What Does The Colour Of Your Boots Say About You ?! Football Stereotypes

What Does The Colour Of Your Boots Say About You ?! Football Stereotypes

– What’s up guys? Matt. – And Tom. – From the Football Boots team and what we’ve got for you guys today is a bit of a fun video. For anyone that has
seen our channel before you may have seen our
video on boot stereotypes, so what your boots say about you, but this time, today’s video,
we’re gonna be talking about what your boot colorway says
about you as a footballer. So that’s what we’re gonna be doing today. Little disclaimer: don’t
take this personally, it’s just a little bit of fun,
so let’s get right into it. The first colorway that we’re gonna be talking about is white. Perfectly for the elegant
number 10 footballer, probably never made a tackle in his life. He doesn’t like to get dirty, probably because his boots
are gonna get filthy, but whites football boots, most notably for those
attack-minded players who wanna look really fresh
and crisp on the pitch. Lovely footwork, would you
ever wear white football boots? – If you handed me this boot and told me, “Tom, that’s your football
boot for today’s game.” I am definitely wearing this. Futsal I wear white boots quite often, but obviously that’s indoor, but I would definitely
wear a boot like this. – So some recent white football
boots which have come out are the Adidas Dust Storm Pack, mostly white with a little
bit of black and solar yellow and also the CR7 Vitorias,
they look incredible as well, but let’s move onto the second colorway. Let’s up the temperature and
talk about red football boots. One of my own personal
favourite colorways for boots, but these could be very well suited to those very fiery
central midfield players who have probably had more red
cards who have scored goals. Now there’s one player in
your mind who’s worn red boots who’s probably the most aggressive ever, who we talking about? – Fellaini, it’s gotta be Fellaini, he wore the red Visaros, I
remember him wearing them, and obviously we know he loves to tackle. And he never backs down, he just goes around smashing players. And in my hand I have the red Clutchfit, this is one of the best red colorways, in my opinion, out there right now. – Next up, we’ve got the
underrated colorway of blue. Now which type of player
could this relate to? – So just like the
colorway being underrated, sometimes there’s players
that are underrated as well. First one that pops into
my mind is Philipp Lahm. That’s the cool, calm,
sort of collected fullback that can play on the ball, off the ball, but what kind of boots
would they be wearing? – Well, talking about blue football boots, one of the most recent
colorways coming out, which are amazing, are the Neymar
signature edition Mercurials. They look incredible, and
also the Ocean Storm pack colorway by Adidas,
their two tones of blue work really well together,
so if you do wear blue boots, maybe you’re a fullback as well. So this next colorway probably should be what I am, but it’s not whatsoever. We’ve got black football boots. Now, Tommy, why isn’t this suited to me? – ‘Cause that is the
captain, it’s the leader, it’s the legend, it’s that centre back, that hard-hitting player
who has zero skill moves but just gets the job done,
and Matty, sorry mate, I’m gonna say that’s not you. You have a little bit of skill move, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, but that is what player a black boot is. What are the black boots on
the market at the moment? – Well, of course we’ve got
the Nike Tiempo Legend 7, which has come out in like
three different black colorways, we have the launch colorway,
the platinum edition, and there also might be a black colorway coming out as well in
an academy pack style. But there’s also the Adidas
Magnetic Storm as well, which, they’re incredible, all black with a little bit of iridescent
effects as well. But that is black, centre half, old school, no skill moves, but a leader. So this next one, I was
actually having a bit of a joke with Blake about it, because
I was calling him out saying that he was a green colorway. Now, why did I say that to him? – Because it is the player that blows hot one week and cold the next. He could be amazing one
week, terrible the next week. And to be fair, Blake does openly say he loves the green
colorway, so we don’t wanna put words in him mouth, but he
could well be the green boot. What green boots are on
the market at the moment? – Well, one of the most
recent green boots that have just come out are the
New Balance Visaro 2, with a crazy energy lime colorway, these are almost
illuminous, they look mad. And also, the Under Armour Spotlight Pro which has just been released in that black and green colorway, and
it’s also got that zip on top. – So Matty, this one’s
you, this is your boot you’re wearing week-in,
week-out at the minute. Tell us why you’re a yellow boot. – I’m a yellow boot, because I think I’m a set piece specialist on
pretty much every dead ball, but truth be told, I’m a centre half, I should be nowhere near free
kicks, penalties, corners. Although I wanna take them
all, I probably shouldn’t be. Hypervenom as well, wants
to shoot all the time, we say it in all our
videos, boot stereotypes, always wants to shoot, yellow colorway on pretty much every set piece as well. All right, Tommy, so this next colorway you’re playing a fullback,
you’re coming up against a winger wearing bright
pink football boots. Now, what is going through your head? – “Oh no, another one,”
nah, probably tricky, got a step-over or two,
but probably likes to go to the ground a bit, maybe. So, as a defender, I’ll
probably just stand in there, let him do what he wants
to do, wait for him to fall over, and then we’ll take
the ball and play from there. But, are there any pink boots
on the market at the moment? There have been some pink
boots which have come out, we can look at the Motion Blur Nike pack, and we, of course, had that Mercurial, which is white at the front,
gradients of pink at the back, really a nice colorway, I like them. And also, if you wanna
be truly outrageous, check out some Pantofola
boots, which are literally all hot-candy pink, outrageous colorway. So our next colorway is
gold, and this is such a bit of me, we can see on screen now so many nice gold football boots. One of my personal favourites,
probably shouldn’t be wearing these myself, being a centre half, people would start
giving me looks, saying, “That is a no-go for you, fella.” But, what type of player would you relate to gold football boots? – So it’s gotta be the match winner. It’s the guy who pops up in
the last minute of the game and scores their final goal,
the really important one. But, throughout the whole rest
of the game is the lazy guy, sort of just drifts off,
hides in the corner. But for me, this is one
of the greatest colorways of all time, in my opinion,
especially for a gold boot. But let’s move on to the next colour. – We’ve just had gold, so now
let’s follow up with silver. Now, one of my first
memories of silver boots was the original Ronaldo,
Brazilian Ronaldo de Lima. Unbelievable goal scorer,
such a good footballer, pace and pass on his
defenders, finishing so well. So is that the type of player
that still wears silver boots? – Definitely, it’s the striker
with the dancing, quick feet, crazy good at scoring goals, what you need from a striker, but
then is always offside. There’s that one guy who never quite knows how to run the line, and
is always offside by a bit. Recent silver boots, we’ve got
the New Balance Hydra here, but that’s about it on
the market at the moment. – What a colorway we
have for you guys now, we’ve got orange football boots. Now for some reason,
I love orange so much. I know they’re really bold, really fiery, but I actually rate these so nicely. Now when we’re talking
about orange football boots, what type of player comes to your head. – OK, so we’ve talked about
a lot of outfield players thus far, but I’ve
played with a few goalies that wear orange boots on their feet, and they think they
should be in the outfield. They’re that flashy goalie
who tries to take on the opposition’s striker, gets robbed, and then, goal conceded,
we don’t want that. Any orange boots on the
market at the moment? – Yes, there have been
orange football boots. Looking at Nike, they
obviously just released their Lock and Let Loose
Pack, really like that, bit of orange, bit of black,
massive thumbs up to Nike on their Lock and Let Loose. But, guys, that pretty much
wraps up today’s video, all the colours wrapped up for you, so what they say about you as a player. But just like in the intro, disclaimer, don’t take it personally, and also in the comment section below, let us know what colour boots you do wear, and what that means about you as a player. But guys, as I said, that’s it for today, so I hope you enjoyed it,
thanks for watching, as always. – We’ll see you next time.

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  2. Lol I love red and black boots with a little bit white or all black but only adidas…Lol match very well with black and red perfectly I don't have much skill moves but a score a lot and I'm very fast also I slide and play aggressively alot

  3. My boot is blue…. and people thought I’m suck but I am actually better than someone else who is actually playing in the game even I scored many goals I always the bench warmer

  4. Tbh I'm an American football punter and I wear a soccer cleat on my right and a football cleat on my plant foot both in hot hot hot pink

  5. Yup I wear white and while I have made tackles before, I avoid them so as to not get any medical bills I can't afford. I do prefer to finesse my opponents with fancy footwork

  6. I play right back and I wear white boots, I love tackling, my boots go from white to brown because of how much I’m on the ground 🤣

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