What to look for when Kentucky football plays Eastern Michigan

What to look for when Kentucky football plays Eastern Michigan

This is John Clay sports college for the
election era leader along with Josh for UK football beat writer for The lectionary
leader we just got through listening to Mark Stoops talking to the media on his
final media availability of the week before Kentucky plays Eastern Michigan
on Saturday night, here at chrome. Kroger field. We’re going to talk about one thing
that we’re looking for Saturday in the UK Eastern Michigan game Josh,
what are you looking for Saturday night?>>Yeah, I’m looking for the guys
last week that we saw really breakout Ross Oliver catches a big
touchdown catch from Terry Wilson. Brandon echo steps and as a reserve in
the secondary and really shows out not he’s still not a starter but probably will
play as many snaps as he did last week. Wasn’t guys like that come out and
match what they did last week or exceeded I mean, obviously if you’re
a fan, you want to see them exceed it but at least match what they did or come close
to matching that because you don’t want those younger guys who, who came out and
really showed out that first week to follow that up with kind of a so so or
below average or bad performance because. That’s cause then you don’t know what
you really have going into Florida so if you can show that consistency from
Toledo to eastern Michigan I think that bodes well going into that
first SEC match up next week.>>Yeah I think those are all good points. Coaches that talk about consistency,
that they really want consistency. The thing I’m looking for is third down,
how they’ll do on third down. Both Eddie Gran,
the offensive coordinator, and Brad White, the defensive coordinator,
when we talked to them this week, they were not happy with the third down. Efficiency in the game last week
against Toledo on Saturday. And they said they missed chances
to convert on third down, which they didn’t do. And then Brad White was talking yesterday
about they could’ve had two more sacks on third down situations. Which he made a really good point,
it gets them off the field, but also when the opponent
converts those third down, it gives the The opponent’s defense
more rest, which obviously helps them so he’s looking for more efficiency on third
down and better stops on third down. It should be an inch.>>Yeah, I was gonna say and
just touch on the third down. Coach stoops just a moment ago talking
about all those The long third downs that they found themselves in on defense and
on offense both sides. I mean, particularly on offense it was so
much, because they had good first downs and then turned around and screwed up or
made a mistake or somebody like that. And then you end up putting yourself
in a bad situation when you Really it’s yourself. It’s not even though defense,
it’s putting you in a bad spot. It’s yourself so kinda see them
clean that up will be interesting to see if they can do that this week.>>Yeah,
I think both the coach stoops today and both Eddie and coach White talked about
the things that they wanna clean up and that goes back to your consistency
what you were talking about. They just want guys to be more consistent
in the second game of the year. We’ll all be there covering the game
on Saturday night, be sure to look for all of our coverage online at Kentucky.com
and on Twitter, and in the print edition of the Lexington Herald-Leader and
we’ll talk to you again soon. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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