Westfield HS 2017 VHSL Class 6 Football Championship


Congratulations to the Westfield
Bulldogs for winning the 2017 and their third straight state football championship. In each of the past three years, Westfield has faced the same opponent in the championship game, the Tigers of Oscar Smith High School from Chesapeake. Their first meeting in 2015, would take three overtimes before Westfield won 49 to 42. Last year, another close game ends with a defensive stand in the second overtime, helping Westfield to a 34-28 victory. This year the championship was decided on the final play. This time in regulation, with an
interception at the goal line as time expired. Westfield finished the season 15
and 0 earning the Bulldogs their fifth state title since the school opened in
2000. Westfield is only the eighth school since 1922 to win three or more consecutive championships. Defense and big plays defined most of the 2017 championship game played this year at Hampton University. Oscar Smith scored first on a 71-yard run by the Tigers Cam’ron Kelly. On the ensuing possession, Westfield
answered with a 46-yard touchdown pass from Noah Kim to Taylor Marin. Following an Oscar Smith fumble in the second quarter, Westfield scored on a 17 yard pass to Joe Clancy. A relatively quiet first half ended with
the Bulldogs leading 14-7. Westfield opened the second half with a quick score as Eugene Asante ran for a 44 yard touchdown. Westfield extended their lead
but missed the extra point. The Tigers quickly answered with a
52-yard touchdown pass to Cam’ron Kelly. Down by only one touchdown, momentum was building for Oscar Smith. On Westfield’s next possession, the Tigers blocked a punt, getting the ball deep in Bulldog territory. Oscar Smith pounded short yardage run
plays until Dominique Brooks scored from one yard out. With the extra point, the
Tigers would take the lead for the second time in the game, With over four minutes left in the third
quarter, the Bulldogs regained focus. On their next possession, Gavin Kiley broke an 88-yard pass for a touchdown. Westfield scores a two-point conversion, and led 28-21. Midway through the fourth quarter Cam’ron Kelly steps up again, this time on defense intercepting a halfback pass and
returning the ball deep into Westfield territory. With three minutes to go, the Tigers were
poised to force yet another overtime championship, but Taylor Morin grabs his
second interception of the game at the Bulldog one-yard line. At this point, Westfield just needed to
run off the clock, but as Noah Kim keeps it near the 50 the balls knocked loose
and the Tigers recover with 27 seconds remaining. Out of timeouts, and after several pass
attempts, Oscar Smith takes a final shot into the endzone, but the ball is
intercepted at the one yard line by Saadiq Hinton. Westfield wins the state
championship 28 to 21. Just come on defense. Like we trusted our defense all season. We put her put the ball in their hands a lot, and you know we had to trust them again and we did and you know they came up with a big play. Yeah it was a grind. We wouldn’t have been 15 and 0 without the coaches uh, the players, my O line, the film, how much film we watch and all the practices so, you know a lot of hard
work. I certainly think we have a formula that works for us, and I hire people that are gonna buy into that and and the kids learn from the older ones that move on
that this is the way we do things and so I do. I do think that that plays a
role in our success. You got to have some luck along the way, gotta stay healthy. There are things that have to go your way. I’ve been lucky enough to, I hired
six new assistants to my varsity staff this year and I wasn’t sure how it was
going to work going into the summer but as we did some camps I could tell we
were going to gel real well together and I’m happy to have every one of them. I feel like I was in a heavyweight prizefight, the ones I used to watch when
I was a kid. And you know it’s just haymakers back and forth and you know they
never quit and we never quit and there were a few times I felt like we were
trying to give them the game but that had a lot to do with them too
and their ability to make plays. I’m just very proud of our program and very proud of the people in our program and thankful to be here. This was great that’s nothing more but great. I caught this! I keep my bags, I keep my bags. These are these are
some great young men I honestly have to say we have a motto at our school, it’s called pride person’s responsibility respect integrity discipline themslef and empathy
and these guys exemplify that every day you know these aren’t your average jocks
who just come on the field and do it they do it in a classroom too and have
good school citizens, so I’m really proud of all it makes my job easy. So that’s the feeling I have right now we’re winners we’re gonna go home and take
that trophy to Northern Virginia again and I’m real proud to be able to do that
with this with this group of kids and coaches.

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