What’s inside the Washington Monument?


(intense upbeat music) – [Teen] Welcome back, What’s Inside. Today we are going to see what’s inside the Washington Monument. – [Man] From a very unique perspective, this is VR180, so if you take your finger or if you tilt your phone you can see the top of the Washington Monument. – [Teen] So, you can like
scroll with your finger or – [Man] Or see all these flags everywhere. – [Teen] Yeah. – [Man] But today I might
look a little bit sweaty. That’s because I just
barely ran up the entire stairwell of the Washington Monument, something that not very
many people have done, [Teen] Yeah. and yes we filmed it and
we’re going to show you some unique things that are inside of the stairwell of the
Washington Monument. This has been closed for
almost the last two years. – [Teen] So we are the
first people to show you a VR experience of the
Washington Monument. – [Man] But even if you’re
just watching on your phone in a normal way, this is going to be a really interesting video,
and hopefully educational. So, come with us inside,
we’ll go check it out. – [Teen] Let’s go. – [Man] This is my first time ever going in the Washington Monument. – [Teen] This is a newly
renovated elevator. – [Man] One of the first people ever. (upbeat music) – [Teen] Five. – [Man] This is it, I guess. (upbeat music) When this building was complete in 1884, it was the tallest building
in the entire world at 555 feet tall. – [Teen] In the world? [Man] In the world. We just took the – [Man] elevator up and uh,
– [Teen] Wow! it was pretty easy to get up to the top. I think we need to take
the stairs down later, but – Yeah. – [Man] Open sesame. – [Teen] Perfect timing! – [Man] (laughs, claps) Here we go! – [Teen] Oh, look at this! – [Man] Oh my gosh! – [Teen] Whoa! – [Man] There’s the U.S.
Capitol right there! – [Teen] Look at the lawn. – [Man] All the Smithsonian
right along that side. – [Teen] Look at the lawn, there’s like… It’s huge! (exhilarating music) – [Man] That is so beautiful, there is not a better
view in D.C. than that. (exhilarating music) – [Man] They bring about
fifteen people up the elevator, and about every hour, there’s 110 people that can come up. – [Teen] Wow, this is beautiful. There’s so much water. Once we got up here I was
really surprised how much water there is like surrounding this area. – [Man] There really is a lot of water, you’ve seen the video that we did at the World War II Monument, you could see all of the
water that goes underneath and how they have like
a fail safe in place that pushes all the excess
water out to the Potomac, but yeah you can see it. No wonder it’s so humid here and they call D.C. kind of swampland. – [Teen] Yeah it used to be a swamp but then they had to drain
the swamp out into the river. – [Man] (mumbles) Yeah. What’s crazy is this building is like tighter at the top
than it is at the bottom, it’s just the way that it was built because it is entirely made out of stone and if you look up right now
you can see all of that stone. You can see, cause you’re on VR right now, so turn your phone or just
look up with your headset. – [Teen] Just scroll up or… – [Man] And you can even see
the red light that’s blinking so that airplanes can see that this building is here at nighttime. – [Teen] Yeah. That’s crazy. – [Man] The light looks
ginormous from here, but it’s actually, outside you just see this
little tiny blinking light. – [Teen] It’s really cool too, because this is the largest
free standing masonry structure, so like the world’s, the world’s tallest. – [Man] That is crazy so a building made entirely out of stone. Yes, it has a few little, maybe there’s a tiny bit of concrete inside of these pillars
that were put in later, but there’s really no concrete
in the rest of the building. – [Teen] Yeah. – [Man] It is just made out of stone. You’re now looking at what
is probably my favorite view of the west side. We filmed two videos
about these right now, if you wanna go watch em,
they’re in the link below, but we did what’s underneath
the Lincoln Memorial, and, which is actually really interesting. – [Teen] Yeah. – [Man] What’s underneath there. And also what’s underneath
the World War II monument, which is right there. – [Teen] This is like the best view ever. Look at this. – [Man] That reflecting pool is huge. – [Teen] Looks so cool. – [Man] The people that are
walking along side of it look like ants right now. Right now we’re in like
the pyramid looking part of the top of the Washington Monument. And this is what you see. These are the only windows. They’re these small windows. – [Teen] Yeah like if you
like come here at night, you can see a bit of light inside of these which they look so small. – [Man] This is it. But it’s enough for you
to have a really nice view that you can look out and
see things from up here. – [Teen] Yeah. – [Man] An interesting fact
about the Washington Monument. On August 23, 2011, there
was actually an earthquake that was about 90 miles south of here. 5.8 earthquake. – [Teen] Wow. – [Man] But up here at the
very top, they could feel it and the people were kind of thrown about and they actually fell down. So I think they fell down. But not down, down off the thing but like fell the ground up here. – [Teen] Yeah. – [Man] There were some visible cracks that were put into the building. They did go and they
fixed up all those cracks. Obviously there’s some things in place that make it a little
structurally stronger than what it was back then. So it should be safe. It should be okay up here. – [Teen] Yeah. – [Man] But interesting piece of history, that there was an earthquake. But I would have liked to
have been up here for that. – [Teen] Oh yeah, that
would have been so cool. (laughs) (medium tempo music) – [Man] So this is a really small space. It’s smaller than I thought up here. But there’s eight windows, really, really good air conditioning. – With four amazing views. It looks…this is the best view. – [Man] If you’re going to D.C., – It looks so cool. – [Man] it’s the best view. If you have to wait in line for this, it’s amazing, right?
– Yeah. – [Man] Now we’re gonna go down the stairs into the next room that’s below this and see what’s down there. I already know there’s no windows cause you can see it from the
outside there’s no windows. – Yeah. – [Man] But this is the
second place you would go if you were here. – [Teen] (mumbles) (slow, dramatic music) – [Man] Whoa! – [Teen] Yeah this looks cooler. – [Man] All right, let’s
this is the Exhibit Hall. – [Teen] What? Lightening rods? – [Man] The lightenings in
heaven may scar and blacken it. An earthquake may shake its foundations, but the character which it commemorates and illustrates is secure. Within a year of having the building up, it did get hit by lightening and it actually cracked some of it. – [Teen] In the same
year that he said that. – [Man] So they put these
lightening rods on top of it that they ended up replacing in 2012 but it’s super interesting to see they’re burnt and they’re scarred from many lightening strikes. – Like from lightening. That is so cool. And then what are these little ones? Are they just some more? – [Man] Yeah, those
are ones that were bent from the lightening. – Oh my gosh. Lightening. Lightening hit it. – Right now were in the Exhibit Hall, which is just underneath the
pyramid, dome-like structure and we haven’t even talked about the actual President
George Washington yet. He was the first president
of the United States and he was also the
commander of the military when they beat Britain, as when they were only 13
states back in the day. So an incredibly important president and that’s why the
monument is tall and strong and right in the middle
of D.C. to represent one of the strongest presidents
that the US has ever had. The construction of the Washington
Monument started in 1848 but after about 20 years, they stopped. They didn’t have funding for it anymore. And it just kind of sat for 22 years. Just sat there as a
half-finished building. So when you have this
Washington Monument that was like not even halfway built, just sitting there for 20 years with no progress being made on it, it kind of made Washington look bad. Like is this country really progressing? It is really a strong country? And so finally the
National Parks took over. They raised a bunch of money
and they went to build it. But the tricky thing is
the quarry that they used that was just here in Baltimore, it went out of business and
it wasn’t there anymore. And so they tried to
use a different quarry but the stone was different colors. And why that’s interesting is like, you can even see that right now. If you’re outside and you come to D.C., even if you don’t tour
this and go to the top. – [Teen] You can see
like the first 150 feet or somethin like that. You can see that it’s a darker color than what’s above that. It’s a few different colors. – [Man] Yeah so there’s
kind of the history with it. If you’ve been followin
our channel for awhile, you might remember that
I have this weird goal of running the stairs
in the tallest building in every state. – Yeah, I’m forgetting you
had said that in awhile. – [Man] Nah, it’s been awhile. We did Hawaii one time and we showed we ran the tallest building on our family channel but I’ve never even
considered running the stairs of the Washington Monument because… – Because you are not
allowed to go up the stairs. – [Man] No, look at this. Emergency alarm will sound. There’s probably like
security guards in there. You don’t want to mess with the stairwell. – You can see it, fire exit and then there’s the
stairwell through this. Yeah, there it is. – [Man] One interesting
thing about the stairwell is that there are 193 stones that are from the bottom to the top that are commemorative stones cause back when they were building it and they were looking for funding, they asked from funding from people and they said send in
a stone and some money and we can put your plaque
inside of the building. So cities, states, civic groups and even countries sent
in stones and funding that were then placed
within the stairwell. We have some friends at the
Department of the Interior and they decided to hook me up. And hook you guys up with
a very strange request. We are actually going to go up the stairs of the Washington Monument. – So you can check that off your list. One day you will be able to… – [Man] Do you want to go with me? Do you want to go up the
stairs of this entire building? (teen sighs) – [Teen] I’m going to be so sweaty. – [Man] Yes. The answer is yes. Okay we’re at the bottom. This is the stone from 1848 that they originally put in here. – [Teen] I think this
is the oldest stairwell you’ve ever been in. – [Man] This is definitely it, guys. – [Teen] Yeah. – [Man] I can’t believe we get to do this. But we’re gonna find some plaques. And we’re going to, maybe
not run up the whole thing, but we’re gonna walk up it, get up the full stairwell and
find some of those plaques. All right, we’re on the first
platform…here’s Arkansas. What is this one right here? – This is Washington, sent
in by the National Grace. – National Grace. Whoa, okay Delaware.
You win on this floor. (upbeat pop music) – [Man] A hundred feet, we made it. We’re about 20% of the way to the top. – Yup. – [Man] I don’t feel too winded cause we’ve been stopping to
admire these things. Where usually when I run stairs, it’s just go as fast as you can. This one’s interesting here
cause it’s black looking one. It says ‘from the home
of Knox by citizens of… – Thomaston, Maine. – [Man] Thomaston, Maine. (upbeat pop music) – [Man] So the rule is
these stones needed to be three foot by five foot. But of course there’s gotta be few states that just wanna break
the rule to show how big and how great they are. – Yeah. – And the winner for the
entire Washington Monument in that category is New York. Look at New York. I almost said New York City
but New York is ginormous. This is so big. – Yeah look at that. – There’s not one bigger
than this anywhere. (laughs) Of course, leave it to
the state of New York. – [Teen] Yeah. – Least they put a really cool like, beaver-looking guy with funky teeth on it. – [Teen] Yeah, City of New
York, thank you for this. – This is a key moment. We are at 140 feet right now but if we remember from
when we said earlier that this thing was shut
down for almost 25 years cause they ran out of funding and then they started rebuilding it again. Well this is that point
where they stopped, about 150 feet up. You can see right here along this line. Everything below it is 15 feet thick and it’s made out of this stone that they just kind of
cut with their hands. – [Teen] Yeah. – [Man] Like if you look
on some of the edges, look at these cuts. They’re not very cleanly cut. It’s just hand-cut, carved
stones they just threw in here. But if you notice, the walls kind of go and they start going inward right there. Well what they realized is after 25 years, when they decided to start
rebuilding this thing, they decided that if they continue with 15 feet thick all the way up, it’s just gonna collapse on itself. So it actually made more
sense to make it more narrow and when you get up to the top to where we were at the windows, it’s actually only 18 inches
thick of walls right there. So it just gets narrower
and narrower as it goes up so it’s not quite as heavy. Okay we made it to one
that is…hits home for us. We’re from the state of Utah and they’re one of the only ones to have two plaques in here. And originally they had this
one made out of limestone, which was not the smartest because limestone kind of crumbles. But you can see the honeybee right there? Like the bee hive? That’s like on the flag
of the state of Utah. – [Teen] And I’m really
happy that they did put the Oreo, the Oreo brick
right here for Utah. – [Man] Or granite, as
other people call it. Same thing that they
made the temple out of. – [Teen] It looks like, yeah, it looks like Oreo’s. – [Man] Oreo cookies. I think this is a good point
for me to accomplish my goal of running to the top of the building and then running back down. Give me a few seconds while I run to the top of the
building and back down again. (uptempo music) – [Man] I promise I was going faster. No making fun of me. (laughs) I did it. I made it to the top. It was about 490 feet. It’s not the full 555
that’s the top but I did it. Am I sweating? Yeah, I’m sweating. I ran the stairs. If you wanna check out
what I’m talking about, runstairs.com is actually my
website where I run stairs. So I hope you guys enjoyed
seeing what’s inside – That was so cool. – [Man] the Washington Monument. – All those plaques and just… the view up there was so cool. – [Man] Unbelievable. If you’re ever in town in D.C., make sure you check it out and big thanks to the
National Park Service for giving this opportunity to see it. There is our public
lands all across America that you guys can visit. They’re public lands. They’re your lands. Take the time to check
them out and tour it and see the history of this great nation. – There are some amazing places around. – [Man] It was great and let us know what you
guys thought about the VR180. I’d like to make a couple
more videos with this. I think it’s just such
a cool way to see stuff. All right, see ya! – Bye! (uptempo music) – [Man] Bye. – [Man 2] I’d love to (mumbles). – [Man] Awesome. Thanks. – [Man] Where you from? – [Man 2] Georgia. (mumbles)

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