directors weren’t necessarily in it to make money there wasn’t a lot of money to be made and after the money all poured in from pay television Premier League breakaway in the early 1990s than those owners those mainly English owners cashed in by floating the clubs on the stock market or by selling the clubs and I think when there was a run of sales of the top clubs to overseas investors of different kinds soak everyone by surprise it wasn’t planned and it’s a massive massive cultural change to a great sport without enough of a critique and with an opposition as you as you will find by supporters who don’t have anything like the resources that the people have who there may be opposing we’re the labs in Kalmar GU where FC United want you here role regrets there’s no Blazers there’s no dents think of all the fun you get pollen FC United in a division will player we won’t ever stop we’ll find one of these leagues until we get right to the top why you want you’ll buy me will be blooded when it’s three but I know just where we’ll be policy United recycle it’s our rule sign up for your membership one of the challenges faced by the young club was to find a home ground at the moment they share a stadium with burry Football Club but after years of fundraising they have now begun to build their own ground in Mauston a working-class neighborhood in Manchester we’ve now got the opportunity to create a stadium and a football ground that’s befitting of our alpha local it’s a 12 and a half acre site we’ve got a full-size artificial pitch we’ve got offices a medical suite where we can not just treat players but we’ve also got a sufficient capacity to offer medical services to people in the local area and the drop-in basis so we’ve got a real opportunity now to show what this football club’s all about yeah where we going now we’re going to the ground come on there we go in hey we go in no need anything it’s cool oh yeah that said yeah yeah it’s a llama other thing cutting the grass I don’t think it’s a dig is no not dig dig sir not yet you get to the ground the dig into the thing we muster is I’ve lived there all my life and I consider mas gonna be working class however now what’s about and seeing the way the place is it probably is very very poor and at least something ridiculous like 96% of people are on benefits I think it’s going to be bigger than I’ve realized because watching the ground go oh no more less see it from your web bedroom window it’s just some money now coming the little calf is gonna be followed just on my stage the bars are for the bars now I’m not making a great deal of money because people don’t well because of the cult : climate because of things are happening you can’t let your kids out like it used to do but on most days and it’s in a lovely area Harlem kids are gonna be walking up there together they’ll probably go in the park next to it first so you are gonna see your neighbors you are going to see people yoga I’ve met so I’ve got so many friends now just through ICU nights it the top round corners copy of a bit of banter with your way folks so watch it why not why not the top right-hand corner so we can have some bouncer with you away from what’s up round car of the main stamp I just don’t fancy the main stand this year that so have fun since being me understand you you can create you only need one a trivia yeah yet they’ll even if they don’t follow came a genève no one joins in at our saunders for an anemometer balance of singing i’m the nafs’ dummy it’s just mr. funny bit I think robear’s took photographs from the roof last night me personnel Stila Montesinos fun and I’ll be munching – till the day I die but I will not support the business that the glazes have now transplanted into m16 are all Trafford this for me is about me pursuing my support as a luncheonette fan following the traditions of Manchester native and I will never tell anybody that they’ve got to give up their support of their Football Club what we’re trying to do here is show there is an alternative to the current model of ownership business is after our cash we should be using our cash to protect our football clubs not to line the pockets of big business in Coventry the Sisu hedge fund took over the local football club due to a financial conflict the fond broke the long-standing contract with the ricoh arena the arena has lost its main tenant and for 16 months Sisu has been renting six field stadium in Northampton this means that Coventry fans have to travel 35 miles to watch a home game to a different City a different County even another region crossing many psychological borders okay give mostly for iooks but were taken over by CSUN and Sisu said yeah I know I axed I know in the Rose if they didn’t know their own stadium wiggle and movement to go on playing den up yeah I’ll go in ten how extending what would happen I mean I would imagine that Denmark Stadium would probably be burned to the ground but would def would iooks fans follow iooks I think that don’t Alex they do I think we’ve got to support a football team and and been a part of your life for so long to understand how we feel we feel bitter we feel upset we feel anger we we’ve had something taken away from us I’ve had friendship taken away from me I’ve had my Saturday afternoon taken away from me you know and I can’t forgive these people regardless of when we go back I used to think it was my club it’s not nice but it’s been proved now it’s not our club it’s owned by these faceless people from hedge fund who don’t care about the game don’t care about the fans don’t care about anything there they’re monsters absolute monsters but the last season we played the RICO rubbish crowd was 11,000 they’re getting to mm just a bit over here so you work the mass we’ve been let down by so many different people we’ve been let down by our owners of our club we’ve been let down by a council we’re gonna let down while the owners of the stadium and in particular we’ve been let down by the Football League they could have sorted this problem out so much quicker that’s a third step 35 minutes okay gonna be all right but somebody somewhere is gonna make a decision to get us back to Coventry because our club has got no future without that folks you know about this except for four minutes we don’t go to any home games we don’t go any chuckling inside six fields and we go onto the hill there’s a hill beside the ground and we watch the game from there so I suppose to some degree with clusters Hiller’s what happened in Coventry why would a hedge fund want to rise superclub well a country city the hedge fund wanted about a football club for the same reason that most of the owners buyers have come in to buy football clubs which is they see the money in the Premier League and it’s huge money and if you can get a club promoted into the Premier League that huge money is pouring into you and it’s become a movement to buy clubs in the championship which is the second division down from the Premier League because clubs are a bit cheaper and three get promote at the end of the season so you think we’ll spend that bit of money and then we’ll get promoted to the Premier League and now with the Premier League’s massive TV deals you would make a minimum of 120 million pounds if you want promotion to the Premier League for one season so that there is no doubt that that is what Sisu were after when they started looking for a Football Club to buy 35 minutes which is going to hold up the banners no words we’ve got a piper that’s going to do the last post and when he finishes then we’ll do I’ll sing it yeah alright that’s 35 minutes in the 35th minute it’s time for a combined protest of the Coventry and Cardiff fans who both be let down by their owners the Coventry fans protesting from a hilltop outside the stadium get support from the Cardiff fans inside who are also protesting against the decision of their new Malaysian owner to change the club’s colors from blue to red we it’s modern football you’ve got commentary playing the Northampton which is 35 miles away and you got car the city the Bluebird playing in red and that just explains where traditions are not being taken seriously in this country not only have they played in blue but clubs nickname is the blue birds and it’s pretty hard to play in red when you call the blue birds and he did it with some idea that red is a more lucky color or more appealing color to to potential fans in the Far East where he’s from I think you have to understand that things like the color the badge that history in every way is a massive part of that soar precious heritage alike you know living museums or you know there’s something that people feel a great love for so to come in and change the color of a kit because you bought it you bought the club that seemed to crystallize for a lot of people the culture clash of the modern era of football John beech is a business economist who specializes in sports management and football financing he has investigated the way professional clubs are managed the fans in a sense are the innocent victims and they are virtually powerless in all of this them in the the boycott it is I think an expression of rage rather than that they protest because they are powerless and if you look around at other clubs what what has happened in in desperate situations his supporters trusts have moved in and taken over and then there is this moving together of the club as a social construct and the club as a company and the psychological ownership and the legal ownership come together and they move forward so I’ve got a very strong belief in the supporters trust movement that belief and that commitment has come out of my research so you know I would say it’s empirically based there’s an evidence base that has convinced me that is the way forward the real issue to me and the big problem is how do you make that transition from what is currently mainly benefactor owned clubs to something more akin to the German model with supporter trusts own clubs and Coventry is a classic case where the size of the debt makes that transition almost impossible a Portsmouth it happened but it only just happened because there was a dispute about how big the debt was and it took a court ruling to bring the debt down to a level where the Supporters Trust had got enough money to take over the club in the seaport town of Portsmouth the soccer team known as Pompey was taken over by its fans following three takeovers by foreign owners that led to two different administration’s in three years there’s other examples where financially motivated owners have not had anything like the money that they promised that they were going to have or in the case of Portsmouth they lent money in and then they run out of money and they had to stop and then the club was absolutely in total crisis and Portsmouth win the FA Cup final they had world-class players playing for them and within months they were bossed and it’s a really proud Club it’s got really good strong set supporters they could have lost their club completely to that financial wreckage Ashley Brown who once raised his hand in a meeting to become the president of the supporters Association has now become the director of the club as a fan you’re thinking here we are again you know we’ve on the pitch had some of our best spells ever in history but we’re in front pages of the newspapers for all the wrong reasons for fraud for criminals previously it’s been Gun Runners blood diamonds all people involved in all these sort of activities assets frozen around the world we previously owned by Nepalese Chinamen and an Israeli partnership and they sell the club on to these supposedly wealthy Russian and Iranian it was an absolute horror story there were things you just couldn’t make up you know I mean they had one owner he was from Saudi Arabia I think it was called Ali Al Farraj and he never appeared ever at Portsmouth he was the owner of the club and they called him Ali el Mirage and you know it was just ridiculous and this was in the biggest boom that we’ve ever had in football and Ali Alfred did exist he wasn’t a mirage but he never came to Portsmouth and then he he is another one that sold it on most football fans don’t want to worry about anything other than who’s going to score a goal and what the results going to be and even at the worst times some people will still bury their head in the sand and I just don’t want to know they just want to turn up next Saturday and watch their team however we reached a point where the vast majority of fans realized that actually this really really this time it was it was serious and you know it’s the sort of emotions that it drives in people you know you see grown men cry at the thought of their football team disappearing and I I remember sitting with some of the the guys that we were working with on the bid at the lower times when you when you thought we were lost this and you sit around and we’ll what you could do on a Saturday then it’s conversations like that that give you the belief to get back out get back out there and continue the fight and make sure that the football club does survive and it doesn’t even have to be in the Premier League it just has to be ran in the in the right way white people that care about it that way things that anybody well I know just to explain the structure of how this and what the opportunities are for you to get involved in other things other than a bimonthly meeting the way it’s structured is that our model of ownership is really split into two main groups and the important thing to to make clear is that it’s all supporters so we created these two areas really the supporters trust shares where an individual supporter could buy a single share for a thousand pounds or multiples up to 20,000 pounds in the trust or other guys would pull together consortiums groups of people that would chip in to make a thousand pound share and buy one between them and on the other side we have what we call the presidents and we have about a dozen presidents and those guys were people that were all able to put in a minimum of 50 thousand pounds each some have put in I think the most putting about 600 thousand pounds everyone we’re looking for something to do some way of helping some way of saving it and these people came up and I think one of them in the original trust members was a lawyer and they actually came up and said look this could work we look to other fan owned places where part ownership and that looked abroad and said look it happens it can work and so there was no way I had a thousand pounds in the bank however I was determined like a lot of other people that the club was not going to disappear from our city and so we just decided right would do what we can and we’re put in everything we can so I talked to my wife and said look how much my if we got and she said not enough and I said well it’s got a go sorry he’s going cuz I want this club here for the next generations you know for these young men who support Pompey they need a club otherwise they’re going to go and support men unite and Liverpool and things like that which I’m not saying that’s bad but you know local clubs a local club come and show you a beautiful shirt the next generation he has a club because we bought it he’ll say thank you one day he’s just over one you’re right I’m gonna carry a Kindle obviously the Football Club has a full-time staff or those people are paid the board members all have their own jobs so it can be quite demanding but it’s also it’s a great honor and it’s very rewarding and at the end of the day it’s all about match day it’s all about today oh joy joy joy the Portsmouth fans not only received help from other clubs that were taken over by their fans but they also worked with supporters direct this is a unique organization which supports fans in setting up Democratic cooperatives also known as supporters trust in order to gain influence over their clubs we don’t set up organizations to own clubs we set them up in order to get influence and the point of really when you come down to what how does it actually all work how does this transparency in Democrat democracy and all that sort of stuff work it works because if you look at a bank of people stood behind a goal or sat on a stand there’s enough talent there to run an organization believe you me if it isn’t there yet they’ll learn but the talent that’s in the fan base is tremendous and people don’t realize that and the only reason FC United of Manchester works is because they’ve taken that ethic to its limit and they’ve shown that it works and you know if you get in a position of Portsmouth well you don’t have to run everything yourself anyway that’s not how it works you employ people you get a manager in you won’t get a stadium manager when you get a coach to run the team football’s never been richer 3,000 million pounds plus in the professional game in this country 80% of it concentrated in the top 20 clubs in the Premier League yet 14 of those clubs cannot make a profit over 70% of the clubs can’t make a profit that models broken in any other business that model that model of ownership is broken yet you look at support around football clubs and 99% of them are solvent thriving local football clubs that are properly connected and engaged with with their supporters and all commit also in their location that’s the model of the future as a club were established as a community benefit society now what that means is we’re a co-op so every member of the club has one share and one vote in the club so no matter how much money you put in and you’re only ever gonna have one vote that membership and the total of that membership is unable to vote for the board and key decisions of the club we’ve even developed a do it for yourself fan and scheme because we were told by the authorities that you cannot raise enough cash to run a football club where now we see in this football club not ten years old raise almost 2 million pounds in Community Shares banking an economic system is in chaos there is for ordinary people very little hope being offered by the political PI’s what’s needed is for people to get together and do things for themselves it’s no accident that our supporters describe our kind of football as port football because punk music was about a rejection of the music as being offered by the big music companies punk doing it yourself this Football Club is about punk football today they chose to walk away from a Premier League club it’s highly successful over a matter of principle and they stand for a tremendous you know there were tremendous encouragement to everyone I think and you have to you know what they’ve done is they picked apart water Football Club is and they said we want the bits that matter so the local community you want the bits and lots of the fans and we won’t put the bit on the pitch that happens twice a week maybe above everything else all the time because you can’t because football clubs are not first Elevens I mean is it you know it’s a cliche but it kind of stands as a beacon of hope for people for a lot of people they feel that it represents something that football misses and some senses as well that kind of society misses in a way that people rebel and don’t do what they’re told follow they fell doniphon I got bored and I got fed off of wasting loved ammonia and that sort of coincided with falling out of love of watching leaflet well just simple things like you can’t take flags into the ground unless a fire proof you can’t take any polls into the ground there’s all these restrictions in place that stop your doing that I mean thrown out from quite a few girls for just for standing up nearly one down the original idea was logo of the the coop with a cooperative movement was started in Rochdale and because I see night it is running run and owned by members it’s a cooperative as well just change the change change letters use the same fun ish ladder use the same layout I work for place for a unicorn grocery which is in Manchester in Cholon and that’s a vegan cooperative is about fifty fifty members similarly to similar to Western aim to me it should be more em it should be more strange not to do a club like that rather than strange to have a club that run by the fans it just makes common sense it’s the same way that like teams in Germany everyone that you know they have to own at least half of the of the club so that that no one else can take over it it just seems like common central haha there you go I think people can look at Germany and things have developed a successful football culture that still has cheap tickets for a lot of fans as huge crowds still has that a great closeness with between the supporters and the clubs and as Germany just won the World Cup as Bayern Munich are you know one of the best clubs in in Europe and then still $0.75 owned by the members and they’re not seduced by all the money which could come in if the clubs are sold and I think that is really admirable that the German football establishment has dug its heels in and maintained that finally my fault what do you think on football where is the honors classical Creole government put the funds due but they’re not in control of it at the same time it’s that’s our it’s our game but we don’t own it we don’t have the physical ownership of it but it’s as weak but then at the same time someone else’s the people the people with the most money on football but people it means most to the normal fans we go to the games that it’s not mean we own it we own it up here and in there but not with this that’s true actually a very good way of putting it like you know the people with the most money on it which the funds that make it yeah unfortunate be the way down I think at some point where more and more people are getting angry and pissed off with the whole state of things in general not just in football but in social situations as well that you can ask to start working together and helping each other so rise with your class not from your class hail you know like so it’s like you got good struck I feel like this is yours this is ours I when I first started going I kept saying oh you know when they build their own ground or when they do this but then after a while you start being like oh well when we do it or when when it’s ours and stuff like that because you do feel like part of it so when we returned to Coventry we hear the good news that see to have settled their conflict with ALS the owners of the Ricoh Arena and have now signed a new lease out of now Coventry City can play in the Ricoh Arena again the fans are coming home well we can’t stop smiling at the moment can we Pete’s here as well yeah yeah stop smiling we’re talking about songs that we’re gonna sing the talking about banners and you know people are all talking about Pete he’s actually taking the day off tomorrow he’s taking sides although taking it a to go to a game I mean what’s a lot of that when all this started you know the supporters wouldn’t make any difference at all but the protests the march and the ribbon in everything to go with it it’s all just been building up and building up and it’s just a great feeling you’re plenty interfere yeah I feel even more I feel so proud to be from Coventry not just the Football Club I’m just proud to be a Coventry person today well all week isn’t it none of us have been into protests at all and you know we just ordinary supporters who who felt quite strongly about it and that’s why we’ve done the ribbons and we’ve stood on the hill we brought lots and lots of letters we wrote every council asking for their support and that’s how we came about people have emailed constantly the Football League the government you name it they’ve done it and it’s really basically to takete to keep people thinking you know that we’re not gonna go away and we wouldn’t have gone away I mean I said last chef we did one season of the hill I said I’m not doing it again I can’t I can’t do it again because it cuz some of the days we up there it was cold it was wet when it’s all rain and then I said Steve I said I’m not doing it there next season and it assumes the season started against its mama going up the hill originally it was a key part of the protest there’s all the ribbons in the city but this time is for celebration what’s gonna happen now well I think in the short term let’s enjoy the begin the season and that I think we have to communicate with and all the right people have to communicate with our owners and we need to find out what their plans are going to be for the future and then we have to make some decisions ourselves on what where we want to go and from a sky-blue tris point of view we would like to have some sort of fan representation on the on the board okay we’ve won the battle but the Wars not over you know that’s why it’s not over you there is a major philosophical problem with what should be a sport which are institutions that we still call clubs and a club is a member Association a club you’re a member of a club nobody owns a club and the club’s still ask people to be loyal to them for life and all their marketing is about loyalty and together and you know being a fan for life being a fan not customer you know they’re smart enough not to call them customers to their faces and yet the club is actually a business that’s owned by an investor no previous connection to it who saw some financial projections about how big the Premier League is going to be in the Far East or America when they crack the USA and knows that they’re going to make fortune out of it and to me as a supporter I thought they’re seriously exploiting that sort of innocent loyalty other supporters have sixteen moves all my friends about tonight no problem at all it’s still awkward to quit the chief executive of the football league said when Coventry went back to the Ricoh Arena that it was doubt the fans that got on back to the Ricoh it was down at him and the Football League board that they ever left the reco in the first place that they ever let sissu go into and take over Coventry he recognizes how important the fans are but then he’s not willing to take that recognition and make the logical conclusion that the fans needs to be involved in the governance of the game when people such as him are running the game then there needs to be a radical shake-up of the Football League in my opinion go he goes yeah all right enjoying this stage now yeah yeah sure I’m gonna get tonight as every Thursday night for the last two months we’ll be having a tour of the ground so there’ll be 20 out of our supporters here having a look around at what their money is bought and every single one of them that’s been it’s been extremely proud they’ve all seen the photographs I’ve seen the videos online they’ve seen the drawings and now they can walk through it and see it and very soon that we will be playing our first game in here and people are quite rightly very proud of what they’ve done you’ll have to fighting getting early to get this seat though everybody who comes here and stands on there goes I’m standing it if you want to sit down and you can sit down there yeah exactly so but it’s good okay so there’s a bay at that end there’s a bay and a half of that and that’s because we strip the concrete out of that because we couldn’t afford to put it in but that steel works there to take the concrete when we have got the money to put it in so those areas also would be able to take we’ll be able to take flags think we spent your money wisely yeah good you should be proud of it should tell people about it so it’s you know we’ve built this ourselves there’s not many football clubs can say that this when it’s finished is going to be six million quid that we’ve raised ourselves yes we’ve had some grant funding but most of its come from our own resources and we’re develop a model here that people can use elsewhere if we can do this with just a small group of supports that we’ve got with two three thousand members then any football club can be found so that’s what this is about is about developing a new way to show in the way as to how football can be better on so you don’t need some big rich benefactor you don’t need some you know mega rich billionaire to come and build your football club we prove that I’m worth exactly fans can do themselves huh so you know it’s about spreading that message and when people see it they’ll believe it they won’t believe it until they actually see it for themselves so well done and thanks for coming all right Jess thank you I think this is a really important story for people in Holland and all around Europe to understand because I think that the Premier League is obviously pretty much the most successful league I think it’s the most-watched league it’s you know it’s gripping football and it’s they’ve got most of the many of the big stars but playing in England now and it can seem very very attractive but I actually personally feel quite a sense of embarrassment but the model of selling clubs on the stock market or selling them to oligarchs or to investors has been kind of minted in England and it’s being seen as a model to take around Europe in the Netherland Vitesse Arnhem has a Russian owner and a doe The Hague is still waiting for its new Chinese owner to transfer the promised amount to their bank account Marcel van Busche Malan is a sports journalist who in 2014 wrote a book about Vanessa the collision to meet me over the to love us for Veloster club from the supporters for the revoking for line m at ravu fetuses film Elin believe you can the Nixon dune that left the black yacht club by design a good club away in 2010 V Tessa was the first Dutch club ever to be sold to a foreign owner since then the club has changed owners many times after 10 o’clock – Neil stuck on Z biomes are your name lots of little havana Sydney after feeding mode alarm this TV rehab off all those open arms of Blandings Institute Fanta mark off you built a temple upon the nominee of help made 15 but isn’t even oi to be dueling on the Champions League made of ham dinner some disillusioned V Tessa fans have kept up a constant protest but have as yet achieved nothing concrete ovum X token that made you mad about London marks of deal that Edith had mother estates mere help dog and a xanax taze me in the hoop of Thailand the sponsors Disick face that saves me eclipsing others will follow from particular unit and I think if dot in the two combs provides mistaken Club posture have stopped little page football word loved to inverter the heck and the cyclic obsession until ago me chose it needs her priests our lab we are moist is in doubt the for build but gaskets lettuce reporters at 40 hood the dunam 1114 a Alonso fairies then would it he is not fair another clouds over the hope and um not dama scheme we’re never go oh but we never feel down we’re gonna build our own ground we’re gonna battle ground survivor you

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  1. Portsmouth fan trust sold to a majority shareholder recently. I hope they don't come to regret that decision.

  2. i dont understand… why did you sell the shares in the first place… if you sell over 50% shares and someone buys you up they own the company… if you want it back. go buy your shares back you sold in the first place LOL

  3. Awesome, it begins with a trickle then its a flood. They've fucked over the working class fans for too long. As an LFC fan, I don't like the idea teams like Leeds, Nottingham Forrest, Villa, and Everton scratch a living from the Premier League. I don't like the idea loyal supporters from teams lower down the leagues don't have a chance… sure there has to be winners and losers, but I want everyone to have the chance to sing and cheer in joy.

  4. Su ejemplo inspirara a muchos aficionados en todo el mundo!! His example inspired many fans around the world!

  5. South America is the last true standing ground of clubs even thought there already corrupted an being use as political forces …..the end of true football is near for the world ,,,!!!!

  6. I support everything in this doc. and more but, this fetish about the working class has got to end, FOOTBALL IS THE SPORT OF THE POOR.

  7. The BBC programme "How to buy a soccer club" threw light into a very dark tunnel where people like the former Thai Prime Minister and embezzler and the late Chairman of Leeds Football Club engaged in the corruption and defilement of English Football.

    I feel no remorse for the fiery death of another prince of excesses on the backs of very poor Thais and the people of England. The Lords and Princes of English Football have everything to be ashamed of in themselves for being party to the siphoning of embezzled money (Thaksin Shinawatra and his sister) from state government coffers in THailand. Another of these maggots is Vincent Tan another Chinese from south east Asia resident in Malaysia and England (Chairman of Cardiff city) and protected by the corrupted Mahathir Mohammad second time round prime minister of Malaysia.

    These people are no different to the maggots Putin drove away from his country Russia like Boris Berezovich and Abramovich. The Brits appear to have no dignity, no sense of honour whenone considers the police there and people like Sir Alex Ferguson spend time with these thieves as if they were honourable men.

    Dr. Mahathir and his Malaysian thieves are on another spending spree with stolen Malaysian money. Vincent Tan's story is in an editing stage after Wilson Perumal the Singaporean match fixer sold his story to a Hollywood film house. Corruption in south east Asia goes right up to the top of governments there including the "clean state" of Singapore.

  8. Football aka big business. Let's face it the player salaries are in no relation to the actual performance or entertainment effect. With some of them, you gain the impression that they can heal cancer or build the next Mars rocket judging from their valuation and salary. Hence, smaller clubs are either squeezed out of the market or they adopt to the market conditions.

  9. Mr Conn, the German supporters don't have a say in how the club operates,the elite at the top have taken over,mainly ex players! How much are these directors payed etc etc ??????

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