What was Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes?


Hi guys we’re here to talk a
little bit today about the new Football Fortunes game and in particular we’ve
got a lot of questions recently through the Facebook page and by email and various other places asking a little bit about what is different and why Football
Fortunes is very different from most football management games. I thought we’d probably talk a little bit about the original game
because we reference it a lot on our website we reference it a lot on
Facebook but we know that a lot of people never had the pleasure of playing
the original game So the original game was Brian Clough’s
Football Fortunes which is in this wonderful VHS video case for
for very good reasons, for distribution reasons but we’ll bore you with that another time. Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes was different from everything else in
its time for various reasons. One was that it was the first ever computer and
board game hybrid certainly the first ever football management computer and
board game hybrid. There were other great games like Kevin Tom’s Football
Manager, Match Day, Football Director various other things. The difference
was that in every case, every other football game people played on their own
or at least at most with one other person and Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes
was very different because you could play with a lot of your mates and
therefore it got a lot more heated usually! And so in the box you’ve got
some play money, player cards, some Ludo type stuff and the player board. And also
then the game came with an application as well. The one that we’re using today
is the original Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes, emulated obviously, but
this is the old ZX Spectrum version that we used to play when we were kids. And so
we’re not going to labour this too much we’re just going to talk you
through quickly some of the things that were in the original game. This is
the board, an interesting design. The game won some design awards as well so
it was pretty pioneering in lots of ways. One of the things that
we love the most and that made Brian Clough’s Football Fortunes very different
from any other football game when we were kids was the player cards. You
could sign your favourite player, you could sign your mate’s favourite player
from under his nose. It really spoke to club rivalries, it spoke to how
people think about football and you would pay silly amounts for a player
just because of who he was. And so how the game worked was that you had your
goalkeepers, you had your defenders, you had your midfielders, you had your
attackers and you had your utility players. And what happened then was you
sign players and then you added up your defence, which would be your
goalkeepers and your defenders, and then your attack, which would be your midfielders and your attackers, your utility players could play in any position apart
from in goal and so they were your Jan Molby type. And
as you can see some classic players Greame Souness who’s a current football commentator, you probably recognize Alan Hansen legendary Liverpool defender
and Nigel Clough who is a two star in the game. The players were rated
from one to five stars based on their ability and Brian Clough’s son Nigel was given two stars. I’m sure no-one ever told Brian about that! And so
essentially what you do is you set up your teams, and here we’ve got Liverpool,
Everton, it shows its age a little by having Luton Town and Sheffield
Wednesday in the top division and so essentially you pick your team, which
I’ll do, and I will be Liverpool the six-time winners of the European Cup. And so
essentially what you have is, you have a board game very similar to Monopoly
in some ways, very economically based then you’ve got an application that does all
of the other stuff like the league tables for example, it figures out who wins the
matches, it figures out ultimately who wins the game but it also does other
things such as it rolls the dice for you and
it also takes care of things like Selection Problems and Manager’s Luck cards which we’ll touch a little when we get to the prototype of the new game and
what’s different. We’d highly recommend picking up the original on eBay, emulating the app etc. It’s still great it’s still a wonderful game. It’s
just not really football anymore football’s changed a lot since Brian
Clough’s Football Fortunes obviously 32 years later things are slightly
different. Say hello at www.footballfortunes.co.uk

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