Whitney Bjerken | 2nd Level 8 Gymnastics Meet | All Around Champion


It won’t let me How come it lets my feet on it but not my hands? Your feet weigh more than your hands What’s going on tonight? My meet Good luck and stop Where we going girl? to my meet Your meet? Who you got with you? My Ronald Your Ronald? Is that his name? Yes. What’s he for? He’s my lucky duck He’s a big old lucky duck Alright, let’s see that hair do How’d mommy do? Oooo! Let’s see the other side. Oh stop the bus Alright, so tonight is your first floor routine, right? of the season Since you’ve been hurt… and your first… Duck…oh you’re taking a selfie hold on…let me take a selfie Are you gonna be insta that? I probably didn’t say that right Watch out insta followers She’s got a selfie with Ronald the duck Does Ron know you named him Ronald? No I don’t know I love that duck Good luck Don’t cut his beak off Extra fast [warm ups] Shout out from the GGC Optionals…Good luck Whitney [Uneven bars] [Balance beam] Whitty! [Floor exercise warm ups] Come on Whit Come on Whitney Come on Whitney [Floor Exercise] Good job Whitney [Vault] The first place with a score of 37.150… Whitney Alright Whitney! Gymnasts salute

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