WHAT IS THIS!?!? | Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune Beach Volleyball Gameplay Episode 3

WHAT IS THIS!?!?  | Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune Beach Volleyball Gameplay Episode 3

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune Beach Volleyball Yes Guy Gaming Spike Volleyball here we go partner I’m gonna get you a
block here under answer really get that shit out of here I was all all over that
damn that goes straight down past hello fat yes guy gaming we’re back
playing Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 beach volleyball actually having some fun
plant the beach ball in this game there’s some weird stuff if you haven’t
checked out the other two episode hit those links in the description this is a
pretty funny game funny is a good way to play it but I promise you we are playing
this only for the volleyball I swear now having said that let’s get
right to the whole eyeball alright here we go
me and mom Bochy that’s me That’s not me yeah wow we’re playing
this for the volleyball on you guys here we go
I forget how to play pound it okay oh yeah good dig county partner yes it’s a
bounce she’s five above that nice all right how do i frickin play this game I
forgotten yeah that’s why I kicked around the sand
of it that’s classic beach volleyball all right spinner didn’t hit that well
good team partner list now press circle for everything is the question no I
don’t food got dug easy but she pounded that Wow do they only knit this straight
down they do you partner I’ll set you all that’s a nice hit by me
Oh harder I think circle is passed and set and access pound Oh why’d I hit that
hole that was done Oh tips it over Oh partner whoa why rally
partner with the deep it nice that animation again alright got a block with
X Oh partner with a great day I’m learning this game yeah outside partner
no what are you doing partner I need it on the net
yeah no not yeah not yeah okay playing this for the volleyball well they’re
serving me the weak link what’s open cross oh she done you know block to
share with you nice block come on yeah yes is that the celebration have you
ever seen anybody do that maybe spin that rich right
oh really just serving me because I am definitely
the weaker player but that deep yes a deep hint what what is she doing G weird
we’re gonna battle it sir oh partner free ball that oh that’s a button good
tape partner I’ll set you nice hit and I get a block oh partner did you hear her
nice a Spiker yes it was a nice spike Momiji no I didn’t want to see that I wanted to
see the replay of that shit slam holy shit
Oh partner I wanted the glory for the win I’ll get the block for the win
I got it found that oh I can’t just jump in it on to go dig partner she’s airing
me no for the win MoMA Jean nice you should be pissed off yeah look away oh
but yeah actually you’re not looking what yeah what is this mode for guys this guy is
hilarious though look at that guy all right here we go we’re back playing
another game it’s night time it is dark the sunset it’s a beautiful
sunset that freakin bathing suit again our here we go bass up you partner I
will set you know that’s a bad set great tip what was she doing back there
Oh partner I was up that score great what is she doing she’s not even paying
attention what is happening partner they suck all right
pound it what I don’t play this game I said but we run the fast office for this
sharp angle oh nice momiji yeah here we go partner I’m gonna
get you a block here under answer really get that shit out of here I was all all
over that damn that goes straight down fast look at another block here Oh
partner she just set it over that was the trick play bouncing it let’s kick
these girls asses yes we are kicking in ass let’s go what are you doing that is
such a bad game is broken just balling it over write to us like hey we will
take it I’ll block you pounded that like what
are these girls doing while they’re getting ready oh like balancing it
yes back on track since when does it ever go off the tape and then up for
somebody to hit it like never here we go match point how do I serve is
what I want to know what is the button to serve not that but yeah on the net
oh she dunked me get it out off your face and they played it up at is it yes
come on feel it yeah you should be pissed take that again I don’t know what
I mean I know I I mean yeah hey the last video did get demonetized you guys I put
it out anyways but there was no money on that yeah
come on really all right I’ve had a change in wardrobe
again I don’t know you guys I had a change in fall – we got the cry written
ball yeah that’s right cheering I only got the fall from
Britain Union yeah I’ll take it pound it these girls are both on medium
so this could be hard oh it was late gosh we gotta win this
game we got to go for the hat trick yeah she’s all yeah that
ASSA you partner you’re way better pink Union Jack ball found it yes
come on computers trying to scan I don’t need that shit wow that yeah alright
here we go what is the store button I got a serve
in perfect just bounced it that girl with those things on our ears where are
those NASA what is my girl Widow proposed is that what am I wearing
what is happening teammate bougie I need you good luck it didn’t work
damn it this girl’s high and she’s doing this yeah stop it me put me on the nest
what’s open deep yes how is that in the court that
should not be in let’s go partner momiji you great sir Oh what was that
geez they’re coming to play man a tool
what we got our asses kicked we can do this
Margie what just happened anyway guys that’ll
do it for this episode I am still trying to figure out this game and it doesn’t
help that it’s in Japanese dammit anyways hope you guys are
enjoying this series I’m having fun playing through this game the volleyball
is interesting and everything else is also interesting I think that’s a fairly
bear way to put it but we’re gonna keep trying to figure this thing out you guys
are enjoying this let me know it that like button leave a comment let me know
and if you like it the other business if you like shit that I’m doing let me know
I need to hear that because I’ll keep doing it if you don’t like it say hey
yes guy stop that shit it’s bullshit and well I’ll stop it but I really
appreciate that feedback that’s great thank you for all the support all the
stuff you guys have shown to this channel it means so much to me I open up
the channel grow keep things going yeah that’s the plan anyways thank you guys
so much for watching hope to see you next time on yes guy gaming Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune Beach Volleyball Yes Guy Gaming Spike Volleyball

5 thoughts on “WHAT IS THIS!?!? | Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Fortune Beach Volleyball Gameplay Episode 3

  1. Maybe you already know, but there's a new version of this game, which will come out on March 20th with the same title, except "Fortune" part replaced on "Scarlet" one, I'm not really sure, what exactly been replaced or added (except for the new girl named Scarlett I guess?), but hey, if there will be a free demo and if you're so into volleyball, please, check out the new version

  2. Funny video and funny game. I used to play volley ball games and I know that Android games use to suck but there is a very very good volleyball game on Android that you must play. Here the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.siroccomobile.eurovolleypoland2017
    If you can try it I know you are going to love it

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