What’s inside a Blind Person’s Soccer Ball?

What’s inside a Blind Person’s Soccer Ball?

(rattling) – What do you mean blind? (banging) (foreign language) (cheering) – Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln and this is Dan and today we have a soccer ball. – I didn’t know 2018 would be
the year of a soccer ball, but – Yeah, we’ve had so many soccer balls. – We keep finding these
super super interesting ones. Right now it’s The World Cup in Russia, which a lot of you guys know about, but there’s also another World Cup that’s happening in Madrid
that is in my opinion, more impactful and more exciting than The World Cup in Russia. – No offense World Cup. – The International
Blind Soccer Association. The Blind World Cup
happens every four years and so a lot of you guys
are probably wondering, what do you mean blind? The soccer players are completely blind and if they’re not completely blind, they wear something over their eyes so they can’t see one bit. – I don’t understand. Like how do they know where the ball is? And, like the other people? I would just crash into the other people. – Yeah. And crashing does happen sometimes. (whistle) (crowd groaning) (slow motion sound effects) – Looks like he lost,
like his front tooth. Seriously. What is it about this ball
that’s unique Lincoln? (rattles) – I think it has bells in it. – It’s very loud. It has some sort of bells or
somethin’ that makes noise. That’s what we’re gonna find out. What is inside of this ball? When I heard about this, I
didn’t believe it a little bit and so I jumped on a plane
within two days notice and I flew to Madrid because
this thing only happens once every four years. Lincoln was at basketball camp, so sadly I went by myself and watched these guys play football, or soccer, however you wanna call it. Wherever you’re from in the world. – Yep. – The goalie is 100% seeing. He’s not blind. – That’s ridiculous. Cause if everyone should be blind. – It seems like cheating, right? – Yeah. – But, it turns out, they
are able to score on this guy and the goalies are good, their job isn’t just to block the ball. Like, they are, they’re the
full on directors out there. They’re hollering out. (foreign language) The ball’s on your right foot. Kick it to the left side. Sometimes it’s hard for ’em
when they’re goin’ around, they don’t know where the
ball is when it’s not moving and then they go and the kick it and then they go and they
make these awesome plays and they kick it in the goal. I get chills right now
just thinking about it. Despite the challenges that they literally have in their life, that they are blind, they are going and playing full on soccer, and also you gotta think,
there’s not like a league. There’s only so many people
that play blind soccer, playing football, so every four years, they come to The World Cup, and that’s kind of like their big stage and their moment where they
get to play real competition. Incredibly inspiring and I
really am super intrigued to see what’s inside of this. It’s not just air like a lot of you guys might say in the comments whenever we do a soccer ball video. We have a full on video,
a more in depth video or blind football that
you should go check out. It’s the Family Channel.
– [Lincoln] It’s down there. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you a little bit more about it and
just show how amazing it is. In four years, wherever the next Blind Football Championship is, I wanna take the entire family
and go and support the teams. It’d be cool if USA had a team. Come on USA, do you have a
blind association of people that you can get together,
get together some athletes. You have four years. Let’s try to get a team from
USA to go to The World Cup. (hissing) (rattling) All right, we’re goin’ all the way around. We are getting in. The bladder is still. The bladder is different than ever. It has something in it. That is weird. – Is cotton in it? – Cotton. This is a legit ball. I don’t know, I’ve never seen
cotton inside of a bladder of any type of ball before, but a blind football
does have that in there. Is that a plane? That’s a plane. – There’s three pockets
in one side of the ball that have indents in it and it looks like that’s
where the bells could be. That’s like the only
spot where it could be, but they’re so hard. That explains why some
of them are super hard and some of them are softer. – Six different metal pockets
inside of the blind football, but now, what’s inside
of the metal pockets? – That’s exactly what I thought. I thought there was gonna be like metal, metal around the bells, so then when it rattled, you
could hear the bells loud. (rattling) – We’re still goin’. Okay, so look at this. There’s six of these bell things and they’re glued in there. They’re glued in and they’re sewn in. (bells tinkling) That’s a lot louder. (ringing) So, it’s super loud like
this, but what is it in there? What is inside of this metal thing? – [Lincoln] How are you
supposed to get in there? – How do we get inside of this? (ringing) It’s under the Tesla. (banging) Bendin’ it like Beckham. I’m making progress. Slowly. Whoa. Okay, we got in. I’m drippin’ sweat. That was a lot more work than I thought. We got my neighbor over
there mowin’ his lawn which is super loud, but we are in. I think we just need to
crack this thing open. (rattling) Let’s go do that with Lincoln though. (rattling) All right, here we go. – [Lincoln] Oh, it totally opened. – Whoa, whoa. There’s metal balls.
– [Lincoln] Like metal beads. Metal little balls. Right now we have eight
of these little balls. – I think two fell. – One or two fell, so there’s nine or 10, and then there’s six of
these within the soccer ball. – So, there’s 60 of ’em? – 60, around 60. 60 little metal balls are inside of a blind person soccer ball. – These are surprisingly heavy. – This ball is hand sewn. It looks a lot like the Louis
Vuitton $5,000 soccer ball. I am going to say, this
is the most interesting soccer ball or football that
we’ve ever done a video on. – I dropped another one. – If all of these were just in the ball, the thing would be lopsided as you’d throw it or as you’d kick it, but how smart that they sewed them in. They still make the noise. – They’re smart whoever made this. – Yes. I would travel anywhere
in the world to watch these guys compete in the championships. They put more work into
playing blind football than I’ve probably put into anything. The amount of focus and attention and grit that they have to have. They’re so tough. Huge shout out to the players. We’ll put a link in the
description to these guys, to their organizations, and then you can check
it out for your own, maybe get one of these
balls, practice a bit. – Maybe start a US team. – Yeah, that would be great
if there was a US team. I would love that. Then, in four years when we go, there could be a US Blind Soccer team. That’d be great. – Yep. That’d be cool. – In four years time, if you guys wanna come hang out with us, come to the Blind Football
World Championships. Not a sponsored thing. Just walk right in. – I’ll be driving a car by then. (dramatic music) – The bounce. – The bounce. Watch this. (tinging) You can’t catch. You lost all of them. They’re now all gone. (rattling) – No offense World Cup.

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  1. I think this is a great thing given people that might not have our blessings a chance and be loved and be able to prove they are the best 😀

  2. Hey what’s inside you guys should look up goal ball it’s a. Game that is played by blind and visually impaired individuals are using their hearing and touch you should also check out beep baseball

  3. What's inside the ball?

    A black bag and six pouches on the side

    What's inside the bag and pouches?

    Cotton in the bag and rattles in the pouches

    What's inside the rattle?

    Ten metal balls

    That's what's in a blind soccer ball.

  4. Dan. Take your money, hire a coach and some trainers, then find blind people who wanna play soccer. Boom, the U.S now has a blind team

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  8. The Maryland School for the Blind is trying to help develop a US Men's Blind soccer team! Reach out to us if you want more info! Thanks for the video and for advocating for Blind Sports. Check out the Paralympic game of Goalball next!

  9. Good news! This is a very late response, but multiple U.S. states are teaching people this sport and trying to form a team to go to Tokyo for the Paralympics and I’m trying to gain experience to join the team!

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