What’s inside Steph Curry’s Basketball Shoes?

What’s inside Steph Curry’s Basketball Shoes?

(intense music) – Welcome back to What’s Inside,
I’m Lincoln and this is Dan and today we are going to see what’s inside Steph Curry’s signature shoes. – So these shoes are pretty hyped. (mysterious music)
(audience applauds) Steph Curry if you don’t know is one of the greatest basketball
players in the world. As of this year, he is the highest paid basketball player in the entire NBA. Lebron James is number two
and the awesome thing is, right now, they are facing off
in the NBA Finals for 2018. (upbeat electronic music) If you remember last year, 2017, the Warriors beat the
Cavaliers for the championship. – Woo!
– Lincoln likes the Warriors. We were able to have
the unique opportunity where we met Kevin Durant
and he signed his own shoe, his ginormous size 18 shoe. – And I beat him in basketball. Okay, okay.
– Lincoln versus the Finals MVP.
– All right. You can’t dribble it
around the whole time. – Oh!
– Oh! (mystical music) – Kevin Durant, still, you’re the MVP. You’re a much better
basketball player than Lincoln. When we cut open his shoes we were able to see some interesting things. We also this year, cut
open a signed $1,000 Big Baller Brand Lonzo Ball
shoe, he was rookie that was more hyped than any rookie.
– Skechers. – We’ve had in years.
– Skechers. – [Man] Stay in your lane. – That was an interesting one. – Skechers.
– We’ll link both of those videos at the end, but
today is an important day because we have never taken apart and cut in half an Under Armour shoe. As of a couple years ago, more than nine out of 10
players used Nike shoes. This is a Steph Curry one. This officially debuted
in January of 2015. – [Lincoln] Oh, these are cool. – They say that they are charged. It’s pretty heavy, it’s
got a little lightning bolt on it, it is traditional Warriors colors. Steph wore a bunch of
different versions of these when he played in the first year. The Curry one’s came with
this card from Steph Curry. It says, first and foremost I want to thank you for choosing to wear my first signature basketball
shoe, The Curry One. Creating this shoe and
bringing it to players who love the game as much as I do has been a humbling experience. See, that’s what I like about Steph Curry. He’s a humble guy. He really is. He’s a family man. He doesn’t seem to let
the fame get to him. He’s just a humble, great guy. Great family.
♪ Curry with the pop boy ♪ This is the first year. Let’s look at the most recent year which are the Steph Curry 5s that just came out a few weeks ago. Now, the thing that I
like about these shoes is they had one of the best commercials that I’ve seen anybody do. – With Marques! – Hey, I’m a professional. – And he says that he did the operating system for these shoes. – Honestly, this is the
best operating system anyone’s ever seen period. – Which this box has
numbers all over the front like it’s some sort of code, like it’s the operating system. – Silly facts. – So if MKBHD is a part of it. – Then, it must be awesome. – I’m a professional. – It must be.
– Maximum capacity. – I’m gonna link this video. You can go watch it. I don’t know how it only has, at the time I watched it last night, it was like 270,000 views. That video should have a lot
more ’cause it is awesome. – Maximum Capacity.
– Anyway, let’s open these up. Check them out. (upbeat techno music) So these are the Steph Curry 5s. Look at the bottom. It has this square right here that’s turned a little bit in the shoe. It also has the rainbow coloring on top. The color way on the front
and back which kind of looks like some of the KD 10s from last year with the rainbow that I like. – Yes. – It does seem to have like the stretchy fly-net type of stuff that is on there. Look at the gap underneath here. It’s huge. It’s like an inch thick of
just a hole that’s under there. This is good lookin’ shoe and you can see the
difference from 2015 to 2018. And we had to buy one more
pair of Steph Curry shoes because when it came out,
people looked at them and they were so embarrassed. Nike has been around since
Jordan’s early years. Where Under Armour has not been doing basketball shoes forever. You’re going to have some
mistakes along the way. This is one that basketball
people would say is a mistake. These are the Steph Curry grandpa shoe because it looks kind
of like a grandpa shoe. It looks really boring. It’s white, it’s a low top. It’s kind of like a loafer. (polka music) – I can see those shoes doing very well with fans in Fort Lauderdale.
(laughing) – The bottom, the way that the grip looks, I actually like it.
(upbeat techno music) – Maximum Capacity. – A lot of us only know Nike and so to put on Under Armour shoes, it’s kind of a big shift. For Lincoln, when I go
to his competitive league basketball games, how
many kids do you think wear Under Armour versus Nike? – Probably around half of
them wear Steph Curry shoes. – Half of the kids. What does the future look
like for Under Armour? I think it looks pretty
bright because of that. But in order to understand
how they even got to here, you have to understand this crazy story. This crazy story.
– It’s crazy. (intense music) – [Dan] So from 2009 to 2013, Steph Curry was signed with Nike the entire time. In 2013, Steph Curry went
to do his meeting with Nike to decide whether to sign for the next few years
for a shoe contract. And during that meeting there are a few things that went wrong. They called him Stephon Curry. – [Curry] I just get my name
mispronounced all the time. – Didn’t that prevent
you from going to Nike? – [Curry] That’s been written,
I think it might be true. – Do you really care about
me and think about me when you can’t even
pronounce my name right? And they didn’t correct it. They said it multiple times. And, then, another bad
part on one of the slides, it looked like they just copied and pasted from another part of the slide deck and they had Kevin Durant’s
slide like his picture and his name on the slide and they’re like, oh whoops,
we messed up on this. – Were you bothered by that? – A little.
– Maximum capacity. – It’s reported that
they offered him around two million dollars a
year for his shoe deal and not giving him a signature shoe, like these are signature shoes. These are the Steph Curry shoes. They were just going to let him wear Nikes so he clearly wasn’t labeled
as a top tier athlete to Nike. So, then, he goes and
meets with Under Armour. Smaller shoe company. Big in some of clothing
apparel space at the time. They offered him, reportedly, over four million dollars a year but to sweeten the deal, they said, we will give you your own
signature shoes, which they did. And we will give you ownership
in Under Armour company. So like company stock ownership. October 2013, he signed with them. Fast forward to January 2015, which incidentally is the time that we started our YouTube channel. That’s kind of a cool side note. They released this Steph Curry One shoe and their shoe sales went up 754%. (upbeat techno music) – That sounds like a lot. – Yes. It’s an interesting story
in the history of business and taking risks and spending
money on different athletes. And where your priorities are and kind of, ah man, I can’t believe
what happened with Nike. (sad music) We’ve talked a lot about these shoes. – Let’s go cut them open! – We are back in the garage
of our neighbor, Steve, who helps us out with
all of our shoe videos because he has this saw
that actually works. (upbeat music) That’s pretty good. Okay, that one’s ready to go. Grandpa Shoes. – Grandpa Shoes! – Grandpa laces are off. (upbeat music) This one’s a little hard to do because out of all of them, I
do like this the most. (saw whirring) – Oh, baby!
– Maximum capacity. – We are back and we have all of the shoes cut open in front of us. – [Dan] Split them open. – Bom bom bom bom. – When you lift it up, you can see there’s a couple different layers. This is the sole that’s really soft. And, then, it has this
other layer right here that’s like a kevlar
from a bullet proof vest. It feels like that type of material. And, then, the first layer
of the foam in the shoe. Anafoam is what they call it. It does have three lines
that go through it. I’d be curious to know what
Under Armour is thinking with that and what type of support and cushion that provides for your foot but there definitely was
some thought put into that. – These feel more squishy.
– The Ones? – Yeah, but it’s strange they have all this black stuff on it. And, like, it’s hard right here. That’s hard.
– So, this is the first one. The Ones are the first one to
come out with this Charged. It’s supposed to be
really flexible and soft but when you’re playing it stiffens up. Really interesting. But I think a lot of it
might do with this hard layer right there in the middle. – Yeah. For this one, the bottom
right here, that’s hard. Which is a bit strange, where
your heel goes, it’s hard. – The sole has one of
the best, like, grippiest and one of the highest rated
soles that people have had. They really, really liked that. They compared it to a lot
of the top Jordan shoes that have been out over the years and some of the top
Kobe’s that have been out. This shoe is good looking
and I like the feel of it. – [Lincoln] Yeah. – [Dan] The inside of it does look good. They have some things going on for it, like with these lines. These air pocket lines. With the sole. With the gap in the middle. And, so, I’m excited to
see the future and see what they can come up with because, just in three years of signature shoes, they’ve really come a long
way and they’ve learned a lot. And I like that about this company. Companies like Nike,
they’ve had 30, 40 years of making signature designer shoes for different top, key athletes that play at the highest level. They’ve already got the market shared. They have years of engineering
that are behind it. Maybe that’s part of the reason why they’re going to offer half as much. Sometimes, I like an underdog and Steph Curry he’s a smaller. – Underdog, Under Armour, Underdog, Under Armour. – There we go. And, now, the most important question. Who do you have for the
Warriors versus the Cavs? – Warriors, Warriors! – Warriors. Hope that you guys liked this. Let us know what other
shoes you would like to see. – What shoes. – And let us know in the comments below, which is your favorite? Nike or Under Armour? I want to know which one is better. Which one is going to be
better in 10 years from now? That is the question. And share this with your
friends that are Warriors fans or Cleveland fans or Under
Armour fans or Nike fans. Thanks for watching.
– All your friends! Good bye! – It doesn’t.
– That must be so hard. To put your shoes on.

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