What’s inside a Football Pylon?

What’s inside a Football Pylon?

– Welcome back to What’s Inside? I’m Lincoln, and this is Dan, and today, we’re gonna cut open
this real football pylon. – You ever seen these at football games? They sit, there’s eight
of them on the field, four in each end zone, and they put them right on the corners. If somebody’s jumping, and
say they jump out of bounds, but they reach the football
over, and it just barely touches this thing, that
counts as a touchdown. And so, it really helps the
officials and the players know where the corner of the end zone is, and see if they really scored a touchdown. We got this authentic one directly from the BYU Football Offices. It’s been an interesting
trip coming down here. TSA was a little bit scared
about what the contents are. Hopefully, they let us
through at the airport. Like, Lincoln, I don’t know
what’s inside of a pylon. Do you? – I think it’s just sand. – I think it’s just sand, too.
– Because when you feel it, it feels like there’s– – [TSA Officer] All right,
so that is the issue. – [Dan] Look away. – [TSA Officer] You wanna
come over here for a second? – That’s awesome. Eek! – Giant, green mass. There. – That’s awesome. A giant, green mass in the pylon. I’m even more interested now to see what’s inside of a pylon than ever, because originally, I
was like, I don’t know if it’s gonna be an interesting thing. – [TSA Officer] Shows up that
color, which also happens to show up the same color
as certain explosives. – [Dan] Dang. – [TSA Officer] So I get
to play amateur chemist, and make sure it’s all safe. (investigative music) – This is hilarious. – They’ve been through a lot of training. They want to make sure that we’re safe, so I’m actually really
glad they’re doing this. And it makes it kind of fun, because now the intrigue is there. Like, I can’t wait to cut into this pylon and see what’s inside of it later today. – [TSA Officer] All right, so,
your bag ended up alarming. – Oh, no! (investigative music) We’re free! We made it! And we got the pylon with us! So, the intrigue is definitely building. Like, what is inside of this pylon? We’re about to find out,
but it may not just be sand. He said it was a green mass. I’ve asked people and
they’ve given me different responses about what’s inside of here, and what they think is inside of it. My mom actually said,
“Isn’t there a pole in that “that keeps it in the ground?” Some people might think
that, ’cause it’s just always on the ground, but
if you think about it, it needs to be soft, ’cause
these guys are jumping and falling on these
things, and if they hit it, it could really hurt
them if there’s a pole sticking out of it and they land on it. Obviously, that would not be good. So, these things are super squishy. Look at that. (grunts) Yep, there it goes. Right back into place. (laughs) This is a NFL Football Stadium. This isn’t a college football stadium. That’s interesting, because there’s a book that I listened to from
audible.com on the way down here, it’s called The System by Jeff Benedict. Audible hooked us up. They have a 30-day free
trial that you guys can try. The link is in the description. It’s audible.com/whatsinside. But the reason why I
think it’s interesting is because look at this
stadium, how beautiful it is. In the book, it really outlines, like, how much money these teams make. The Top 10 teams have yearly
budgets of $80,000,000, The top head coaches make
over 3,000,000 a year. And yet, the players
don’t get paid anything. Like, just this year, and
I think it’s partly because of the book The System,
they’re finally getting some actual, like, food stipends. Big thanks to Audible,
we could have done this in our backyard, but instead, we brought this pylon down to a football stadium. We’re gonna go to opening
day college football. Go get yourself a free 30 day trial, or The System, you can
get that book for free. Got our pylon. I’ve got my knife. Check this thing out. (laughs) Not gonna take that into the stadium, but this will definitely
help us cut open the pylon. You ready, buddy? – I am ready! (giggles) My ankle! – We gotta know what’s inside of you. Oh, murdering it! (grunts) Sorry, pylon. This is not surgery. – Go, Dad! – Oh, man. Ugh. I got to the bottom. Okay. Let’s open the top. What is inside of a football pylon? ‘Bout to find out. Ready, Lincoln? First, we’ve got this giant guy. – Go! – Look at that! We were right. It’s a bag of sand. (laughs) Basically, this is just memory foam, like you see on a bed, like
you see on a bed mattress. And then this is just a
bag of sand at the bottom. So, really squishy, and then
it’s just this material here. That’s it. Next time you’re at a
football game and you see one of these pylons, and the guy diving in for the touchdown, you can
think of what’s inside, and you can say, “Hey, I
know what’s inside of that. “It’s memory foam, and it’s
a bag of sand at the bottom.” No wonder this thing
only cost us $15 to buy from the BYU athletic department. – We could even make our own. – It’s pretty easy. – Whoever your sports
team is, whether it’s NFL or college, enjoy the football season, I hope your team does well, except when they’re playing BYU, and go Cougars. This is the way we do pre-game. Birthday cake, banana shake. Before the burger. Before the meal. You always eat that shake
before the meal, right? – Always. – [Man] Anybody who’s smart does.

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