WHAT EVEN IS THIS GAME!?!? | Spike Volleyball Career Mode Episode 1


*Spike Volleyball Gameplay PS4 Xbox One PC Steam Yes Guy Gaming Pro Volleyball Game* I can’t freakin score yes no touch what what the hell happened there they got
the point on that what hello and welcome back to yes guy again we’re back playing
spike volleyball this game just came out if you haven’t checked out the initial
video check it out I’ve already published that one I think and that
one’s me just playing through the kind of this tutorial the first game and get
just getting a feel for the game this episode we’re taking a jump into a new
career so we’re gonna go through the career mode we’ll play offline for a bit
just while we get used to the controls in the game cuz it’s a bit it’s a bit
hit or miss sometimes so we’ll play against the computer to get kind of
adjusted in the game and then once we get good we’re gonna do that online mode
and start kicking some ass hopefully online so let’s get to it
Florida teen they’re gonna choose a flag yes a logo alright and a shirt nice well
you know what our flag is gonna be like obviously you’ve seen any of this
channel look at the channels logo down is it yeah
choose the logo wow these logos know maybe maybe this one cuz we’re gonna be
soaring to new heights I don’t know wow let’s do it I don’t I don’t know guys
I’m just filling around a little bit alright see you to libero yeah yeah yeah
it looks good guys I don’t know if you know what if you want to change a color
to hit me in the link below in the comments let me know what you want to
see I don’t ah that’s down welcome to our national team yes we made it yeah
welcome dear coach that’s right for several months now ever thinking long
and hard and we come to conclusion that we need someone of your caliber to make
our team shine that’s right you do alright so I don’t think this yeah I
mean hi good evening and welcome the competition is just about to begin in
this tournament it’s vital for both of the teams to win this first match now
with the level in this group being what it is the team that wins this match
between Canada and Poland is sure gained an advantage for the next stage of the
tournament between Canada and Poland the coach
looks a lot like that French coast in the last episode and that polish coach
also looks a lot like my cousin the people who have a difficult task I’m
refereeing this evenings metals rest looks pretty similar to how they did
before – that’s okay you don’t really care that much guys all right here we go
okay no I want I want yeah I gotta select my my formation
all right first serve oh I screwed it up all right
yeah key outside yep that’s up set the back set down the line
pound it oh we dug it out of bounds
yeah huge achievement great he hit it out and I got an achievement
all right let’s float it so that’s backhands three swings I’m gonna float
it at this right side guy yeah definitely so I click I hold this for
the power and then I click that yes down the line at this guy so stack up on the
right yeah he’s out of the play Oh what I was up on that Oh what the heck was
that I was all over him brutal pass up boys
Wow yep dang it okay watch yep watch the right
side into the net wait yes into the net I totally forgot
to change the points we play too that’s okay okay now this rotation yeah
we’re gonna we’re gonna float it down the line yeah that’s a tough serve the
net flipper yes it’s gone that’s what’s coming next buddy
yeah you you don’t like that yeah floats her down the line
take that what is it just random I did everything I needed on that deep oh good
dig watch yep yep count it down the line I don’t get that why does he hit it into
the net good dig by that guy watch the right
side check it’s a block how do I get these guys to penetrate what the heck I
was all that brutal maybe it’s just cuz we’re not that good I don’t know yeah
set the outside guy he’s gonna bounce it yeah we need a time out
geez alright see I’m getting greedy I was trying to bounce it size matters coach is going alright boys figure your
shit out do we need a sub no we’re okay all right boys here we go pass up wow that guy’s served an
aggressively down the line easy dig for that guy watch the right so
they set him what okay watch the right side what are they doing out of bounds
what are they doing like they got the right side guy that I have been setting
him alright I’ll just put it in easy float where’s the setter setters in five
okay backhands yeah write down the money that’s a nice serve okay watch the right
side yes what are these blockers doing I don’t
get this what are they doing they’re inside each other like don’t show me
that reason why what the heck I gotta learn how to block like ha much off the block or is he setting
it probably this way yep tip yeah watch the yeah
yes it’s ugly but it works like he’s not even making contact on the animation the
tip over the triple and it scores I do like the replays though that is kind of
cool you guys okay setters in the front two swings
only so we’re gonna serve this guy and stack up the block come on I can’t even
get a servant geez yeah yeah we’ll run the middle meter ball it’s nobody gonna
go and get that yes pounds it no block on him the guy scoops it easy Jeannie’s
okay we just gotta get a serve in like I forget trying to be precise get a serve
in Oh almost had that what happens just what is going on alright pass up yep
nice pass set that C ball the guy free balded Wow
yeah like I’m trying to figure out if this is just me or if my team is bad that’s a good hit yes and he totally
screws it up just goes right through his arms okay I got to stop trying to
balance it and start hitting it smart like you can go for tools in this I
think I think I’ve just got to be more aggressive on offense and I don’t know
try to do something on the block I don’t know all right
two swings here I’ll float it over there stack up the block on the right
knowledge I didn’t do anything let’s rip a spinner maybe yep
stack it out it’s a dig that’s a nice hit stack it up here yeah
bounds we’re coming back we’re coming back let’s go float it over there yep
please be in yes stack up that block yep OC ball just dig it yes go get it we
can’t get that over yeah I left no block on the C ball I mean we did make a dig
what yeah we’ll set the C ball of our own right through the seam in the block
yes they suck guys are you seeing this what is happening there I mean I’ll take
it it’s a competitive game okay three swings again easy float okay just get
ready watch where it goes yep set outside I’m gonna pound it line like
do I have to pay attention and tip that why can’t he hit that tip ok what’s the
play yep then he hit this yes big it okay
what’s happening free ball yep set that guy hit deep
cross he’s all over me where’s the second one yep get out there oh I got
tool because I brought the triple I’m starting to learn damn it it’s 1310 yep
I can’t freakin score yes no touch what what the hell happened there they got the point on that what the
Canadian team opponents to take the advantage in this
percent a shame but the match has only just begun
they still have time to pull themselves together so this is really gonna piss me
off if that kind of shit keeps happening all right let’s go let’s go ah yes come on I’m quite hard let’s
freakin go play some defense man they could dig or something it’s putting a
good flow sir yeah there it is okay no like this this shit pisses me
off I do the fall thing I line it up right
in the middle I do everything the game asked me to do
and it goes out the back what come on oh the net flipper I don’t even have a
chance to make a play on it geez thank you
great great I’m gonna rip a fricking spin let’s go I’m gonna miss serves like
that just what I do everything perfect let’s hit a freaking serve Oh I
committed in the middle yeah I seen it in the antenna like an idiot Wow this
game and I serve without like a yes it’s in though at least okay just watch what
happens get there who’s there yeah come on yep who is that guys this game is up like all right all
right let’s go get it in why my serving a little bear
Oh yep – lets go I’m learning let that shit in man nice they’re passing
everything dimes good dig tip that in dude the barrels on that watch the back
set yeah like it maybe I gonna hold it yep so like I can’t even tip it over
properly this game is so confusing right now I might have to go back through and
do the tutorial that’s up yep set that C ball ok what’s coming get out
there yep so why does the guy go triple there I
really don’t understand this alright it’s alright I guess I guess they’re
just gonna score points like that like it’s just gonna happen like I did everything I could
there’s a good syrup like who hit that waitwhat guys what is happening here meter ball wow I gotta figure it out
yup nice pass okay set that guy hit it deep he’s all over it yeah it’s a good dig set the C ball I get the point like I haven’t seen I
haven’t seen a single successful block yet service short does that work
whoa that went deep that’s the highest tip I’ve ever seen yes what sorry guys I am just so
confused just hit it the block they’re not gonna
get it huge serves their diming everything though like should I just not block
everything’s coming low and hitting our chest what I am so frickin confused
right now yep stack at that point I did I got that
point the guy’s not even taking a full approach like what is happening it’s
games starting to piss me off alright here we go you kidding me but they dig it geez I
oh man fight through fight through come on
fight through we got this yep as if he digs that who hit that look at
this shit he’s not even in the fucking air it’s bullshit okay what the actual
is going on right now the serving mechanic is you hold it to
increase that curve on the power and then you press it again when that line
is coming and land it in the middle to you know make a good serve I do
everything they asked me to do and the guy just serves it out of balance and
the animations aren’t always playing so a guy can be coming in full to hit and
it doesn’t even look like he’s coming so you’re not ready for it
geez yeah all right free ball I know right it’s over and it’s an unfortunate loss
for the Canadian team as the match could have gone either way
really they did seem to have the potential to win and they only have
themselves to blame for the outcome we hope the team will be able to bounce
back for the rest of the tournament thank you for being here with us see you
soon all right guys well that’s gonna do it for this episode of spike volleyball
I’m still gonna figure out if I’m pissed off because I lost hope I’m pissed off
because the game actually sucks we still got to figure out if my team is just
garbage and that’s why it’s frustrating or if there’s like some serious flaws to
this game and then you capatch immediately we’ll see on the next
episode when I play the next game I’m gonna change the score to because that
one was really long 15 points and that mess I might lower to 10 maybe 7 or 8
per set we’ll see but thank you guys for watching and thanks for sticking all the
way through this video if you liked this episode hit the like button maybe
subscribe if you haven’t already leave a comment with some of your thoughts love
to hear what you guys are thinking what you’re seeing like what the hell is
going on like is it me maybe some of it but like is it the game I don’t know if
you guys have the game share some of the thoughts with your thoughts with me
about how it’s going for you am I the only one experiencing this anyways
thanks again for watching we hope to see you next time on yes guy gaming *Spike Volleyball Gameplay PS4 Xbox One PC Steam Yes Guy Gaming Pro Volleyball Game*

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