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  1. South America have a brilliant atmosphere the passion from the fans are brilliant all you hear is singing for the whole 90 minutes

  2. More like argentineans atmosphere feels like. Im brazillian and the brazillian football and fans are boring as fuck right now, you can't bring flags, flares, drums anymore, can't do shit, just sit there and watch the game, just like europe. Some days ago a corinthians fan(one of the best fans in brazil) got kicked out of the stadium cuz he was stand up (dont know the words) and singing on a place of the stadium that people be sit down. Just a shame. Rip brazillian crowds. Maybe the rest of the south america still good.

  3. it's crazy how different ultras are everywhere around the world.. in south america it looks like everyone wears their own teams jerseys and for example in europe in the balkans ultras never wear their own teams jerseys.. they would laugh at you if you'd come to the stand with the team's jersey. if you wear the teams jersey you are just a normal fan..

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  5. Ecuadorian atmospheres are on the rise too, especially with the the three biggest clubs, Emelec, Barcelona SC, and Liga

  6. Technicly its the Rosario Derby, or Clásico Rosarino, from the city or Rosario, not Argentinean derby. Unless you want to say a derby in Argentina, in which case, my bad.
    Keep on with the awesome videos u make!

  7. YOU MEAN ARGENTINE FOOTBALL ATMOSPHERE. It isnt like like that in the rest of south america. Argentines are the most passionate fans in the world. In Argentina football is religion

  8. Real passion. Real fans. Not a bunch of plastic foreigners who can't even name the starting XI like at Old Trafford. United have become a joke of a club now.

  9. This is the Newell's Old Boys or "Newell's" crowd. There are normal supporters in Argentina.
    The best fans of Argentina are those of the teams known as "the 5 big Argentine football" (los 5 grandes del fútbol argentino), these are:
    • Club Atlético Independiente
    Crowd: La barra del Rojo (The red band)
    • Club Atlético Racing Club
    Crowd: It doesn't have… La Guardia Imperial (The Imperial Guard)
    • Club Atlético Boca Juniors
    Crowd: La 12 (The 12)
    • Club Atlético River Plate
    Crowd: Los Borrachos del tablón (The drunks of the plank)
    • Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro
    Crowd: La gloriosa a Butteler (The glorious Butteler)

    Any match between The Big 5 is considered as "classic" but each has it's derby:
    • Independiente – Racing: Clásico de Avellaneda (Avellaneda's Derby)
    • River – Boca: El Superclásico (The Superclassic)
    • San Lorenzo – Huracán: El Clásico del Barrio (The Neighborhood Derby)

  10. Plz do one with Denmark because the atmosphere there is great especially in the derby against FCK and BIF

  11. My first and only professional football match was Santos vs Fluminese at the Maracana Have not been able to get to another yet, but I hope to go to the Manchester Derby and Old Firm this year. As well as El clasico.

  12. Do some kind of documentary about all the countries in South America with their football atmospheres. I guarantee that Chile, Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina are the top in the world, of course in Europe you have the the Turkish league or even the Serbian league who also go crazy but nothing compares to South American passion.

  13. You should start going to more places in South America. Don't get me wrong I love the Argentinian football atmosphere. But there is a lot of good football atmospheres in other countries examples being in Brazil, Paraguay , Uruguay, Chile, etc.

  14. South Americans continental league has less regulations that's why the atmosphere are much more intense….

  15. Why Copa 90 ignore Brasil Supporters(Torcidas Organizadas)??? You guys should know that we have tradition like Italy ultras. We exist since the 40s. Rembember that Brazil is in South America and most of the times our teams won Copa Libertadores and Clubs World Cup. See what Corinthians Torcidas did in Japan 2012 more than 20.000 Supporters. Respect Torcida.

  16. Brasil tenía muy buen clima, no sé qué le pasó ahora, supongo que los estadios ahora son mundialista y eso conlleva medidas de seguridad. Antes muchos equipos argentinos iban y jugaban en Brasil por La Libertadores y te digo que el clima te pesaba en cierta manera (una forma de decir). Osea si no tenías huevos anímicamente te afectaba.

  17. In Brazil it used to be like that, until FIFA and CBF arrived. After 2011 when the preparation for the World Cup began, nothing was as it was!

    Now Conmenbol wants to put the Libertadores final in a single game in a neutral stadium. To end once and for all!

  18. Speakers Vs Penguins???? oohhhhhh they are cat eaters…. they are fuckeeerss.. of rosaaariooooo!!! oohhhhhh they are cat eaters.., o ooo oo o oo oh……

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