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hi guys Ian from the Football Boots team and today we are going to cut open the World Cup Ball. We’re going to see what’s inside we’re going to see what’s inside a training ball, what’s inside a match ball, what’s inside a mid-range ball. We’re going to cut them open in this video and then we will test the inside of the ball against an actual ball and see which is best at the pitch here. All right guys let’s get straight into the video and start taking apart these balls. Time to find out what is inside the ball. So we’ve got a few little tools here that we’re getting amongst it with. First thing I do is I’m going to take this ball out the box this is what we’ve used quite a lot there is a comparison of this ball and another one on the channel if you want to check that out. So let’s have a look inside this the first thing we’ve got to do is find the the valve here yeah and I’m going to deflate the ball, going to take some air out so I don’t pop it when I start cutting it, because if I did it now, if I did it straight away, then I could just go straight through the bladder and I want to protect the bladder. [Music] All right let’s first take a look and cut into this ball, it does have a little bit of damage that’s one of the reasons why we wanted to look at it and it’s going to help me get into it I hope. So do we start with the knife? Do we start with the scissors? Probably not scissors just yet, we want to get into it a bit first before we start with, who knows. So I’m going to use a Stanley knife this nice sharp blade here and I’m just really hoping that because it’s really pinched together here I’m hoping the bladder is somewhere else in here and I can avoid cutting into it that’s the whole idea of this is avoid the bladder. So here we go just going to cut into it, see, so this is the top training ball it’s not the highest quality match ball but it’s also not the cheap one. Okay first it’s quite thick on the outside, like a little rubber outside. I’ll show you what’s inside that in a bit, let’s have a look at the cheapest version so this is from our hydro dip video where we dipped the very cheap version of the World Cup ball and you can check that out there’s a card at the end of the video. All right so it is time see what is inside the cheap version, I’m going to find somewhere to get into this. So this is the Top Glider the replica. Now treat this a bit like trying to peel an orange I’ll see if I can get the whole thing off in one. The stitching is holding these panels together interesting because on this one they’re all glued together. You can probably see here like that see how I’m cutting the stitches there there we go. So what’s inside football? This is inside the football! interesting and then we’ve got this, so you can see how they stitched it together. What do you think of that? Very interesting so you can see all this excess material around the lines here. You can see also how to change back into a ball so they’ll stitch it together this way and then turn it inside out I imagine. All right so we got that and then this is like a bird’s nest. This is that rubber bladder of the inside, we could try and pump that I suppose if we wanted to look at it pumped up. Alright we’ve got the pump here let’s pump this up and have a look see if it’s still going maybe we should send Tom to the pitch to test this out versus the ball. Alright so we know what is inside the cheap ball we’ll take that to the pitch to test it out but next i’ll reveal what is in the medium price ball, not even moving on to the high-end official World Cup Match Ball as yet. Alright so I need to get my blade out a bit more and I’m just going to cut few more these panels to just get in there and get out what’s inside. Alright it’s time to reveal What Is Inside this… The answer is nothing apart from this little valve part here. So what I can tell you is this is what this is but this has this white wrapped around it. They’re both bladders will be interesting to see if they’re the same quality as each other or if the bladder actually is different, has a difference I can’t find that out until we kick this at the pitch versus a real ball but bearing in mind that this is just glued on. So you can see here there’s kind of three colors you’ve got the orange the white and the black. All right; the orange the white and the black. So the orange is the outer part that’s just the design and the print on the ball then you’ve got the white which is the cushioning and then the black is actually the bladder the bit that holds all the air the bit that you’re kicking around is this bit now these panels are glued on rather than being stitched on which is what we saw on this one so that’s the difference that’s what you’re paying for the extra quality in the ball so if you move on to this one this one is glued on as well. Question is do we take a knife do we cut up the World Cup Ball? We were going to do it, but considering all I’m going to show you is this, it does seem like a bit of a waste. So we won’t be doing that but we will be now going to the pitch to test out the inside bladder versus a ball and seeing all the differences when you kick them around. Okay all right so that’s just a normal ball let’s see what the insides like to be fair it just feels like the ball but without all the extra padding it’s a bit lighter as well but more of a balloon Alright I’m here in front of goal now and I’m going to get a feel for how each of these balls actually strike I’m going to start with the World Cup ball shouldn’t be any surprises here. Yeah standard ball, alright the bladder, now anything could happen… Woah alright, so that bladder is way way lighter when you hit it and also just sort of like pops off your foot obviously doesn’t have any of the padding that the World Cup ball has. Alright guys so Tom has given us a good look at what it’s like kicking a bladder compared to kicking a real ball. You guys have seen inside of this one. The question is would you really want me to cut this one open and find out what’s inside of it? I think the only difference is going to be little RFID chip that you could see that is in there that’s the only extra thing otherwise it’s going to look just the same as this maybe slightly better quality rubber or something who’s to say? Anyway let me know in the comments below if you do want to see it maybe have a vote in this poll card now; yes you want me to cut the actual official match ball for the World Cup or no don’t do it it’s a waste let me know and yeah let us know in the comments anything else you want to see us do on the channel any other football experiments things like that we will certainly look at doing that for you very soon thank you very much for watching guys go Enjoy Your Football [Music] the World Cup Ball for 2018 is ball…

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