What’s the Real Reason Tony Kornheiser Left Monday Night Football?


to record highs will no longer be on
monday night folklore uh… is the reason is that he has if you’re flying what is it
with football practice broadcasters and if you’re flying a physicist who was
flying in this schedule this year so he’s decided not to do with my minute
football his replacement is gonna be john bruton former coach of
the deadly buccaneers i find all that interesting uh… for
further cocoa butter would uh… legendary interest for scores
financiers yes uh… as us all this is more than for several summers went hastily
quantizer and then she was gonna is another for
two years of two seasons in arm but they have the first game they wanted all of your most people uh… under you
hate still send us the money as you here uh… lucky let me just to be especially
as a real quick uh… idon’t iowa slots or card eyes it was awkward
in that role i really want in the cities as i like
them i’d like a monkey see i like this column
but i thought the just never work he was there was something off worden and not
that funny or interesting about eight minutes so by the end i gave
up and i was like now insist that we really somebody else was amazing is there i’ve been listening to other broadcasts
on the radio westwood one actually boomer senator an excellent oversized and has turned into an excel
broadcaster and i thought why not go the guy that’s
clearly working like rumor science and is celebrating in john bruton who we don’t know anything about and you’re right derek people who i
despise in broadcasting gore as it was not one of them kids and phil simms the worst broadcaster is support history but don’t hit me started so jr thoughts on so if the seventh
record in the fifth third with those words he was was he pre-game no useful
juliet stores uh… bombers were seized a but this is the situation i was their
basic to enlist as your skin grouting is that going to work is you know you
know group knows every aspect of the ended doorstep because of the road but the thing is i think to a corner has
done for i think it was lesson more what they want him to be because he’s good on p_c_r_ that’s a
stinging rights law contract would it be the dennis miller
was divorced percent stollenwerk and they all sound of the
the cross promotion will be bringing entertainment are artist or actor incumbents often in
corners at tended to leave that part of the so was everybody hates except the
women who were like oh armed the guy was in the snow movie of the the the thirty
go some thirty girlfriends that something is made american worker there is anything almost every weekend in processor
decided it was a certain models once and for what you know they’re going to be that and
that’s one of our you know that they actually get in there activity that bill walton time but another one’s ability birthday i
mean he’s a likable guy but he says we are things that don’t make any sense
half the time right theses colorful the and they don’t even have men be
fairly important because maybe after awhile you can’t stand it anymore but he says controversial thinks he says
there is a insisting that make you go out provided
out here with us all the right that’s the kind of cold war that indeed now out you know with several well i’m not saying anything i’m just sick that’s all the whole the whole
apologetic allotment it was a mom and i forgot how much fun when i make and the reason
is not everything is there burned the pink as a shocker we know we
all know by then everybody’s blowing up of all talk about whether that that’s a
joke he wouldn’t you would be because of the world was involved in the media you
know i wouldn’t say something that’s so lesson plans was completely testable he was just said things like that if you’ll go watch in
in the entire city philadelphia if he has been a candidate you like and that’s why dot bhatnagar superstars
racial or or no and that’s what i thought when he asked erickson address
some of it was not a bad mood i thought you know what if some interesting things
going on here with a greater i don’t agree the problem is i didn’t realize how
full-blown mental russell’s but it isn’t getting picnic everything ratio in they you know content get in there and talk about liberals or
conservatives and republicans and democrats or race or anything like that half of all taxes dissing the like well someone anyone point out peyton
manning strategy issue obviously is very busy those
little happy feet i saw that there was an early draft or there was like three feet above
somebody else’s that but everybody in football including quantizer oddball do you think that’s part of the funds what are these ones you saw the and somebody actually brings up as the water and fuel cell and we
organizer with it you know alike you flying if he’s telling the truth pain role off being kicked off releases here flying no deal trials you give up with dream job like monday night for quotas
you’re free afraid of flying irrationally and then number two there’s an excellent chance these
felicia and they do relate made a move on a loss
on this and worked out needs like what should i go with well to come over they haven’t had warm adsl maven’s furry right you think he’s lying about madden no no no no corn myself like i was the
first thing i can uh… to keep forgetting city that’s the first they
got rid of everybody corners manipal

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