Which team is this? (Part 1) ⚽ Football Quiz 2018

Which team is this? (Part 1) ⚽ Football Quiz 2018

Melyik csapat ez?
20 másodperced van a válaszoláshoz 18-szoros Premier League győztes 3-szoros Serie A gyözetes Német focicsapat, 2009-ben alapították 5-szörös Európa Liga győztes 5-szörös FA-kupa győztes Melyik válogatott ez?
20 másodperced van a válaszoláshoz A jelenlegi FIFA-világranglistán 18. Vezetőedző: Vladimir Petkovic 1-szeres Olimpiai bajnok (1972) Ez egy Dél-Amerikai csapat A legsikeresebb Afrikai csapat Hányat tudtál? Írj egy komment-tet 🙂

100 thoughts on “Which team is this? (Part 1) ⚽ Football Quiz 2018

  1. Part 3 : https://bit.ly/2ovdHd2
    Part 2 : https://bit.ly/2xYIN4g
    1 Liverpools goalkeeper is Alisson. (Karius is AS Romas goalkeeper)
    2 Eden Hazard plays for Chelsea. (I thought for Thorgan Hazard who is usually on the bench)
    3 Belgium's goalkeeper is Courtois. (Mignolet is the second goalkeeper)

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  2. Majmune igra Subašić a ne kalinic
    Igra lovren a ne corluka
    Igra mandžukic napadača kalinic ne igra
    Gdje rebic

  3. As soon as I saw Bosnia Merlin panic – Juventus
    Soon as I saw Germany and Holland I thought bayern (neuer and robben)
    Soon as I saw Belgium and Spain I was like man utd (de gea and lukaku)
    Soon as I saw Germany Argentina Uruguay and France thought barca
    Then idk other

  4. Liverpool 18 time premier peague winners? No theyre not they havent won the premier league once, division 1 yes, but since the name change to premier league no

  5. * Rabiot and Digne play for France only for some friendlies match and France don't play in 4-3-3 but 4-2-3-1

  6. 2:23 Messi is playing Right Winger, not left.
    2nd mistake…
    4:07 Karius isn't a Brazilian goalkeeper nor AS Roma goalkeeper
    3rd mistake
    7:37 Kylian Mbappe plays Right Wing, not left

  7. Club Teams:
    1. Juventus
    2. FC Bayern
    3. Manchester United
    4. FC Barcelona
    5. PSG
    6. FC Liverpool
    7. ?
    8. RB Leibzig
    9. ?
    10. ?
    National Teams :
    11. Spain
    12. Germany
    13. France
    14. Portugal
    15. ?
    16. Croatia
    17. Switzerland
    18. Poland
    19. ?
    20. ?

  8. alo cigane od kad messi igra levo krilo tetku ti sharejum mamu ti poljubim i dembele je levo krilo bolesniče jedan

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