What’s inside Stretch Armstrong?


(heavy rock music) – Ahh! (sneezes) – Welcome back to, wait.
– Oh, no I’m not welcomed yet. I wanna be able to just grab it. Whew! – What is, welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln and this is Dan and today, we are gonna
come up with something that I really (mumbles). – I love doing this. Sometimes Lincoln has no idea
what we’re gonna cut open so today is one of those days. You know, you saw the thumbnail. You saw the title. – Yeah. – Lincoln, are you ready for this? I don’t think he’s actually
even heard of this before. So, today we are gonna cut
open the old fashioned, awesome Stretch Armstrong toy! – What? – He’s excited. This is a toy that if you see these kids on here, they’re all pulling on it like it’s a piece of meat.
– No! – They help punching him in the face. – No. – They help punching you in the face. Back in the day, this used
to be a really popular toy because you can stretch him, tie him in a knot, but then when you let go, it basically goes back
to it’s normal shape. I’ve never actually held
a Stretch Armstrong. Let’s cut it open and see what does it actually look like inside? How does it work? – I’ve kind of been worried. It might be. He’s huge! (plastic rustling) He’s huge! – He’s muscle-y. There he is. He even has writing on his underpants. (laughs) Here’s his face. Beep. – I like his like, 18-pack right there. Oh, it feels like it’s gel inside. There’s gel inside of him. I’m sure of it. – That’s super heavy. (rubber stretching) (laughs) – He’s stronger than I am. (rubber stretching) (laughs) Ah, it’s so hard! (rubber stretching) – [Dan] Ahh! – Ahh, gonna let go soon! (toy falls on table) – [Dan] He’s back into shape. It’s a miracle. – And with even more muscles. I need one of these to like, practice. – [Dan] I’m gonna hot
him with a sledge hammer and see what happens. Oh, it’s a little, little one. Okay, just hit him with that. (hammering) Dude, he’s rock solid. (hammering) Okay, that’s enough. We’re gonna hurt the table. What is this thing made out of? – It’s like gel. It seems like he’s just gel. (toys pounds down onto table) (laughs) Coming in hot! (slams toy onto table) I gotta go outside and chuck him in the air. Whahh!
– [Dan] Really? – Yeah. Oh. (toy falls on cement) Oh, wee. – [Dan] Landed right on his face. (laughs) (toy falls on concrete) His hair, look at the road. It’s yellow on the road now. (toy falls onto concrete) (laughs) – Stay back, stay back. Stay back. I’m gonna throw this super high. Oh yeah. (laughs) (toy falls onto concrete) Ahh! His head! – [Lincoln} No! – It exploded. – [Lincoln] No! – Oh, no! – [Lincoln] Oh, that was (mumbles). (laughs) – Oh no! Ahh! Lincoln, save his face from the cars. (truck zooming by) Oh! Just missed his face. Lincoln, you look kind of like him. – I’m going inside. – Okay, let’s go inside. This is not a good plan. Just got one of his eyeballs. This is what’s inside of his head. Let go, let go. – I know. – [Dan] Go. Yikes. – [Lincoln] I want to cut him open and see what’s inside of him. (rubber stretching) – Ahh! Okay, let go. – [Lincoln] Goes back. – Just goes back to his shape. This is where his head used to be. As you can tell, right inside of there some sort of hard plastic. I’m really curious to see if it’s like, if it’s sandy material or if it’s a– – [Lincoln] Gel. – [Dan] Gel. – [Lincoln] Ahh! – [Dan] Uh, it looks like
this guy’s made in China. So there’s that. We’re gonna cut right down his six-pack. (beeping) Perform some surgery here. Opening the chest cavity. – [Lincoln] Chest have cavities? (dramatic music) Oh, gel! (upbeat instrumental music) I’m gonna touch it. – [Dan] Touch it. (upbeat instrumental music) – [Lincoln] Sticky. – [Dan] Weird. – [Lincoln] We gotta just expose. (toy falls on floor) (upbeat instrumental music) What! – [Dan] Oh, what is that? – [Lincoln] Ahh! – [Dan] What are you doing, man? You’re having too much fun. – Oh, it sticks. – It has no smell to it. – Don’t see anything wrong. Oh (laughs). – Now look how stretchy he is. (laughs) – Pull, pull.
– Wee! – I have a 6 feet wing span. – Six feet? (laughs) – Yup. Six feet long right now. I wonder what this material is? Hopefully we can get
all this off the table. – I’m actually trying. Ahh! (laughs) – His hand is stuck. Ew, it looks like a big snot, like you just sneezed. – Ow, it hurts so bad. – We don’t recommend you do this. (sneezes) Ooh! This is getting out of hand, guys. I tried to pull it off and it popped my knuckle. (laughs) It is stuck. – Look at my hand. – Oh, my gosh. It’s sticking to the table. Oh, okay. This stuff is dangerous. – Get this off! – We have this stuff all over the place. We need to get it out of here before it sticks around forever. – Now, it’s starting to itch me. – I wonder if there’s any
warnings that you’re not supposed to mess with this stuff? Let’s try to get all of his guts out and put it in a bowl. (upbeat instrumental music) – I shouldn’t of squeezed it. (faucet running) – [Dan] Look at my fingers. That stuff is not coming off anytime soon. (slow somber instrumental music) I think we might ruin the table. It’s sticking into the table. Oh my gosh. Don’t ever cut open your
Stretch Armstrong toys. This is not good. This table. This is a disaster. I feel like this is just glue. I can’t even un-pinch my
fingers after I pinch it. This table’s been good to us. For all these years. We’ve never really made a mistake with it where we’ve really hurt it and you’ve got to think about the things we’ve done on here. – Yeah. – Stretch Armstrong finally did us in. This is the moment that we lose the table and we actually get in trouble by Mama. – By mom. You have ruined us. – This is your new home, Stretch. – [Lincoln] Should we go and hide? ‘Cause I think we might need to. – We need to clean this up. – This is worse than the angry Mama. Now it’s pretty bad. – Ahh! – [Lincoln] Alright, maybe water. I think hot water will
help us get that off. (upbeat instrumental music) Water, water actually does work. After lots of scrubbing, you guys can see. – [Lincoln] It’s left a messy (mumbles). – So much happier now. There’s your video. (slow instrumental music)

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